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What I Wore Wednesdays

There is a whole heck of a lot of baby talk on this little blog-o-mine.  Like.. A LOT.  So- I have decided with this new year, new babies, and new blog design, I'm going to start something, well.. new.  

After my entire life 9 months of repeat outfits, and then graduating to bed ridden pajama pants and too-small maternity tops I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe to get into, and I cannot wait.  I have spent  many morning nap times trying on 'new' clothes and putting together outfits to wear out of the house (if I ever get there..) and for when I go back to work (just a few days away!)  So, with all of that being said, I am going to start posting "What I Wore Wednesdays." I got the idea from my precious friend, Sarah and her amazing WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday) outfit posts.  She and I met through the blogger world, but I can practically call her my BFF these days between our hourly daily emails and chat sessions and blog stalking- I know all about her;)

Does that mean the outfit I choose it is what I wore on that particular Wednesday? Heck no.  I m not that put together, people.  I am currently rocking sleeping babies in their bouncy seats with my feet as I type.  So, no.. it just means that I am posting on Wednesdays. Will I get a post up every Wednesday? Hopefully, but two babies, transitioning back to work, my sweet husband, and life in general will ultimately take priority.  But, showing you that I am somewhat put together on most days will hopefully give confidence to other new mommas for their own sake.  It is possible to have spit-up free hair and a full face of makeup- even though there have been many days these past two months that make-up and spit-up free hair did not happen- and I'm okay with that.

So- for my first official WIWW post: 

Am I wearing this today?  Nope.. I wore this on Sunday to church.  One thing you will learn about me is that my my entire wardrobe is practically from Loft.  I love and adore that store.  Affordable, cute, and they ALWAYS have a sale.  Always

And this outfit.. LOFT.  Everything was on sale, too:)  I wear these boots all the time during the cooler months.  I bought them three years ago and love wearing them just as much as I did the first time I put them on.  They are so very comfortable and I get a ton of compliments.  I seriously suggest investing in a pair of good boots you can wear with almost anything.  I'm surprised they have lasted as long as they have.. I don't think I spent even $100 on them.  Sweet!  
top: Loft / skinnies: Loft / boots: Madden Girl @ DSW / watch: Fossil 
bracelets: first Mondays Trade Days

It's clear I love the bangles.  LOVE them. I'm also wearing my P&J necklace  
There you have it.  My first WIWW post success!

Happy Wednesday!



3 Ladies & Their Gent

SO in love with my blog face-lift.  A special thank you to Aubrey from The Kinch Life Designs for making my little web space perfect to include our precious baby girls.

If you need a blog-lift I strongly suggest Aubrey.  I mean, what a DOLL and she is amazing to work with- so quick, easy, and professional.

LOVE!  Hope you like it, too:)


Insta-Wrap {1.26.2013}

My week has been so off kilter.  I cannot believe Friday came and went and now today.. well, it's Saturday evening.  Where is my time going!  I'm heading into my last week of maternity leave, and of course it is flying by.  

Soaking up every last bit of time with these tiny ones before going back to work.  It will be a bittersweet day to leave them at home with daddy and BB, but hello?  Between bed rest and babies, its been 6 months since I've worked.

SIX. Months.


Ok, on with it- last week's insta photo dump, here we go!

This is probably my favorite picture, to date.  She loves, LOVES her daddy.  She was so ready for him to be home after being away for 24 hours.  Momma was ready, too.  

Here, dear- take a baby.   

