What a Re-Cap

This week was so busy!  Aside from Jenna's Couples Shower on Saturday, everyday last week had something fun to talk about.  Jordan and I just had a week full of blessings.. one after another, they just kept coming-unexpectedly, but that is just how He rolls.  ;)

Thursday Jordan and I were invited by Jessica and John to go to the Rough Riders opening game.  All week long it was 75-80 degrees..not Thursday.  60s with wind..not a nice way to open, but we had fun!  We always have fun with the Wingfield's. 

Thank you Jordan for ruining the picture, and thank you John for making sure he was completely in the frame.  Boys..

Hmmm, I've seen this before...

Saturday, bright and early, Jordan and the guys from Station 6 came to remove a rather large tree from our front yard.  The tree was dying and needed to be removed last year, actually.  Jordan has recently been working with another fireman that owns a tree company and stump removal..and..some other stuff.  I'm not quite sure.  But, anyway, they knew what they were doing.  Or so it seemed.
 The tree chipper- R.I.P. big tree.
 On Saturday I literally did not stay home for longer than about 20 minutes.  Hit Walmart at 7:30am, Sprouts at 8:45am and then off to babysit from 10:30am until 4:30pm, and then left for Jenna Bree's shower around 5pm!  So, when did I fit in my NICU homework for my rotation due first thing Monday morning? Ohh, well Julie and Julia was on when we got home from the shower, so while watching that I spent from 10:30pm to about 1am working on it..and then again after I slept through Sunday morning church...So, Jordan and I had a lazy Sunday morning.  I did homework allllllll day and he worked out in the yard.
 Sunday night we had our normal monthly supper with the Anthony's.  This time we decided to go to dinner out in Dallas.  I have been dying to try this place called The Grape off Greenville Avenue. 
The Grape was named by Texas Monthly Magazine for the Best Burger in Texas. After this award, that poor tiny restaurant was bombarded with requests for the burger, and finally they decided that the burger was only to be served on Sunday's and Monday's.  You must have a reservation to get in..not because you are required to, but because you will never get a seat if you don't:)  But c'mon, look at it- Oh My Geez.

 Nick liked it. Haha!  Ok, so he was acting it up alittle..
 Jordan going for the napkin after a big bite.  And, did I mention that the weather was perfect for the patio? 

 Me and Shannon..burry, but I posted it anyway!

We had a busy busy week/weekend, but it was so fun.  I love it that we have so many fabulous friendships! 

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