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Long Road to Here..

Today is an epic day.  So much so that I came straight home to blog about it..and it is only 2pm.  Today marks the end of a long journey..taking me through laughter, tears, a lot more tears, late nights and life-long friendships.  Let's start from the beginning..kind of. 

Graduation Day from Texas Women's University with my Bachelor's in Science in Dietetics and Institutional Administration.  Go ahead, say that 5 times fast.  I look like a BAby in this pic.. and my hair is like an ashy, reddish brown color.  (never again.)  This day started the beginning of one of the best summers of my life!  I will always remember the fun I had.
Emotional rollercoaster of packet and application prep..hundreds of revisions, 6 letters of recommendation, personal letter, resume, last minute phone calls with requests to come for an interview the next day (out of state!)..With 4 places I applied to, I was so blessed to match with the perfect internship program for me, my top choice, here in Dallas at Presbyterian Hospital.  The Hand of God was upon me, as always, in placing me in this program with over 100 other qualified applicants.

Day One with 7 amazing interns.  That year, er, 11 months was so much fun!!!  C'mon..our first picture together, we know nothing about one another at this point..except the basics.. and we take a pic as cool as this one :)
Graduation 2010--I cannot believe how fast time flew!!!  I thought I would never get here!!
And..Now..Today :)  I passed my exam!!!  Studying paid off, thank goodness.

A VERY happy Amber Massey, RD

I think I'll go start a new book.  Catch up with my book club friends.  I've missed them.  OR, go to the gym.  I've missed the gym, too.  Actually, how about a nap. Oh, a nap sounds nice..haven't had one of those in about 4 years.  Yes, I think I'll nap.  Where is my teddy and purple blanket..and I don't even have to worry about studying, projects, assignments, meetings..nothing.

Big fluffy couch, here I come


Celebration of the Future Webb's

Finally this day has finally come (and gone..)  This shower has been at the top of my list of 'Things to Do' for the past, oh..I don't know..3 months.  Whew- it was a doozy, but it was fab, if I do say so myself :)  Thankful, OH SO Thankful for Miss Bree Massey..Jess Wingfield, and my sweet, sweet fireman.  He is wounderful and pretty much-I point and he follows (except into Banana Republic or Anthropology.  I can never get him to do the whole point, follow, and purchase thing, but I'm getting smarter.)
 The Spread..courtesy of Moi, and help from super MOL (Justin's Mom).  Cake was a replica of a 'cha-cha' dress :)  Way to go Macy Lambert!
 Oh yes, we had a pinata..complete with candy and all
 Jordan man-ing the grill.  He did such a GREAT job on the fajitas.  MMMMMmmmm.
 Hailey (Bride) and her precious family

 Justin (Groom) with Momma and friend
 The Host and Hostess..because we love Hailey (& Justin) so, so much
 One of my GREATest friends.  So happy to be apart of her special day and all those leading up to it!

Party shot
 Best 'ritas I ever drank
 Our future marriage 'communication' activity
 We got a big kick out of watching them hit (or miss..mostly miss!) that pinata

Present time!!  I'm sure their favorite time!  They were good sports and wore the sombreros.
 Hailey with her Maid (Brittany) and Matron (ME!)

Forever Friends, for sure :)  So excited to have watched Hailey and Justin through their entire relationship..and having that conversation with Hailey over 2 years ago.. Making sure she knew I thought he was THE one.  Good Job, Rella.
 It was hot. We were all sweaty- but it was so much fun!!!  Now..time to get back to that studying mess. 

Almost over :)

Oh..ONE last thing.  Freaking RSVP literally means: Répondez S'il Vous Plaît.  This is French: Reply, If You Please.  A VERY commonly seen request for events such as a wedding shower.  Just sayin'.


The Other Gold

Last night we had dinner with some old friends.. it had been WAY too long since we had gotten together. We had a great evening with Shay and Andrew and their sweet, sweet babies.

I mean, look at this face!  Mr. Smith Shull is a DOLL baby.  He kept a smile on my face all night long. 
Jordan is a natural..
Andrew cooked fajitas on the grill and Shay made a fabulous Brownie Butterscotch Pie out of Paula Deen's 2010 Holiday Baking magazine.  She has vowed to make each and every recipe out of this edition before the holidays are up.  I know she will do it, too ;)  I'll be picking my own copy up soon, very soon!

This evening reminded me that old friends are GREAT friends.  Life get's so hectic sometimes and it is so easy to lose touch when we are busy balancing the 8 spinning plates and attempting to stay sane.  Make time for those in your life that mean the most to you.. I know I'll be making a better attempt at this, that is for sure.


