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a new chapter

its a new chapter in this life of mine and after much work and the help of my friend Kate and KH Creative we have redesigned my little ol' blog into something new.  

still working on kinks in redirection, but for now check it out!



mama confessions v

pouring my second cup of coffee before 7am- and my house is asleep. it sounds like a healthy blend of an air field, the beach, and a rainforest.  we have four sound machines going (Brady has two in his room.. because the other banshee babes that rule this house don't often know the definition of "inside voice") and a couple of fans blowing.  not sure when I will have a silent house again. when the kids slept at their BB's last week and the house was 100% silent I found myself turning on all the sound machines in each room.. after almost 5 years of hearing them I've come to want them on for myself! 

after breaking up the fiftieth argument between the girls before lunch time I said to myself "I'm going to lose my mind today, I think". 
Parker politely popped off "just a little bit, mom." 

I get asked all the time how I get such great 'volume' and hold curl to my hair.. well, I've got a ton of texture and I attribute that to the fact that I started coloring my hair when I was 15 years old.  anyone remember Sun In?  my natural color is dark brown and I went to the beach with some family friends over the summer and came back with orange hair. eleven bottles of Sun-In later my dad sent me to the salon to have it professionally corrected.
Baker playing with a toy camera while we waited on breakfast:
"smaal JOWEE! kahkar, smaall! (smile jolie! Parker, smile!)
you want canneee?!" (you want candy??!)

while getting ready for the day Parker is always right under my feet.
Parker: mom, do I look pretty?
me: SO pretty. 
Parker: okay, well, you look pretty too, mom! just a little bit, tho..
it didn't take long for Baker to get on board with the bodily functions..
anytime Baker smells something gross she always blames it on me.  always.  
thanks, Jordan.

Parker complains about wedges ALL THE TIME. 
mom. I have wedgies all the time. how can we correct this?

I hate baths. I really want to love them. but I just cannot bring myself to enjoy a bath. no amount of bubbles + bombs can get me into the tub.  we've lived in this house for over 5 years and I have yet to get in the tub for anything more than a photoshoot of my pregnant belly.

Baker: I'm hungry!
Me: what would you like for dinner, Baker?
Baker: ummmmmm.. 
Baker: RANCH!

Parker: mom. do you have kids?
Dad: I've got four kids!
Parker:  whoa. why?

I could throw myself into a wall to make the repeated "mom mom mom mom mom mommy mommy MOMMMMYYY" STOP.  it comes with the territory of having a litter of children, but omg.
just saying.
Parker is very particular about how she wants her hair done these days.  there is always a discussion about how she will wear it and if their isn't I pay for it after the fact.  
Parker: mom- I want a clip in my hair. Just one clip, mom. NO PONY. I want to look beautiful mom. 
me: like this, Parker? 
Parker: yes. high five, mom. 

Jolie: when I get big I'm just gonna wear all your clothes, kay?
..and when I get big I don't wear underwear like you, mom.  KAY?
we use the "OK to wake clock" to give the kids the alert when its okay to come out of bed. its set for 7:15am and the twins push the limit on it nearly every morning
Jolie: mom- that green light is taking too long.
me: Jolie, the green light isn't on, so you are supposed to be in bed still until it comes on.
  Jolie: well, obviously its broke. so you're just going to have to get me my chocolate milk now. 

Jolie: we watched a lot of shows today. I feel like it's time to go outside. 

Parker counting to her fingers and toes..
"I have four fingers and ten toes!"

frustrated with Parker for throwing a fit over who knows what..
I don't even know who you are when you act like that. 
Parker: I AM Parker Jane, MOM!! 

we have a behavioral clip chart hanging on the laundry room door (like this one!). the idea is that each child's clip moves from a color when behavior is changed.. our amazing nanny is about to graduate with her degree in elementary education and she made it for the girls when she was coming several days a week.  after the first week of using it Parker was explaining the concept to me:
mom. where is you clip? I'm going to make you one. so that when you be mean to us you have to move you clip to the BRAT page.  
bedtime is a collaborative effort. Jordan and I usually divide and conquer and often times our goodnight kisses and hugs overlap.  I walked into Baker + Jordan singing their usual "Jesus loves me" before bed and I laid down next to Baker to snuggle her.  she gave me a quick squeeze of my neck and looked me square in the face and said
"can you get out?"


