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We BBQ Because Its Monday

What a fun Memorial Day Monday!!  It doesn't even feel like yesterday we woke up in Austin.  I'm not sure we could fit anything else in this 3 day weekend!  Ashley and Jarrett very graciously invited us and several friends over for a backyard BBQ in celebration of Memorial Day, and the start of SUMMER! Ash and J just returned from a weeklong trip to San Fran and Napa (got home yesterday!) and still were the hosts with the most.  They provided the burgers and brats and guests were responsible for the side dishes, and in my case, the dessert- RIP Banana Pudding :)

Shelia, Bride-to-be Ashley, and myself

 All of Ashley's Ladies :)
One of my bestest friends.
 Soon-to-be-Dunaway's and The Massey's
 Thank you for opening up your home, even though we all know you were exhausted!
 Ashley getting feisty playing Bags.  I've never played before- kind of like washers..never played that either; but, it was fun.  I think I got a little too serious with this game.  I would say some red bags went flying in Jarrett's direction on occasion.
 Jarrett and Ashley's bro, Zak.  Quit gloating.
Love my husband!!  We have had the best time spending this crazy full weekend with lots of friends and family, but doing it all with him by my side made it all the more enjoyable :)


Class of 2010

This weekend Jordan and I went to Austin for a historical event- Patrick graduated with his class at Stoney Point High School in Round Rock.  There were about 800 kiddos graduating, and it was such a long evening!!!  The graduation started at 6pm, we were smart ones and got there about 4:45pm.  They ended up postponing the event to allow for all the family and friends jam-packing in the parking lot outside trying their best to get inside.
You can tell my Dad was enthused..
But...then Sam came back with Nachos!  Caughtcha!!
The graduate.  I totally got teary-eyed when I saw him walking in.  So proud of this kiddo, for sure!  (Out of alllll my brothers, he and I are the closest.)
WOOOO!  Finally- 3+ hours later.  9pm, and time for dinner.  UGH.
But not before pictures!!! My Dad and I waiting for Patrick to emerge from the masses.

My other gigantor of a brother.. John ;)
Proud Parents of the Garduate.
My not-so-little brother.  I always refer to him as this, but for serious- I have 3 inch wedge heels on. Geez.
The Huey Family- when was the last time we got one of these family shots?  I'm thinking like 4 years ago!
My Mom and I were discussing that I could have potentially been one tall chick.  Sam, who is 13 is just about as tall as I am at 5'2"..John is about 6'5", and Patrick at 6'4" and still growing.  I'm thankful for my 5'5" and 1/2  ;)
The Massey's with Patrick
Momma and Me
After graduation, we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse there in Round Rock.  Once the staff found out that we were celebrating Patrick's graduation, they made him ride a saddle. Good way to end the night!

So- Congrats to Kat and Patrick for graduating!!  Kat (Patrick's sweet girlfriend) graduated from Round Rock High School earlier in the day and we didn't get a chance to get a snap of her in her cap and gown ;(  We are still proud of her and her scholarship at UNT into the pre-med program, go girl!  Pat and Kat will be here in Dallas with us at the end of August and we couldn't be more excited to have them.


Because She is Beautiful

Our Daphnee is one Gorgeous Girl. 

Even though she is Crazy.. she is oh-so-sweet.  I think we'll keep her. ;)

A Little of This..A Little of That..

Weeks and weeks of nothing-ness.. pretty uneventful weekends..lots of projects and intentions cleaning my house..and then this week.  I think I/we had something going on everyday!

After making dinner for the (future) Webb's on Wednesday night, Thursday was the last DDA Meeting (Dallas Dietetics Association) of the season- it was hosted by FC Dallas futbol at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco :)  Thats soccer for those of you AmeriCANsss.  We had fun celebrating the past DDA presidents and enjoying the warm sunny weather (okay- so, HOTT and humid was more like it..)  I had never been to a live professional soccer game before, so it was fun! 
Interns that were able to come, minus Stephen- he was there but somewhere down the pavillion was $2 beers.  My jacket was a silly idea (stupid idea.)
 Kickin' it ;)
Jessica and I have decided that our favorite rotation of all has been Nutrition Support.  I LOVE every aspect of it- and although I can't say I see myself in the hospital setting for my entire career, I could see myself working as a NST dietitian- FOREVER!  These lovely ladies, Jackie and Shannon, are our main preceptors for this rotation.  I have learned so much from them- I'm in my last week, and kinda sad BUT will be doing my staffing with the NST :)

