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A Night with a Crooner

Last night the hubby and I went to the Michael Buble concert--and what a concert it was!!!  I cannot believe I have never been to one of his shows.  I have been missing out BIG time.  Anyway, tickets went on sale in February, and for Valentine's Day, Jordan was a sweetie and bought some for the show.  I completely forgot about them until late last week and Jordan reminded me :)  We had GREAT seats with perfect view of Mr. Buble's beautiful face..get ready for a tribute to him (lots of pictures!!)
Why, hello, handsome.
 I'll save the last dance for you anytime..
 He came out into the middle of the arena- walking right through the masses of screaming women...and took us all Home
His bandmates were amazing as well.  I could hardly sleep last night replaying the evening in my head!!

Waving to our side of the crowd :)
 Crazy Lovin' it up

I actually had no idea how HILARIOUS he is.  J and I laughed so so hard through the entire show.  MB made sure that the AAC was not just a concert, but a huge party.  His 'security' allowed for pretty much anything and everything but getting on stage with him. We danced in the aisle and hit jumbo beach balls through the audience after he professed his love for the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  Oh, still remembering the night :) 

MB also confessed that as a child he wanted to be like Michael- Michael Jackson, that is.. here he is doing his impression :) 

Please excuse my embarrassing laughter- You can hear Jordan laughing, too, which makes my laugh out loud as I'm posting this. What a great night!  When and where do I buy tickets for the next show?!


Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!!!  :)  Ok, so a little late, but that is just how I roll, fashionably late, as usual. After arriving home from the Hill Country, Jordan and I got ready for Saturday's Fourth of July celebration with our Station Family at the beautiful Clayton house.  Sha went a tad bit overboard with the firework show, but I came to be thankful for that a little later..

Firemen = planned trouble and a complete disregard to fire hazards.

 Some of my favorite firehouse wifey's, my Chasity and sweet Macy.
 The talents of Mrs. Macy Lambert!!  Can't wait to see what she works up for Hailey's wedding shower I'm hosting in a month or so :)
 Lily Lambert being a doll baby and enjoying her mama's cake.  This 3 1/2 year old likes 'fondant' and will be having a "pink cake ball covered in fondant" for her birthday this year!

The Lambert's, Massey's, and Collins'--Waiting for the fireworks show!
 Neat little fireworks show setting on my camera

 On the actual day of July 4th, Jordan and I had a date set with the future Mr. and Mrs. Webb, and sweet girl, Leigh Ann.  We started with Mexican Food at Cristina's in McKinney.  Probably my FAVorite Mexi place.
 We went to Red, White, and Boom in McKinney to celebrate the 4th.  Time for a photo op in the parking lot waiting for the show, and thank you husband.  If I had a nickel for every picture with you and your tongue in the background, you would be broke, dude.
 But I LOVE you :)
 Even though we waited and waited for the show, it was a MAJOR dissapointment.  The show was whimp-y and lasted about 8 minutes.  and then we got the pleasure of waiting in the masses of people for about an hour- with a full bladder.  I was quite annoyed.  Made me appreciate Sha's extravagance.

The day after, both of us happened to be off, and after taking advantage of the sales at Home Depot and Lowes, we worked hard in our poor yard for a much needed update.



OHHHHH, yea :)


Trip to the Hill Country

After graduating internship, Jess and I had about a week before we had to start our 'real' jobs.  We discussed and searched for cheap-o trips, but couldn't find anything worthwhile to spend money on.  Then somehow we came up with Fredericksburg :)  Mr. Wingfield had never been, so it was a no brainer!

Tuesday we loaded up in Jordan's truck and headed out for the Hill Country!  Little to no rain before we left..

Eating at Stonwall's in Llano the night we arrived.

Sweet Wingfield's

We were dead set on finding a place with a pool- all we wanted was to wear our suits and be lazy for the week.. None in actual Fredericksburg had anything that was nice enough available due to the last minute trip planning (We booked Friday and left on Tuesday.)  So, we decided on the Walden Plantation in Llano, about 40 miles outside of the FBurg.  Best decision! It had a gorgeous pool and hot tub..and the place was just beautiful- I mean, look!

Our pets for the week

The next day we headed to town for shopping and fun.  The weather wasn't too shabby at this point, lots clouds and a breezy 80 degrees (but humid as all get out!).  After lunch we stopped in at Wildseed Farm to look at the peeeeety flowers and such- and then it POURED. 
 In front of the huge and gorgeous sunflower field- post-raining cats and dogs.
 Love this girl- so many memories already made!
 One of the many Massey-Wingfield dinners to be had- The Cabernet Grill
The next day in between raining and wind- we decided it would be smart to take the Kayaking Trip down the Llano river that the B&B sat on.  4 miles of river ahead of us, we jumped in our 'boats' for the started to rain..  This was before we tumped- my fault, and we couldn't stop laughing. :)

Awe- cute! This wasn't planned, I'm pretty sure of that.. So, 3.5 hours later, a couple trips into the water, 8 lost $7 beers, and arms of Jell-O, we made it back to the Plantation.

On to dinner on our last night- a seafood restaurant on Llano- not to shabby, but definitly not the best seafood ever :)

After the four hour trip home on Friday, in the rain, we were glad to be back in the Big D. Although SO tired of the wet weather, days of laughter with super fun friends was such a good way to spend my little 'break' before starting my new job-- As a Dietitian!!!! :)  Go ME! 

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