Half Way to Ten

Friday, Jordan and I celebrated our 5 Wedding Anniversary- Yes, Friday the 13th was our anniversary.  Jordan was at the firestation, so we celebrated last night with KRLD's Restaurant Week Preview Weekend.  I LOVE Restaurant Week, and since my bestest 'foodie' friend, Deeku isn't here, Jordan has graciously agreed to come along on and pretend to be just as excited as I am (or Deeks would be..) about the neat places we get to go to that normally wouldn't be considered.  We started our evening at Mi Piaci in Dallas (Addison) 

The RW menu allows you to choose from a pre-selected menu, 5-6 starters, optional 'special course' ($5/person extra), the main entree and dessert.  All for $35/person.  Such a deal for incredible food.  Jordan started with the Ceasar and then Veal Scallopini.. and ended with the flourles chocolate cake with hazelnut gellato. 

After I finished my classic house salad, my next course was the delicious Fonduta di Tortelloni con Granchio...MMMMMMmmmm.  This translates to Fontina filled Cheese Tortellini with King Crab, mushrooms, roma tomatoes, asparagus, and white wine truffle butter sauce.  W.O.W.  I didn't want it to end.  But, then on came the dessert- and pistachio crusted lemon tart.  Oh my gracious.
 We were so busy enjoying our dinner, and I was too consumed with photographing my food (haha!) we forgot about ourselves!  So, in the car, after dinner we took the photo-op. 

I think I fell in love with him for his FAKE smile.  I haven't seen one of those in awhile, but I wasn't able to tickle him, or insult him enough before he snapped the picture.
We went to see Inception after dinner..we haven't been to the movies in forever, and that is quite unusual for us.  We LOVE the movies, and used to go every single weekend- making priority listings of new movies : Must Sees, See if other movie is sold-out, and Renters. When Jordan was in paramedic school, and then I was in internship, we didn't have a whole lot of time to go to the movies, and pretty soon, we only had one heck of a long list of Renters.   Inception was on the top of my list..and I didn't want to wait to see it as a Renter.  Well, to be truthful, anything with Leo in it is on the tip TOP of my list.  I love him- not only for his knee trembling good looks, but for his acting, I think he is spectatcular at what he does.  If you haven't seen this movie yet, I strongly suggest you GO.  I don't think I have ever seen another movie that let left me with my jaw dropped for it's entirety.

I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures from our big day- driving off on the back end of IFD's antique fire engine.  A total secret from everyone.. including the 100+ Irving Firemen in attendance.  :)  What a perfect gettaway on the most perfect night of my life.

Our Restaurant Week special dinner wont end here...Stephan Pyle's is in my near future.  Note, it has been three years coming trying to get into this place for RW.  Can't wait!


A New Favorite

I'm off work today, and doing everything in my power NOT to study for the RD exam.. I have every intention to- the materials are actually sitting in front of me, open and screaming at me to pick it up and read it.  But- I thought it more important to tell you about my new favorite website ModCloth.  THE CUTEST stuff- and dresses galore (love them.)  I actually bought a dress that is perfect for the Fiesta themed shower I'm hosting for my BFF.. Don't you just love this?  Ohh, I do- and cannot wait to wear it.  It is patiently awaiting to adorn me with it's cuteness.

My wishlist is booming with things for future purchase.  My pockest are deeper than funds at the moment, I'm afraid.  Jordan asked me the other day, while I was swooning over a handbag at the mall, "Amber, do you want to buy that purse, or get into our dream home?"  My response? "The purse."

Catching Up..

It has been a couple weeks since I last posted, about quite a memorable evening- shout out to the ever-so-handsome M. Buble. :)  Not a whole lot of exciting anything has been going on.  I guess the most important news to share would be that our sweet little house is on the market and waiting to be snatched up by the perfect family.  It is bittersweet, seeing as though we have put in so much work and effort to make our house a home.  But, then there is the excitement of deciding where we want to plant our roots and raise the future(expanded) Massey family.  I have also come to realize that this is also somewhat of a burden- it is a huge decision!
 Outside of that, our lives have just been busy, busy with new jobs, househunting, and spending time with friends.  Hailey's wedding shower ( that I have taken on by myself..) is coming up, and I feel like I am constantly seeking out little details for it- I love it!  :)  Then there is my new job at Arlington Memorial.  Still learning the ropes of everything- it is much different that any hospital that I have worked at or rotated through prior to now.  That is the best way I can put it...

And then there is Daphnee..crazy Daph.  We take joy in promoting her craziness to make us laugh.  My Dad would use the phrase "he is not a clown.." when John and I would make Sam laugh or be silly when he was a wittle bitty baby :)  Well, Dad, until a little Massey makes a debut, Daphnee is our clown!  She is obsessed with the water hose and her yellow tennis ball.  We have to hide them anytime we are not playing with them.

Our pretty girl!

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