A Little of This..A Little of That..

Weeks and weeks of nothing-ness.. pretty uneventful weekends..lots of projects and intentions cleaning my house..and then this week.  I think I/we had something going on everyday!

After making dinner for the (future) Webb's on Wednesday night, Thursday was the last DDA Meeting (Dallas Dietetics Association) of the season- it was hosted by FC Dallas futbol at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco :)  Thats soccer for those of you AmeriCANsss.  We had fun celebrating the past DDA presidents and enjoying the warm sunny weather (okay- so, HOTT and humid was more like it..)  I had never been to a live professional soccer game before, so it was fun! 
Interns that were able to come, minus Stephen- he was there but somewhere down the pavillion was $2 beers.  My jacket was a silly idea (stupid idea.)
 Kickin' it ;)
Jessica and I have decided that our favorite rotation of all has been Nutrition Support.  I LOVE every aspect of it- and although I can't say I see myself in the hospital setting for my entire career, I could see myself working as a NST dietitian- FOREVER!  These lovely ladies, Jackie and Shannon, are our main preceptors for this rotation.  I have learned so much from them- I'm in my last week, and kinda sad BUT will be doing my staffing with the NST :)

Friday Ashley and Jarrett so graciously invited me to the Bryon Nelson to see Pat Green.  Jordan was at the fire station, and making progress on my case study was quite unappealing, so I loaded up my boots and headed out to Irving for an evening of country music. 
 Ashley's little brother, Zack was our 'body guard'.  When the simple task of walking to the bathroom becomes uncomfortable- It makes it nice to have a rather large (ok, understatement.) man walking next to you to fight them off.
The Dunaway's and the Lally's were all there, so it was a fun family affair..little did she know...
 Awe- one of my favorite couples- EVER.  He plays it off well...
I might add that Pat Green is Ashley's all time favorite musician.  It is easy to love Texas Country.. Jarrett had never heard a Pat Green song before Ashley..
Last song plays.. Wave on Wave. I see a HUGE spotlight in my eye- and Jarrett on one knee.  I about fell out of my chair when I knew what was happening!  He kept it a secret from EVERYONE.  Not a single soul knew. (well, besides the parents..) 
We all thought for sure that she was getting engaged on their week long trip to San Fran/Napa next week.  He sure fooled us!!!
She said YES!!

Saturday was the Jimmy Buffett Concert.  Back to Pizza Hut Park I went with Jordan and sunscreen in tow.  Every year for the concert, the boys from Station 6 do it up big..and when I say big- I mean BIG.  Trailors, tents, golf carts, port-a-potties :) the whole 9 yards, for sure.  Then again- all of the people that come out the the craziness of Buffett do it big.  One trailor set up a stage and a karoke machine.  Most of them- probably over half of these people don't even have a ticket to the show.  I know none of us did..

Anyway- While the others had been there since Friday morning, Jordan had to work, so we headed out there early on Saturday- and stayed the WHOLE day.     
Jordan and Sha- a friendship like no other that's for sure.  Love this man.  Both of them!

 Allison- the maragrita maker PRO!  Sha aught to be proud of his wifey!
Some of the girls- we had such a great time!!  Even with the thin layer of dirt caked across my entire body.  it was so windy- and it felt so good to shower!

GREAT weekend with friends.  So excited for:
  • the nearing end of internship (June 25th!)
  • planning Ashley's future wedding!
  • and what is in store for the Buffett concert next year! Jordan and the boys are already working out the details :)
Now- time for shopping for wedding jewelry with Hailey- the future Mrs. Webb.  Hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did!

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