Wedding Weekend- Take One!

After much anticipation, the wedding weekend was upon us..and has since come and gone.  Last night as I was trying to sleep I kept replaying the fun times we had.  I'm still re-living Jenna and Adam's big day- scene by scene. 

Let's start with the rehearsal dinner: Texas Land and Cattle on Lake Ray Hubbard- What a beautiful scenic dinner we had!  Miss Jenna Massey was looking mighty beautiful on the night before her wedding.

I feel proud to have such good friends out of these ladies!
I made Jordan get in on the picture action.  It was this point I started to get an ache-y feeling all over.  Starting to get sick, I believe.  But, thats what I get for getting only about 4 hours of sleep, plus wedding planning and festivites, plus internship work..times 1 month.  No bueno. 
 Three generations of beautiful.  Jenna, her mother, Bree, and her mother Granny (Jane)
 The happy soon-to-be-married couple!  Heeeeyyyyy..he does know how to smile :)
 Aunt Jenny was able to join us from Seattle, WA for Jenna's big day!! 
 My in-laws: Roy and Bree
They are so cute and more in love than ever- can't wait to be 30+ years married to Jordan!
 Trio, again :)
Us with 'Dad' :)
He is the cutest ever- such a goofy handful.  He makes me laugh any and every time I'm around him ;)
 Massey Ladies..awe- Jenna only a Massey for one more night!
 And then..we were 6!
After our bellies were stuffed with steak, salmon, and shrimp we laughed the night away with future family and great friends!  Tomorrow was the big day!!

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