Class of 2010

This weekend Jordan and I went to Austin for a historical event- Patrick graduated with his class at Stoney Point High School in Round Rock.  There were about 800 kiddos graduating, and it was such a long evening!!!  The graduation started at 6pm, we were smart ones and got there about 4:45pm.  They ended up postponing the event to allow for all the family and friends jam-packing in the parking lot outside trying their best to get inside.
You can tell my Dad was enthused..
But...then Sam came back with Nachos!  Caughtcha!!
The graduate.  I totally got teary-eyed when I saw him walking in.  So proud of this kiddo, for sure!  (Out of alllll my brothers, he and I are the closest.)
WOOOO!  Finally- 3+ hours later.  9pm, and time for dinner.  UGH.
But not before pictures!!! My Dad and I waiting for Patrick to emerge from the masses.

My other gigantor of a brother.. John ;)
Proud Parents of the Garduate.
My not-so-little brother.  I always refer to him as this, but for serious- I have 3 inch wedge heels on. Geez.
The Huey Family- when was the last time we got one of these family shots?  I'm thinking like 4 years ago!
My Mom and I were discussing that I could have potentially been one tall chick.  Sam, who is 13 is just about as tall as I am at 5'2"..John is about 6'5", and Patrick at 6'4" and still growing.  I'm thankful for my 5'5" and 1/2  ;)
The Massey's with Patrick
Momma and Me
After graduation, we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse there in Round Rock.  Once the staff found out that we were celebrating Patrick's graduation, they made him ride a saddle. Good way to end the night!

So- Congrats to Kat and Patrick for graduating!!  Kat (Patrick's sweet girlfriend) graduated from Round Rock High School earlier in the day and we didn't get a chance to get a snap of her in her cap and gown ;(  We are still proud of her and her scholarship at UNT into the pre-med program, go girl!  Pat and Kat will be here in Dallas with us at the end of August and we couldn't be more excited to have them.

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