Five on Friday

baker's first week if preschool!
Baker had the BEST week!  she started a Mother's Day Out program at a church up the street from our house and oh my goodness I am so excited for her this year!  Tuesday and Thursday from 9a-2pm Baker will be in a classroom with about 12 other kiddos her age to grow and play with.

she loved carrying in her "pack-pack" and her purse (lunchbox).. she talked about her teachers and playtime and most of all about eating "MAH WUNCH!" sweet girl gets nervous at drop off and cries when I leave, but just a few minutes after I'm gone her sweet teacher, Miss Autumn, is sending me happy pictures of our Baker girl.
bows // clip // shortalls // tank onesie // sneakers (similar)

 her nervous habit- hands in her mouth.
by day two this week she had the routine down for the morning and was off to her second day of school.  love this girl and I'm excited to watch her grown and change this year! 
first taste of fall!
my favorite time of the year is HERE!
I'm as basic as it gets when it comes to the fall season- right down to my coffee!  I try to stick to the lower cal options at Starbucks, and usually go with the skinny caramel macchiato, but this time of year I get picky when I order!  I'm not a PSL kind of girl, just too sweet for my taste, I suppose, but I do LOVE salted caramel mocha! I got a ton of questions about how I order my coffee drink after I posted this to my IG stories! I ordered it with skim milk, no whip cream, and sub out the regular for sugar free mocha syrup! AND my shirt is from Albion fit!  its long enough to cover my rear when I wear leggings and the thumb holes are everything this time of year! I actually bought this tee when I was pregnant with Brady last Fall and was excited to pull it out for the chilly mornings we've been having. find the exact top HERE and more colors HERE.
use code MASSEYA15 for 15% off your purchase!
one hundred.
I hit 100 check-ins this week at camp gladiator! that means I have completed 100 hours of butt busting workouts over the last year or so and I have never felt so amazing in my life!  they kinda make it a 'big deal' when you have your 100th check in and all I have to say is that there was WAY too much excitement going on at 5:30am that morning!
fall fashion
AGAIN.  another reason why this time if year is my FAVORITE.  the clothes!!  working at Stitch Fix,  I love all the clothes..but the fall and winter apparel are AMAZING and those are my favorite Fixes to style. from cardigans to booties to sweaters to flannels!  I got my Fix this week (I styled myself!) and it was filled with a bomber jacker, flannel with elbow patches (!!!) and the coolest moto leather leggings evaa.
these zoey sunnies from DIFF landed on my doorstep this week and, y'all.. I have about 6 pairs from DIFF and while I love all of them THESE are my favorite!  a good friend mentioned that they look like fall and I 100% agree!! you can use code AMBER25 at checkout to get 25% off a pair for yourself!
sunnies // flannel
ALSO. I feel like I'm living with the CAPS LOCK on because I just cannot get over how amazing all the fall drops have been!  I got these sweet little digs for Brady this week from Zara and I'm obsessed!!  
festive jams
last but not least.. its September, which means it completely appropriate to pull out the halloween jams.  happy Friday, folks!  go on and get a little festive!  


the road trip that didn't happen..

