I love Giada De Laurentiis.  She is an amazing chef, with an amazing life story..and quite honesty, I see myself a little in her.  Maybe thats why I'm somewhat partial to her on the Food Network..and she is beautiful, that always helps!  Last week I got an email saying she was coming back to Dallas for a signing of her new cookbook, Giada at Home.  This is probably my favorite of the 5 cookbooks she has written (all of which I own...)  I really like Giada's Family Suppers too, but after deciding that I was going to make/re-create every dish on every page, I think I like her new one best.

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to go to the William Sonoma (my favorite store, EVER.) in Southlake for a book signing of Giada's Everyday Pasta.  I was somewhat star struck, as it was my first time meeting her.  I got up to her and no words came out of my mouth!  She could clearly tell I was tongue tied, jumbled, and nervous.  Finally, Giada grabbed my hand and said, "Amber, it is so nice to meet you!"  and the only words I could get past my heart beating in my throat was "I LOVE YOUR SHOW."  Way to go, Amber.  I'm sure that she hasn't heard that before.

Jordan went with me again to be my designated picture taker.  He is just amazing.  I couldn't ask for a better best friend.  (My best friend is taking me to the Micheal Buble concert this summer, too.)
 The line started to form here at Northpark today about 2:30pm.  Giada didn't sign until 6pm!  We got there a little before 5, and got a fairly good spot, if I do say so myself..
 All were waiting to see her!  She is so sweet and genuine, and just adorable!!
 I was a little more cool and collected this time..even though I couldn't feel my face.  Tehe..

"If you ever want to write a cookbook with a dietitian or something..I'm your girl!"
Had to get my nutrition plug in, you know.
 She is so cute!
After the book signing before dinner at Cheesecake..so happy :)

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