Mother's Day.. A Week Later..

This year for Mother's Day we celebrated Mrs. Bree Massey the Friday before at our favorite restaurant to eat at as a family, Maggiano's!!  Love this place!!  Jordan and I, the Vineyards, and Bree and Roy met at Northpark for a great dinner together. (Sadly, no pictures were taken with my camera!)

Sunday, Josh and Jenny had the family over to celebrate the many 'Mom's' of the bunch at their new home in Rockwall.  My was it a beautiful home :)  Jordan was working, so I went solo and spent time with my wonderful in-laws..a great way to end the weekend.

My Momma-in-Law
There shouldn't be just one day to celebrate her- and all the women out there like her :)
Meme and Bree
Meme is Jordan's grandmother on his Dad's side
One full house- with a great buffet..

Cousins- Jenny (Preggo Jenny, that is!), Melanie, and Myself
Grandad- sweet grandad
Several months ago he began to get sick and lost tons of weight and after finally going to the doctor, a mass in his chest and up into his left lung and under his arm showed positive for cancer.  The doctors were optimistic for a good outcome if he did Chemotherapy after surgery to remove the mass- and for an 80 year old man, he sure was brave.  Although he has no voice (the cancer was in his voice box, also) He is feeling so much better now as he has completed his rounds of Chemo and his hair has started to grow back..but he still gets teary eyed when he talked about the situation. 

He did inform me that I better hurry up and 'give him a Massey..'  Ha!  I though the pressure just came from the grandparents, but, no..the GREAT grandparents apparently have a say of their own, too!

I'm workin' on it, grandad ;)

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