well, we made it to Gurdon, Arkansas. population 2000. 
I had grand plans for an amazing Nashville trip recap this week.  we left for Memphis TN last thursday to stay one night and then on to Nashville for the rest of the weekend.
we didn't make it. 
the weather man had been talking about residual rain from Harvey but we didn't anticipate it completely ruining our time in Tennessee so we packed up the kids and dropped them with BB and Papa before heading out. we were abut 5 hours and three pitstops into the roadtrip, just crossed over the Texas-Arkansas border and all hell broke loose.  the car started sputtering/stalling out and the "check engine" light started flashing.  we pulled over.. confused and concerned because what the heck was happening with our car?! we sat on the side of the road in hopes to let the car cool off a little and maybe it would let us get to a place where we could get it checked out.. because there was nothing where we were.
we drove a few more miles up the road and finally were forced to pull into a gas station that legit looked like there wasn't a soul in site.
..and then it started to rain.
..and whatever at&t cell tower was in or around this area blacked out.  literally.
so lets recap.
no phone. no internet. no CAR. and we didn't exactly know where we were at. we ran into the desolate gas station/truck stop and thank goodness there was someone behind the register!  we asked her if she could point us in the right direction for finding a place that we could get our car looked at and she casually pointed to the shop that was in the same parking lot as the store. which also happened to be connected to a restaurant. 
we pulled our car into the shop and the sweet young guys gave it a look over.. thought it could be the battery and then also thought it could be a sensor.. they had to call someone with a computer to come and hook the car up, so we waited and waited.  Gurdon is about 30-45 minutes from the next town over in both directions, so there was a lot of waiting that day.
I checked "pumping in a truck stop" off my bucket list and we went to see about getting some lunch.  still no cell service or internet at this point, but we were able to use our waitress' cell phone (thanks, verizon!) to call Jordan's dad.  we were on the phone with him when the tower blacked out and the last he had heard was that we were having car trouble.
so we sat.  and sat.  ate a grilled cheese and a fried pie..
the cell tower booted up again around hour 4 of waiting (YAS!) and then waited some more.
by the time hour six rolled around they had finally hooked the car up to a computer and determined that one of the sensors was firing incorrectly. OKAY. so there is still hope!  they assured us that they could fix the car, but wouldn't be getting a part until maybe the next day.  maybe?? at that point we started trying to figure out if we were going to have the car towed to a dealership about 35 miles up the road or if we were going to stay put until the next morning and let them fix it.
oh and there happened to be a motel, albeit creepy AF, but there was some place to stay if we needed it.  we talked to my mom, who was a life saver in all this helping us with hotel rooms (she works for Marriott).  we cancelled all our plans for Memphis and eventually decided that our trip money was probably going to car repair.. so Nashville was off, for now.

SUPER bummed, and I might have shed a tear, we started up the car in hopes that we would be able to limp the car down the road back towards home.  the car would run, just not very well.
UNTIL we started driving.  nothing.  no check engine light.  no shuttering.  no stalling.
so we risked our chances over paying $500 to tow the car and drove about an hour back to a hotel my mom had helped us book last minute.
the car didn't make a peep.  
as we laid in our hotel room that night, still licking our wounds over the fact that the entire trip had been ruined, we watched the news reporting tornado warnings in Memphis.  and the next story was flash flooding in downtown Nashville.  I woke the next morning to a text from my mom saying that the hotel we were supposed to stay at in Nashville was evacuated and flooded.. the roads we were supposed to take were nonexistent at the moment.
if we would have made it to Tennessee we would have been stuck there for a hot minute!
we took the scenic route home and made a stop in Canton for first Monday trade days (basically the best flea market you'll ever go to.. and it happens just once a month) and made it home to these precious babies.
have you ever have one of those moments when you don't see the blessing in those exact moments,  but as it all rolls out before your eyes you kinda go "okay, Jesus.. I see you."
He totally took care of us on this one.  I was bummed about the car, which by the way has yet to even flash an engine light, but the trip wasn't going to happen either way.
SO.. instead we spent the weekend at home with the babes.  we didn't have 'plans' because we weren't even supposed to be here, so it was low key and enjoyable with my favorite people.  we hit up the nephew's bday party on Saturday afternoon where we were reunited with Jolie, Parker, Baker, and Brady. Baker wouldn't leave my lap and I wasn't mad about it! we finished off the weekend with the last swim of the summer, ordered pizza and the kids crashed early because they were zonked! church on Sunday + brunch at our favorite spot then an afternoon outside while daddy threw some chicken on the grill.  after Brady was down for the night we popped in The Lion King and snugged up with popcorn and theater candy before bed.

I took an unexpected hiatus from the blog the last couple weeks.. my plan was to get through my last week of work, come back after our trip without kids with loads of blog content and feeling refreshed. but the truth is, we are still living out of suitcases that never even saw said 'vacation' and my house looks like a tornado casually dropped in. life sometimes gets in the way of our best laid plans. and it sucks and its so annoying and I find myself the most anxious when things just aren't going my way.
but we came back and were greeted with the best weekend ever.  if only I could get myself and all these kids unpacked! best part about unpacking for a trip you didn't take is that there us way less laundry to be done..?

