Food and Cheer

Here we go!  The next next two weekends are jam packed with Wedding festivites, and this weekend was no exception.  Jenna and Adam were celebrated with friends and family with a couples shower.  I love these kinds of showers because that means Jordan can come along, and I can remind him of how bad I want to get married ;) (I don't think he really knows what to do with me sometimes.)

Me and my Jennifer. LOVE her.  She just did Jenna and Adam's engagement pictures, and they turned out so good!!!

Cousins picture!!  Jenna, Ashley, Mel, Jenny, and Moi
Thankful for good friends out of this bride and fellow Maid of Honor.

Jarrett and Ash- Love these two and so glad they could make it!!
 Pretty girl!  The Maid and The Matron of Honor

The girls of the group..Our significant others were MIA, out on the patio, being 'men'.
 Friends from the past..and now in the future- never will it change!  We are all here for Jenna during this happy time!  Hopefully soon it will be a happy time for Suz and Ash!!
Present time!!  Poor Adam..the gifts were slim (like, NONE) for him..lots for Jbree, though :)  He made the best of it..I think there are pictures of him wearing a colander on his head.

Oh GEEZ- The richest banana pudding.  Shay and Sherry did such an amazing job with the BBQ, dessert and decor- everything was GREAT!!
The cutest (and most delicious!)  party favor
 The bride with her hostesses- Shay and Sherry (Shay's mamma)  These ladies have been apart of the Massey's family since Jordan was born!  Sherry and Jordan's mom, Bree have been friends for almost 30 years!

Next weekend is set for the bachlorette party- let's hope it goes down well- Susan and myself have worked awefully hard to keep it together and make it happen! 


olsonpitcrew said...

Hi! You always look so fabulous and put together. Would you mind telling me where you bought the dress you had on in the shower pictures?! LOVE it!!

Amber Massey said...

Thank you!! The dress is from Kohl's! I was so comfy and flowy! Cotton is perfect for summer here in Texas :)

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