Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Jenna Bree's big day finally came, and my it was a beautiful one!  Late Friday evening I began feeling really bad- like SICK, bad.  It is my own fault- going ninety to nothing with internship responsibilities and weddding duties..and being a wife!  Plus getting only about 4 hours of sleep/night was the perfect recipe for that sick bug to creep in.  But, I did my best to, as my mother-in-law said 'keep it together and get ready for the long night!'.  I did- sleeping between hair and pictures before the ceremony!

Last minute touches to the Bride- She was making me laugh so hard!

The Bride's Party before hand.. ugh- feeling SO achey at this point.

 The Massey kids are SO handsome.  Beautiful family of mine!

Silly Bridal Party- Well, Suz, not so much..
 My handsome husband- looking good in pink, as usual.  He was so sweet to me while I wasn't feeling too hot.  He made a run for Tylenol Cold & Flu and made sure to bring the $2.50 bottled water up from the hotel lobby.
Time for the ceremony! 
I admit- as soon as the music started, I cried.  I couldn't get a grip, but neither could Susan.  I had the excuse 'I'm sick and emotional'

It was a gorgeous one- very short and sweet.  Stockyard Station was a full house for this happy couple!

 Roy Massey tradition to bust out the Elvis!  He and Jenna started out dancing to 'Cheek to Cheek' by Michael Buble and then there was a scratch to the record and out comes Elvis!  Love this man!
 Little cousin Lauren.  She isn't so little anymore!
 The Massey's oldest friends!  Shay and her family have been friends with the Massey's since forever!
 Jenna making her rounds- I stole her so we could get a picture in.. this was one busy lady!  At this point I was about to lay my head on the table for a nap.  FEVER.
 Sweet girl, Jenny- Love her!  She has just recently found out she will be expecting a little one soon!  So happy for her and Josh
Raspberry Lally and Ms. Pancake
Bucky- we shared our sicky selves.. she has a frog in her throat, too ;( We stuck it out like troopers, though!
 Some of my greatest girlfriends- Susan, JBree, and Ash
 The garder toss began with a little lap dance- Jenna's face says it all!
 Ta-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- the CAKE, so gorgeous!  Amaretto Liqueur cake with sweet buttercream. Close your mouth, dear ;)
 Beautiful day!  So glad for them to have tied the knot!  Sunday morning they left for Key West to have a fun and sunny time on the beach. 

She sent this to me earlier this week.  Hate them.

Happy Wedding/Honeymoon to The Vineyards!

As for me- Laid up sick ALL of Sunday.  Lost my voice and feeling horrible on Monday- and today is Friday- my cough is about to drive me INSANE.  What can I do for this mess?  UGH.  Ready to be over it, K? Thanks!

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Kris said...

I was hitting the next blog button and came upon your darling blog with the wedding pics posted. My daughter is getting ready for her engagement pics and her dress is the same color and style as the the brown one you are wearing. I sent her your site and she LOVES the necklace that youare wearing...may I ask where you found them? Only a mom who adores her daughter would comment on a strangers blog. Anything for my Amanda. If you don't mind kris.eichten@gmail.com. If you do mind, I get it.

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