This week has been absolutely beautiful- well, until today.  Gloom and doom overcast all day long.  Jordan and I took a walk every single day- so good for this momma's legs and for baby nap times:)  
Jolie- channelning her inner Alfalpha.  That girl's hair.  Wild.
Our first attempt in the Bumbo.  She was a little confused, but overall figured out the concept pretty well.  What you don't see in the picture is the other half of her love affair she has going with her daddy.  Lawdy- she loves him so.  Ok.. so this may be my favorite picture to date.  
Supper Club will forever be different.  Baby Jacob and the girls got social for Saturday night pizza making with our great friends at the Tapella's home.
Playmat time- movin' and shakin', per their usual. attempt at tummy-time.
Those sweet baby lips and precious facial expressions- I die.
 Again- Parker and her daddy.  I sort of feel jealous.
I made a fancy dinner this week.. it was nice to have something besides grilled chicken and steamed vegetables!  Green Veggie Risotto, ahh- it feels good to be back.  Working to get in up on Chocolate Broccoli soon:)
Tuesday morning I was headed out for a dentist appointment and enjoyed the car ride there with one of my favorite artists and her song.  Played on repeat:)
Those baby blues.
Of course I couldn't forget this sleeping beauty.
I got a wild hair on Wednesday morning and bathed both babies by myself.  It must have been all the sleeping these girls did the night before- it's amazing what a little extra rest will do.
..and so began the day of no naps in the Massey household.  And, of course it was on a day that Jordan was at work.
I spent my entire day in this very position.  That's ok.. my snuggle bunnies make for excellent couch potato company.
I have a thing for large head gear.
Daddy's new dash candy:)  We stopped between my 6-week post op follow-up appointment and lunch to feed the girls in the truck.  Full bellies make for happy babies- so we poked a little fun.  Look this chubbs!
 Hellllloooo, Friday!
Jordan's mom offered to watch the girls so we could go on a much needed, long-over-due date.  Our last date was August 30th.  Seriously.  So, we opted for a late lunch and afternoon movie.  I LOVE spending time with this guy.  He even got me home by 7:30pm.
Snack time.  Everyone needs a snack after having Mexican for lunch, popcorn (I ate the entire bag..), Sour Patch Kids, and Butterfinger bites at the movies.  I swear.  I am a bottomless pit these days.  #breastfeedingrulesmymetabolism

There you have it, folks!  What a week.  This week must be wonderful because I know it will go so fast.  Happy Weekend!



First Month Favorites

Some how this first month with the girls has completely gotten away from me.  Whelp, to be frank- we are well into our second month and moving way too quick for this momma's liking. 

Here are a few of my favorite things used most often during this first month home with the twins. 

1. Boudreaux's Butt Paste  I don't know about your baby (babies!), but my babies sure know how to fill a diaper.  (TMI?  Nooo.. these are tiny little babies we are talking about here, and we all know babies poop.  Period.) Every time my girls eat they need a new diaper.  We have gotten to where we no longer change them pre-feeding, but wait until after- saves a diaper, and we can use all those we can get.  I love the butt paste! It provides awesome protection, and I can get away with using just one wipe to clean my girls up.  My girls have yet to have a red bootie:)   

2. Bottle Rack Simple and cheap.  At any given tim we have 9-12 bottles on the rack- not to mention my pump supplies.  We are thinking of getting another one, and while this one is so cool and good looking, the one we currently have is $10 and works beautifully. 
3. Avent Natural Bottles  When we brought the girls home, Jolie was just ounces over 4 pounds and Parker was 5 and a half pounds.  Putting weight on them was the main goal.  We supplemented with formula while we were in the hospital because my milk had yet to come in (It took 5 days) and the girls  were working too hard and burning too many calories breast feeding alone.  When we got home I would limit breast feeding to 10-15 minutes and then offer a bottle of either formula, or if I was able, expressed milk- just to make sure they were getting plenty and not using up all their energy on trying to get milk from me.  We registered for these and really love them.  Doesn't come with fancy parts or specialty instructions for putting them together- just the bottle and the nipple.  And when you have more than one hungry baby to attend to, simplicity is my best friend. The natural nipple structure is awesome and has yet to cause 'nipple-confusion' between either of my girls. 
4. My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow  If you have twins and plan to breast feed- you must have this.  Sure you could do the pillows all around you (did that in the hospital), but that seems like added frustration when trying to get situated correctly at 2am.  Wrap, snap, click and feed.  So easy. 
5. The Body Shop Body Butter  I got this as a gift from one of my bestest while I was pregnant and have used it more now post-babies than I did while pregnant. I use it most on the loose skin on my belly- it seems to moisturize really well.  