Friday Ashley and Jarrett so graciously invited me to the Bryon Nelson to see Pat Green.  Jordan was at the fire station, and making progress on my case study was quite unappealing, so I loaded up my boots and headed out to Irving for an evening of country music. 
 Ashley's little brother, Zack was our 'body guard'.  When the simple task of walking to the bathroom becomes uncomfortable- It makes it nice to have a rather large (ok, understatement.) man walking next to you to fight them off.
The Dunaway's and the Lally's were all there, so it was a fun family affair..little did she know...
 Awe- one of my favorite couples- EVER.  He plays it off well...
I might add that Pat Green is Ashley's all time favorite musician.  It is easy to love Texas Country.. Jarrett had never heard a Pat Green song before Ashley..
Last song plays.. Wave on Wave. I see a HUGE spotlight in my eye- and Jarrett on one knee.  I about fell out of my chair when I knew what was happening!  He kept it a secret from EVERYONE.  Not a single soul knew. (well, besides the parents..) 
We all thought for sure that she was getting engaged on their week long trip to San Fran/Napa next week.  He sure fooled us!!!
She said YES!!

Saturday was the Jimmy Buffett Concert.  Back to Pizza Hut Park I went with Jordan and sunscreen in tow.  Every year for the concert, the boys from Station 6 do it up big..and when I say big- I mean BIG.  Trailors, tents, golf carts, port-a-potties :) the whole 9 yards, for sure.  Then again- all of the people that come out the the craziness of Buffett do it big.  One trailor set up a stage and a karoke machine.  Most of them- probably over half of these people don't even have a ticket to the show.  I know none of us did..

Anyway- While the others had been there since Friday morning, Jordan had to work, so we headed out there early on Saturday- and stayed the WHOLE day.     
Jordan and Sha- a friendship like no other that's for sure.  Love this man.  Both of them!

 Allison- the maragrita maker PRO!  Sha aught to be proud of his wifey!
Some of the girls- we had such a great time!!  Even with the thin layer of dirt caked across my entire body.  it was so windy- and it felt so good to shower!

GREAT weekend with friends.  So excited for:
  • the nearing end of internship (June 25th!)
  • planning Ashley's future wedding!
  • and what is in store for the Buffett concert next year! Jordan and the boys are already working out the details :)
Now- time for shopping for wedding jewelry with Hailey- the future Mrs. Webb.  Hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did!


Massey Lately

Not a whole lot has been happening in the Massey household..Over the past several weekends it has been a mix of work, being an intern with one foot out the door, and fun with good friends..

I'll start with sweet Brittany.  Thank you to all my wonderful friends that checked on Jordan and I after Brittany's stroke.  The Wingfield's even offered to bring us dinner the night we brought her home!!  She is doing MUCH better- finally after about 3 weeks we are starting to see the old Brittany come out.  She still tires easily and doesn't move around as much, but she will play and be silly, just like before she got sick.  Last weekend she got a haircut :)

Last weekend was also the Inman Review. Jean Inman travels the country offerring a study review course for the dietitians registration exam.  Luckily she made a stop at TCU in Fort Worth, so almost all of us (interns) registered.  It is not required to take this two day (allllll day) class, but after sitting through it, my confidence level for the exam jumped through the roof!!!!! She has been doing this for 20 years.. and she reviews every domain of the exam..and provides about 1,000 practice problems!!  Woo!  

Jessica packed a bag and said goodbye to Mr. Wingfield to come stay the night with Jordan and I for the entire weekend.  TCU is only about a half hour from our house (where it is about an hour for her..) Since we had to be there at 8am every day- it was nice to have that extra 30 minutes to sleep..or grab some Panera breakfast and coffee :)  I love making memories with her.
 Lunch was a first for me.. apparently this place is a common find in college towns.  This was literally right across the street from the school- and I have decided that Fuzzy's is Yumm-O!  (I'm watching Racheal Ray at the moment)
 Weather was threatening before we walked into the restaurant.. and by the time we were through with lunch- it was POURING.  So- Jessica and I were soaked.

 At the end of it all.. I was almost sad.  It was mind-numbingly long (is that a word?)  BUT - what Jean Inman did for all of the students and myself was amazing.  She was so great (never boring!) and patient.  Answering all questions asked and all the time encouraged us.  I hugged her and could have cried out of appreciation.  She was even willing to take a picture with all the sleepy interns.

The end of the weekend came quickly- and Sunday night we met with our monthly supper club couple, Nick and Shannon.  This time we made a date with Macaroni Grill.  After about 3 hours of chatting the night away, we finally paid the tab to get ready to leave- but not before taking this photo-op.

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