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Our Sweet Girl

Monday night was like any other- I made dinner, and Jordan and I watched our favorite DVR'd shows and relaxed.  The only major difference was the fact that I was feeling quite under the weather, but nothing Dutch Chocolate Blue Bell and my flannel PJ pants couldn't do to make me feel somewhat better!  So, since I was feeling sickly, and Jordan was tired too, we decided to get into bed a little early.  Brittany jumped up for her usual evening routine- out to potty for one last time, and then trotted into our bedroom, acting like a silly girl, carrying on and rolling around the carpet while we washed our faces and brushed our teeth.  Soon those silly actions Brittany was doing turned into wimpers and crys for attention.. Jordan laid down next to her and heard the grumbling sounds of her tummy like she was starving!  I  made the comment- 'I bet she ate some grass and now her tummy is upset, I hope she doesn't throw up..'

Wouldn't you know it- about 2 minutes later she threw up..and then again, and again..and along with her throwing up was heavy heavy panting and drooling. Her entire mouth and neck was soaking.  Jordan and I didn't know what to do for her.  This carried on until about 2am..and finally she stopped getting sick.  At this point she couldn't walk, like her entire back end was paralyzed.  We locked her in the bathroom in case she was sick again and went to try and get some sleep.  5am came very quickly- and her condition had not improved at all.  Jordan was on his way to the station, so he decided to take her into our vet.  Both of us were in tears.  Crying and not understanding quite what was happening to our precious girl.  It hit me that this was serious when jordan asked "Do you want to say goodbye?"  I lost it.  I was not ready to say goodbye!!!  Not yet!!!! 

Turns out that she had a stroke.  In a matter of about 2 minutes her demeanor changed and on came this horrible neurological seizure.  Nothing we could have done to prevent it at all.  Our vet immeadiately began her on medications and antibiotics and it was just a waiting game at this point.  By Wednesday morning her outlook was much improved.  Jordan and I were sure we were going to have to put her down.  She is 11 years old, and we were doubtful of her strength to pull through this.  We brought her home, and although she was still very disoriented, she was Brittany.  She was wagging her little tail and being our sweet girl!  She has slowly gotten better and better- but she still is very weak and cannot move or stand for very long, but bottom line, she will be alright.  Praise. 

This is a video of Wednesday afternoon..she is a drunk dog, but our drunk Brittany dog :)

So thankful she is alright.  I still get teary eyed thinking about the fact we almost lost the love of our life!

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Jenna Bree's big day finally came, and my it was a beautiful one!  Late Friday evening I began feeling really bad- like SICK, bad.  It is my own fault- going ninety to nothing with internship responsibilities and weddding duties..and being a wife!  Plus getting only about 4 hours of sleep/night was the perfect recipe for that sick bug to creep in.  But, I did my best to, as my mother-in-law said 'keep it together and get ready for the long night!'.  I did- sleeping between hair and pictures before the ceremony!

Last minute touches to the Bride- She was making me laugh so hard!

The Bride's Party before hand.. ugh- feeling SO achey at this point.

 The Massey kids are SO handsome.  Beautiful family of mine!

Silly Bridal Party- Well, Suz, not so much..
 My handsome husband- looking good in pink, as usual.  He was so sweet to me while I wasn't feeling too hot.  He made a run for Tylenol Cold & Flu and made sure to bring the $2.50 bottled water up from the hotel lobby.
Time for the ceremony! 
I admit- as soon as the music started, I cried.  I couldn't get a grip, but neither could Susan.  I had the excuse 'I'm sick and emotional'

It was a gorgeous one- very short and sweet.  Stockyard Station was a full house for this happy couple!

 Roy Massey tradition to bust out the Elvis!  He and Jenna started out dancing to 'Cheek to Cheek' by Michael Buble and then there was a scratch to the record and out comes Elvis!  Love this man!
 Little cousin Lauren.  She isn't so little anymore!
 The Massey's oldest friends!  Shay and her family have been friends with the Massey's since forever!
 Jenna making her rounds- I stole her so we could get a picture in.. this was one busy lady!  At this point I was about to lay my head on the table for a nap.  FEVER.
 Sweet girl, Jenny- Love her!  She has just recently found out she will be expecting a little one soon!  So happy for her and Josh
Raspberry Lally and Ms. Pancake
Bucky- we shared our sicky selves.. she has a frog in her throat, too ;( We stuck it out like troopers, though!
 Some of my greatest girlfriends- Susan, JBree, and Ash
 The garder toss began with a little lap dance- Jenna's face says it all!
 Ta-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- the CAKE, so gorgeous!  Amaretto Liqueur cake with sweet buttercream. Close your mouth, dear ;)
 Beautiful day!  So glad for them to have tied the knot!  Sunday morning they left for Key West to have a fun and sunny time on the beach. 

She sent this to me earlier this week.  Hate them.

Happy Wedding/Honeymoon to The Vineyards!

As for me- Laid up sick ALL of Sunday.  Lost my voice and feeling horrible on Monday- and today is Friday- my cough is about to drive me INSANE.  What can I do for this mess?  UGH.  Ready to be over it, K? Thanks!


Wedding Weekend- Take One!

After much anticipation, the wedding weekend was upon us..and has since come and gone.  Last night as I was trying to sleep I kept replaying the fun times we had.  I'm still re-living Jenna and Adam's big day- scene by scene. 

Let's start with the rehearsal dinner: Texas Land and Cattle on Lake Ray Hubbard- What a beautiful scenic dinner we had!  Miss Jenna Massey was looking mighty beautiful on the night before her wedding.