I say yes!


five on Friday

its FRIDAY!!  I slept in until 7am this morning + woke to a bed full of babies, so I would say its off to an amazing start.  we don't have a ton of plans this weekend.. a family birthday party/dinner on Saturday afternoon but other than that we are just laying low.  J is at the fire station so we may bring the toddler party to him!

one of THE COOLEST toys we have ever had. I was introduced to Camp Castle through an acquaintance on Instagram (I love that place) and I was floored at the quality and detail of this mat when it arrived. I am OBSESSED!  I have been watching my girls play on this mat for hours since it hit our doorstep and I think you guys should totally get in on this goodness, too. they are working hard to get their brand up and running for a final release around Christmas (perfect timing!!) its 100% wipeable surface with a matte texture (no pet hair!) and a grippy backing to keep it from sliding all over the place while the girls play.  it pretty much has a permanent place in our entry way, but when its time to pick it up, I just roll it up and stick it in the hall closet until we are ready to play with it again!

two. amazing giveaways over on the 'gram!
its been a busy week! I have partnered with two awesome brands to bring you a couple fun giveaways over on my Instagram page. enter HERE for your chance to win one amazing swim suit of your choice from Albion Fit (I'm wearing this top in a size XS and these bottoms in a size small!) I'll announce the winner on Saturday, but in the meantime use code: MASSEYA15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase! 
the other giveaway is for a 4 moms mamaRoo4!!  4 moms is launching their new mamaRoo4, but also their collaboration and commitment to the non-profit project sweet peas, supporting families that have experienced a stay in the NICU.  I'll be selecting a winner today, but you still have time to enter + nominate a NICU mama HERE.

three. SAHM status
I mentioned in my post earlier this week that I'll be a staying home with the kiddos.. actually working from home as a stitch fix stylist, but not having a commute and being home with the girls and Brady.  I've had some (major) anxieties about it because I have always worked outside the home, but we have been praying for a long time about how we would make this work.. and finally its come to the point for us to pull the trigger.  my last day is next week and I'm both nervous and excited!  I will also be able to devote more time to the blog.. and have been working with Kate Handling Creative  for a major overhaul and new design, so stay tuned for that update, soon!! 

four. sister girls
the cutest thing ever has been happening in our house for about a week. Baker moved into a "big girl bed" a couple weeks ago and she's been doing an awesome job sleeping in her room!  
we have been reading books together in Parker + Jolie's room at night before bed and one night last weekend Baker asked to "stay" while she was snuggled up in Jolie's bed.  Jordan has been talking about Baker eventually wanting to sleep in the room with the twins, but I didn't think that would ever happen..but I was totally wrong.  Jordan called it!  Baker has been sleeping on the floor of the twins room on her crib mattress that we had stored in her closet after replacing it with her twin size mattress. the most adorable thing ever.. and now I'm contemplating moving a bed into the twins room for Baker?? we are in the middle of making a 'big girl' space for her in her room, but we actually still have the other twin size bed that the twins used stored in the garage.. maybe I'll set that up, too?

me and my honey are heading to Nashville next week.. just the two of us!  we are road tripping and stopping for a night in Memphis for some amazing BBQ and then heading to spend a handful of days in downtown Nashville.  I've got a list going for places to see + yummy food to eat, but if you've been there or live there, send all your recs my way!!  I am so excited for this trip! 

happy Friday, ya'll!  I hope everyone has had an awesome week.. lets hop into this weekend asap!