6.  Lansinoh Soothing Gel Pads   For me- the lanolin that most breast feeding mothers swear by doesn't work.  First of all- my girls hate it.  No matter how hungry they are, they will refuse to nurse well if I don't take a wash cloth and completely remove all of that goop prior to feeding.  After week one of being home, I threw it away.  In all honesty, if your baby is latching correctly, breast feeding should not hurt one bit.  BUT- not to say I am never sore!  Enter these gel pads.  Love them.

7. Graco Sound Machine  My babies love the sound machine!  I never thought there was any rhyme or reason to these things, but my girls are really soothed by them.  We use the fetal heart sounds at night when they sleep and the music during the day. Momma likes them, too!  I told Jordan that we needed to get a second for our room when the girls move to the nursery.. he rolled his eyes.  
8. Fisher Price Snuggabunny Bouncer  Saved many nights of rest between feedings!  Early on little Jolie had such issues with gas and reflux and had a difficult time lying flat after she would eat.  As she has gotten bigger, this has much improved, but there are still times when she needs to be at an incline.  Thank you bouncy seat for getting her to sleep quickly:)

9. Boogie Wipes  We use these daily!  Not for baby boogers.. I think I have yet to use them for that.  At two weeks old we started noticing Parker would wake up with a 'crusty' eye.  At her two week appointment the pediatrician explained this was completely normal- sometimes babies will get a clogged tear duct, and it will resolve on it's own.  She still has some issues- not everyday, but when she does we use these.
10. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets  Hello.  amazing-ness.  People rave about them- and I'm afraid we are no different- LOVE them.  Not only awesome for tight swaddling (Jordan is a serious pro at swaddling them tight as all get out.) but we also use these for covering their carseats while out in public (keeping the germs, sunlight, and oh-so-nosey people away) or laying on the floor for tummy time or simply laying over them for added warmth while they are in the swing or bouncy seat.  But, for serious.. you can't get a better burrito out of any other blanket like you can with these.

Keep in mind, this list doesn't include the necessities- diapers, wipes.. diapers, breast pump, diapers.. Just some things that really made my/our life a lot easier during the first month with these twin babies.


INSTA-Wrap (1.18.13)

So this is more of a insta-dump that will be insta-overhwelming.

Lets be frank.  I adore my little bits.. Hence the 864 photos I'm looking at on my phone.  There isn't enough instagram storage in this world to store all that I really want to post.

For now I'm leaving you with these from this past week:)  Happy Friday!

This little miss had quiet the night- didn't sleep longer than 20 minute increments.  She just wanted to be held.  Made for a very sleepy morning for her momma.  Although some moments were comical- like when she was whaling at the top of her lungs, 3 centimeters from her sister's face and Parker, bless her heart, continued in deep slumber, almost smiling- not phased one bit.  (Note: was just a one night fluke.. thank my lucky stars.)
Duke and Nanna came to visit this week.  My dad has a thing for John Wayne.. But, I think my crazy, silly, adorable(?) mother likes the name more than he does.
Made my way to the grocery store.  If you know me, you know I LOVE and adore meal planning and the grocery store.  I did both this week- amazing-ness.
She gets bored with me.  With my phone in front of my face all the time, I wonder if she knows what I look like.  In my defense, I can't miss these moments!   Like when she blinks or yawns.. definitely key photo-ops throughout my day.
Admiring their daddy.  I do that too, girls.  He is quite nice to look at.
She's a bit too small for the Baby Bjorn, but nothing a good swaddle blanket can't fix for some bulk.  Those things are magical.  I might start wearing them as scarves.  
Neither of the girls have yet to smile at me/us..  like really smile.  Again with the camera always ready, I snapped this as she was fighting a nap and happened to open her eyes as she cracked a smile.  That counts, right?   Even if she looks drunk..
Oh, they sleep.  How very precious is this picture?  The smiling sessions while they sleep kill me with joy.  Other joy this week?  The girls have been going almost 5 hours at night before waking for a feeding.  Hallelujah.
My Jolie Polie- First thing in the morning, after they've eaten is my most favorite time of the day.  They are both in incredibly good moods and will sit/lay/cuddle anywhere without a peep of complaint.  ugh.  So. adorbs.
..and then- just 3 hours later, they become ravenous hungry bunnies.  "Haaaannnngryyy, momma."
There are no words.  If she is anything like her momma, she's channeling her inner Urrrshheerr and soon that over-sized binkie will be replaced by over sized-sunglasses and a serious pair of sassy pants.
Happy to announce my new affiliation with Cooking Light and their Blogger's Connection.  So super pumped!!  Excited for Chocolate Broccoli and all the fun things to happen in 2013.
Again- first thing in the morning. My precious Parker making her mother's heart explode.
#ireallyneedtopee #onesleepswhiletheotherrefuses #JoliePoliethemasterofallscowls
Snuggling with my sweetie.  Those lips.  She really tolerates my obsessive, compulsive, annoying kissing of this face all day every day.