I feel proud to have such good friends out of these ladies!
I made Jordan get in on the picture action.  It was this point I started to get an ache-y feeling all over.  Starting to get sick, I believe.  But, thats what I get for getting only about 4 hours of sleep, plus wedding planning and festivites, plus internship work..times 1 month.  No bueno. 
 Three generations of beautiful.  Jenna, her mother, Bree, and her mother Granny (Jane)
 The happy soon-to-be-married couple!  Heeeeyyyyy..he does know how to smile :)
 Aunt Jenny was able to join us from Seattle, WA for Jenna's big day!! 
 My in-laws: Roy and Bree
They are so cute and more in love than ever- can't wait to be 30+ years married to Jordan!
 Trio, again :)
Us with 'Dad' :)
He is the cutest ever- such a goofy handful.  He makes me laugh any and every time I'm around him ;)
 Massey Ladies..awe- Jenna only a Massey for one more night!
 And then..we were 6!
After our bellies were stuffed with steak, salmon, and shrimp we laughed the night away with future family and great friends!  Tomorrow was the big day!!


Bachlorette Partaaaay!

Finally I'm able to sit and blog about Jenna's wedding fun.. Bachlorette Party fun, that is!  Susan and I had a blast planning it and making everything just perfect.  The day started out with manicures and pedicures at my favorite salon in Coppell, Legacy Spa.  After we were pampered and our fingers and toes were complete, we headed to lunch before checking into The Adolpus in Dallas for our night of fun with sweet friends.

Jenna and I getting settled in the room before getting dolled up for a ladies night out.

The Bachlorette- Susan got her a huge 'Flava Flav' cup, a fun looking sash and some blinking pins and faux diamond.  Jenna was quite festive for the evening! And if you know JBree, you KNOW she ate it up.

Before dinner, we hosted Jenna's lingerie shower.  She got a ton of great stuff to start her marriage to Adam off right ;) All the other pictures I have of her opening gifts are those that are for Adam's eyes only!
I ordered cupcakes from Market Street- a mixture of chocolate/cream cheese, chocolate/caramel, and Oreo.  These were so good!
The cheese and fruit platter came from Market Street as well!  Everything was so cute!

After the lingerie shower, we got ready for dinner and drinks at Iron Cactus, just waling distance from the hotel.  Pictures were a must!

Suz and Me- Have had a BLAST with her these past several weeks. 
 The bachlorette with some of her oldest friends.
All of Jenna's greatest friends: Melanie, Chelsey, Ashley, Amanda (Adam's sis), JBree, me, Bucky, Suz, and Jenny

 On to dinner- FUN times with sweet girls..  I love hanging out with my Lindsey Buck!
 "Fill'er up with a Strawberry Margarita, please"
Apparently something was tear-jerking-ly hilarious.  Love her.

 Jenna with her sister-in-laws
 Cheers to Jenna and a happy, happy life with Adam!!
 Me and Ashley

FUN times!  We ended the night with PJs and cupcakes (that we saved from the lingerie shower) talking and giggling about the night's events.  Happy Bachlorette Party to Miss Jenna!


What a Re-Cap

This week was so busy!  Aside from Jenna's Couples Shower on Saturday, everyday last week had something fun to talk about.  Jordan and I just had a week full of blessings.. one after another, they just kept coming-unexpectedly, but that is just how He rolls.  ;)

Thursday Jordan and I were invited by Jessica and John to go to the Rough Riders opening game.  All week long it was 75-80 degrees..not Thursday.  60s with wind..not a nice way to open, but we had fun!  We always have fun with the Wingfield's. 

Thank you Jordan for ruining the picture, and thank you John for making sure he was completely in the frame.  Boys..

Hmmm, I've seen this before...

Saturday, bright and early, Jordan and the guys from Station 6 came to remove a rather large tree from our front yard.  The tree was dying and needed to be removed last year, actually.  Jordan has recently been working with another fireman that owns a tree company and stump removal..and..some other stuff.  I'm not quite sure.  But, anyway, they knew what they were doing.  Or so it seemed.
 The tree chipper- R.I.P. big tree.
 On Saturday I literally did not stay home for longer than about 20 minutes.  Hit Walmart at 7:30am, Sprouts at 8:45am and then off to babysit from 10:30am until 4:30pm, and then left for Jenna Bree's shower around 5pm!  So, when did I fit in my NICU homework for my rotation due first thing Monday morning? Ohh, well Julie and Julia was on when we got home from the shower, so while watching that I spent from 10:30pm to about 1am working on it..and then again after I slept through Sunday morning church...So, Jordan and I had a lazy Sunday morning.  I did homework allllllll day and he worked out in the yard.
 Sunday night we had our normal monthly supper with the Anthony's.  This time we decided to go to dinner out in Dallas.  I have been dying to try this place called The Grape off Greenville Avenue. 
The Grape was named by Texas Monthly Magazine for the Best Burger in Texas. After this award, that poor tiny restaurant was bombarded with requests for the burger, and finally they decided that the burger was only to be served on Sunday's and Monday's.  You must have a reservation to get in..not because you are required to, but because you will never get a seat if you don't:)  But c'mon, look at it- Oh My Geez.

 Nick liked it. Haha!  Ok, so he was acting it up alittle..
 Jordan going for the napkin after a big bite.  And, did I mention that the weather was perfect for the patio? 

 Me and Shannon..burry, but I posted it anyway!

We had a busy busy week/weekend, but it was so fun.  I love it that we have so many fabulous friendships! 

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