Our Sweet Girl

Monday night was like any other- I made dinner, and Jordan and I watched our favorite DVR'd shows and relaxed.  The only major difference was the fact that I was feeling quite under the weather, but nothing Dutch Chocolate Blue Bell and my flannel PJ pants couldn't do to make me feel somewhat better!  So, since I was feeling sickly, and Jordan was tired too, we decided to get into bed a little early.  Brittany jumped up for her usual evening routine- out to potty for one last time, and then trotted into our bedroom, acting like a silly girl, carrying on and rolling around the carpet while we washed our faces and brushed our teeth.  Soon those silly actions Brittany was doing turned into wimpers and crys for attention.. Jordan laid down next to her and heard the grumbling sounds of her tummy like she was starving!  I  made the comment- 'I bet she ate some grass and now her tummy is upset, I hope she doesn't throw up..'

Wouldn't you know it- about 2 minutes later she threw up..and then again, and again..and along with her throwing up was heavy heavy panting and drooling. Her entire mouth and neck was soaking.  Jordan and I didn't know what to do for her.  This carried on until about 2am..and finally she stopped getting sick.  At this point she couldn't walk, like her entire back end was paralyzed.  We locked her in the bathroom in case she was sick again and went to try and get some sleep.  5am came very quickly- and her condition had not improved at all.  Jordan was on his way to the station, so he decided to take her into our vet.  Both of us were in tears.  Crying and not understanding quite what was happening to our precious girl.  It hit me that this was serious when jordan asked "Do you want to say goodbye?"  I lost it.  I was not ready to say goodbye!!!  Not yet!!!! 

Turns out that she had a stroke.  In a matter of about 2 minutes her demeanor changed and on came this horrible neurological seizure.  Nothing we could have done to prevent it at all.  Our vet immeadiately began her on medications and antibiotics and it was just a waiting game at this point.  By Wednesday morning her outlook was much improved.  Jordan and I were sure we were going to have to put her down.  She is 11 years old, and we were doubtful of her strength to pull through this.  We brought her home, and although she was still very disoriented, she was Brittany.  She was wagging her little tail and being our sweet girl!  She has slowly gotten better and better- but she still is very weak and cannot move or stand for very long, but bottom line, she will be alright.  Praise. 

This is a video of Wednesday afternoon..she is a drunk dog, but our drunk Brittany dog :)

So thankful she is alright.  I still get teary eyed thinking about the fact we almost lost the love of our life!


Kelley Jean said...

Im so glad she is ok! Amber you are too cute!! I miss you! I love all your blog updates! Hope you are feeling better and that Brittney is back to normal!

HopelessSurvivalist said...

Where do you get your layout and fonts, and such?

joven said...

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