You should now have your fill of cute babies for the year weekend.

No?  Well.. your Instagram feed can blow up with these sweet ones simply by following me (masseya).

Have a great weekend, friends!

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Keeping Them Close

I love a good choker.  Not like a choker-hold..per say.  I am referencing a choker of the jewelry kind. I've been searching for the 'right' little necklace for some time now. that I can wear on a daily basis. that is petite
..and right up my alley.   

Then I saw this on her blog.  

Let me tell you a little something about myself.  I have an incredibly addictive personality.  When I decide to do something, or that I want something- the obsessive, compulsive Amber kicks it into high gear.  I think nothing but about said project/item(s)/goal until it is complete or I have it in my possession.  While I was on bed rest this addictive personality reared its hairy head on more than one occasion.

Often times this is a positive.. (nesting, birth planning, recipe development, party planning.. etc.)

and sometimes it drives my poor Jordan up the wall  crazy.  We can't seem to hold a conversation without some discussion of my new fathom of whatever.  

So- right now.. my 'whatever' that I'm stuck on is some sort of initial necklace.  I like the look of the sideways letters, as shown here.. and I would get two, of course- a 'P' and a 'J'. But, I sadly can't bring myself to spend over $200 for it.  My jewelry/clothing/shoes budget is slowly getting absorbed into my diapers/wipes budget.  

I know.  Sad day.   

BUT- the glories of etsy have saved the day.  Are you surprised?  

I found several shops that sell the initial necklaces!  And for a reasonable price, too.  Hallelujah for that.

After continuing my search to find something perfect to spend my monies on, I came across Megan's shop Bijoux by Meg.  She is pretty talented in her creations of hand stamped personalized jewelry- totally what I was looking for!  I initially fell in love with this necklace, then saw this bracelet and inquired to know if she could make a few changes to the bracelet: turn it into a necklace, add another charm, and double to chain.  Okay- so I completely changed it all together.  Kind of a tall order on my part.

She gladly obliged:)  Awesome.

It arrived in the mail at the end of last week (She was really quick!  I ordered and received it within a week.) and I was SO excited to tear open the packaging and put my necklace around my neck.

But.. how pretty it was.. I couldn't just rip it to shreds (even though the 5 year old in me wanted to like it was Christmas morning or something.)  She even included a sweet little note with my necklace.  There is something to be said about a hand written note.

Now for the necklace reveal- I totally love and adore this thing.
Excuse the blotchy skin.. I was attempting to polish it up before I took the picture and in turn made my neck all red. Boo.
Don't you love it?  I got the shortest chain length she offers, the16-inch, and went with the double to give it a little structure.  It wears high on my neck, like a choker, but not terribly short that it is uncomfortable.

I will disclose that I have a petite neck, so the 16-inch might be as comfortable for you.  I would measure before purchasing.  She offers many chain lengths.
I havent taken it off since I got it.  It turned out so good, and Meg was such a pleasure to work with.  She has a few other items in her shop that I'm eye-balling for purchase.. but they will  have to wait.

Jolie and Parker are going through way too many diapers and wipes to count.

While they are no longer in my belly and as close as they can be to me, this necklace is perfect and just what I wanted to keep my girls close to my heart.

Just a few short weeks left before I return to work and wearing this around my neck everyday will keep me reminded of my tiny blessings at home waiting for me:)
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