Massey Lately

Not a whole lot has been happening in the Massey household..Over the past several weekends it has been a mix of work, being an intern with one foot out the door, and fun with good friends..

I'll start with sweet Brittany.  Thank you to all my wonderful friends that checked on Jordan and I after Brittany's stroke.  The Wingfield's even offered to bring us dinner the night we brought her home!!  She is doing MUCH better- finally after about 3 weeks we are starting to see the old Brittany come out.  She still tires easily and doesn't move around as much, but she will play and be silly, just like before she got sick.  Last weekend she got a haircut :)

Last weekend was also the Inman Review. Jean Inman travels the country offerring a study review course for the dietitians registration exam.  Luckily she made a stop at TCU in Fort Worth, so almost all of us (interns) registered.  It is not required to take this two day (allllll day) class, but after sitting through it, my confidence level for the exam jumped through the roof!!!!! She has been doing this for 20 years.. and she reviews every domain of the exam..and provides about 1,000 practice problems!!  Woo!  

Jessica packed a bag and said goodbye to Mr. Wingfield to come stay the night with Jordan and I for the entire weekend.  TCU is only about a half hour from our house (where it is about an hour for her..) Since we had to be there at 8am every day- it was nice to have that extra 30 minutes to sleep..or grab some Panera breakfast and coffee :)  I love making memories with her.
 Lunch was a first for me.. apparently this place is a common find in college towns.  This was literally right across the street from the school- and I have decided that Fuzzy's is Yumm-O!  (I'm watching Racheal Ray at the moment)
 Weather was threatening before we walked into the restaurant.. and by the time we were through with lunch- it was POURING.  So- Jessica and I were soaked.

 At the end of it all.. I was almost sad.  It was mind-numbingly long (is that a word?)  BUT - what Jean Inman did for all of the students and myself was amazing.  She was so great (never boring!) and patient.  Answering all questions asked and all the time encouraged us.  I hugged her and could have cried out of appreciation.  She was even willing to take a picture with all the sleepy interns.

The end of the weekend came quickly- and Sunday night we met with our monthly supper club couple, Nick and Shannon.  This time we made a date with Macaroni Grill.  After about 3 hours of chatting the night away, we finally paid the tab to get ready to leave- but not before taking this photo-op.

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