Fun Fun in Austin

Why must it take me forever and a day to post a measly little blog post..with pictures and commentary.  You would think it would be easy- but ok, nooooo.  Sorry this is a tad late in posting- about a week and a half late.  Anyway, last weekend Jordan and I went to Austin for the weekend.  I was invited by The Crossings Resort in Austin for culinary and nutrition classes hosted by the resort for it's guests.  It was a great learning experience- there were 14 people in my class, the chef and food was amazing (catered in by Whole Foods Market), and the time we spent with my family was great! 

View from the patio on the resort campus..such a beautiful weekend.  I couldn't have ask for better weather.  Made me wish I knew how to golf.  Maybe that will be my next hobby..

 Me and my handsome man at my parents before dinner.
 Daddio and myself at Spaghetti Warehouse, downtown Austin
Lunch time after my class.  PATIO weather is the best!
 Jordan and I at dinner with mi madre.  He happened to be driving my bonkers at the moment, being silly (and annoying..) I think I hid it well- oh the things I do for a picture.
 We were at Cantina Laredo, and for some reason they serve their salsa in a bowl with about two chips worth of salsa.  So...we asked for a 'big' bowl.  Our waiter obviously thought he is humerous.  But, I was laughing so hard, hence the somewhat blurry photo. The stares we got from the poor 'chip guy' who didn't speak a lick of English.  He didn't know what to do, but giggle.
 Mamma and meeeee!

I've been dying to go back to Austin since we came home.  I don't know if it is because of the beautiful weather, the wonderful time we had with my family, and the amazing opportunity I got at the resort..I dunno- but I'm craving Austin.

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