Brady Jordan | 5 months

five whole months!   this little guy is literally the light of our world at the moment and we couldn't be more in love with his contagious smile, happy eyes, floppy ears, chubby cheeks, and uber squishy thighs!  lots of growing and changing this month! 
W H A T ' S N E W
  • reaching out/grabbing and holding onto things.  Brady is so interested in everything and is very alert and exploring and touching everything around him. the moment I lay him down on the floor or changing table he's immediately reaching for something/anything to grab onto. Brady has noticed my jewelry and plays with my necklace and earrings whenever I'm holding or nursing him and its just so sweet!
  • we ALMOST have a rolling babe!  he will roll from tummy to back during tummy time,  but hasn't mastered the back to tummy, yet.
  • noticing his hands, feet, etc. Brady's feet and hands are his favorite toy right now.  he has been grabbing his feet for for about a month, but never really started 'using' them to his advantage- Brady rocks back and forth while holding both of his feet- and will give it a good swing to help push himself on over to laying on his side.
  • Brady has a super strong core.  he will stand holding my fingers and sit/lean in my lap. he holds himself really well in the little bumbo seat and I think with a little more practice he will be sitting soon.  I cant believe we are already to that point!  he was just born like three days ago..
  • teething!  drool.slobber.everywhere.  there are no visible signs of teeth, but his little gums are swollen here and there on occasion.  he's also been a bit more fussy and will tear toys and teethers from his mouth while bitting down pretty hard.  I'm tempted to try the amber necklaces- truthfully I am skeptical, but I have close friends that swear by them. recommendations? 
  • we went to the church nursery for the first time this month!  he has been doing amazing.. and has been asleep every time I come to pick him up at the end of service. such a snuggly babe with his teachers.
  • we got our first cold this month.  it was terrible to seen him not feeling well.  it lasted about four days before I decided to take him to the pediatrician because there was SO much snot and zero sleep for anyone.  he ended up having an ear infection. 
  • getting upset/excited when we leave/enter the room. Brady is the most social baby of all four of my kiddos. I've noticed his face lights up when his sisters enter the room or his line of sight- he especially loves them. he wants to be in the mix of everything all the time- so when we leave Brady gets upset or starts to holler loudly, depending on what he's doing or his mood. 
  • he's rarely called by his name.  most of the time we call him "bud" or "buddy"
  • he is totally teething and blowing raspberries is new this month.
  • Brady is still in size 2 diapers.. although I just bought a box of 3's, wearing mostly 3-6 months and 6 months clothes. we took him to the pedi just for a weight check and he weighed in at a beefy 16 pounds 11 ounces.

LOVES to snuggle!  he is such an amazing snuggler.  he snuggles up in the nape of my neck when he's sleepy and throws his arm around me should as if he was hugging me.  omg I love it.
LOVES his sisters. Like, a lot.  A lot, a lot.
LOVES Mickey Mouse.  the girls watch a couple Disney shows in the morning and Brady usually snuggles up with one of the twins to watch, too!  he particularly likes Goofy:)
LOVES the mamaroo... which I different from the girls because they all hated it.
LOVES to swing his toys back and forth to see if they make noise.  the louder the better!
LOVES to eat!!
LOVES to hold hands while we rub his head
LOVES to be carried and sleep in the solly wrap
HATES when we walk away.
HATES the carseat- but only about 30% of the time these days- we moved Brady out of the infant carseat and into a convertible carseat (the maxi-cosh pria 70) earlier this month and its been a game changer.  he's sitting comfortably and more upright allowing him to see the twins sitting in the back row.  those three carry on the entire time we are in the car and its hilarious!  so he doesn't cry so much which makes trips to run errands so much easier.

I'm still exclusively breastfeeding when I am home and he gets three 6 ounce bottles of breast milk during the day when I am at work.  Brady sleeps and eats and plays around the same time every day.  3 hours is normal between feedings, eating about 5-7 times every day.  the usual 'scheduled' feedings: 6-7am every morning when he wakes and then 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm-8pm before going down for the night.  MOST of the time we hit this schedule pretty well- and I like the stick to it pretty strictly during the week because I feed him before I leave in the morning for work and occasionally get home in time to feed him at the 4pm bottle. if not I nurse him before bed.  
bib // seat
while I didn't totally plan on starting him on solids yet, we did try some single grain cereal this month and have been practicing his motor skills with banana oatmeal for the last couple weeks. he's getting about a 1/4 of a cup mixed with 3 or 4 ounces of warmed breast milk before bedtime. Brady is definitely showing a clear interest in food, watching us eat and reaching for cups, bowls, spoons, etc.  so I'm excited to see how he does with the solid food.  I did a modified BLW with Baker and strict purees with Parker and Jolie and I think I am going to do a healthy mix of both with Brady.  not true baby led weaning but I will offer him soft foods as the time comes, but will start with purees that I plan to make homemade:). why I'm feeling so ambitious, I have no idea.

P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T
this sweet boy LOVES to play.  he loves the play mat and he will lay there for a good 30 minutes at a time (with a full belly) and play with the hanging toys and chatter off at the music and lights. I have gotten good at getting the house straightened up and my breakfast and coffee made during that time in the morning.  its perfect because it allows everyone to slowly wake up before the business of the day sets in. Brady's interaction with his sisters has become more and more these days.  the moment they come around Brady is all smiles, cooing and babbling in response to their silly faces. the big girls are always close by and love to play with Brady.
for the most part everything goes straight to his mouth- we have a few favorite toys, and love basically anything that makes noise!  if it doesn't make noise, Brady is slapping it on the counter or table or even on himself.  he has really taken a liking to his longhorn wubby- he doesn't suck on the pacifier (he could care less about them..) but he chews on the feet and loves to play with it, especially while we are in the car. Parker did the same thing with her monkey wubby and I eventually cut the pacifier off the thing and she carried it around like a little stuffed animal. 
S L E E P 
well, we survived the 4 month sleep regression!  I feel like we are finally getting back on a good sleep routine/schedule with Brady.  he still has some rough nights when I can't seem to get him off the boob, BUT for the most part we are making strides and having some really great sleep!  since adding in cereal to his evening routine, I bumped his bedtime to about 7:30pm. I feed him oats when the girls eat dinner so they are all on the same routine for bedtime.  I mentioned HERE in my typical day in the life that if I'm solo he's not usually down until closer to 8pm because I like to get the girls in bed first. Brady will usually sleep from 7:30pm until about 3-4am.. he starts stirring and moving around and most of the time one of us has to go in there to comfort him.  if he doesn't nurse then he's up by 6:30am to eat and if he does eat then he's asleep until closer to 7:30-7:45am.
last night I actually watched Brady self soothe on the monitor. I had literally just laid my head on the pillow to go to sleep and I heard him fussing over the monitor.  I just laid there a second and he talked to himself in the dark for about a half a minute and then he was back to sleeping soundly.
we started practicing crib naps last month and he's gotten so great at them!!  
he usually naps twice a day for about 2 or 3 hours.  depending on what the he's up for the day, his morning nap is 9am-10am and will last about 2 hours.  his afternoon nap usually falls in line with Baker's around 1pm and that one is longer.. sometimes 3 hours.  maybe he'll be an awesome napper like Baker. I can only hope for that! 

looking at pictures from last month.. oh brother!  your have grown so much!!  I cannot believe how big you are getting and how fast time is flying.  I could probably say that this has been my favorite stage with you.. but last month was my favorite and I know that 6 months will be my baby JAM.. so lets just go ahead and state the obvious, you are pretty awesome, Big B.  
we still gush over about everything you do.. the girls love to make you smile and laugh and when you talk to Baker she just gets so excited.  your little boy personality is really shining through these days- especially when you have the attention of those sister girls.  like.. limbs flailing around happy.. and if any of us make eye contact and say your name its never without a big ol' grin!  speaking of grins- you are smiling so much these days!  and when you do, it is adorable: your eyes crinkle, your mouth opens in a huge grin, and then you immediately turn your head to the side and bury it into whatever is near. such a little flirt!  those girls can really get you going with the belly laughs and the screeches and squeals.. they are just too much!  I sit with a constant smile on my face watching you grow and change everyday.. especially when it comes to the love that explodes between you and your sisters. life doesn't get much better than this.
time is blowing by I am doing my very best to savor these fleeting moments with you. I love spending time together.. even if its in the middle of the night because I don't get those moments back, buddy.
speaking of that nickname.. yours seems to be sticking, Bud.  and I love it.  you answer to "Brady" but also when someone acknowledges you as "Bud" you respond to that, too! 
 your eyes and smile are contagious and you can basically hear the joy coming off your face.  you are so silly and literally have us in giggles most of the day.  if there is a toy, book, food within arms reach you will stop at nothing to get it.. rolling your way around to it until you've got it in your mouth. 
so often we hear how you are 'Baker's twin' but really over this last month you have completely come into your own self- you are Brady.  JUST Brady.  
your sweet gentle little voice.
baby bird hairs.
chuuuuby cheekies.
monster thighs
and those pretty doe eyes.
definitely one of a kind.  there is absolutely no one like you, baby boy.

5 M O N T H P H O T O D U M P
so many pictures!!

striped sleeper // flower jams

hat // swim suit


jammies // stroller

hat // tee // shorts // dress


wrap carrier

scarf bib // romper

crib sheet // romper


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