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HF4F 8.31.12

Hi Friday!  This sleepy-eyed girl is so excited to see you again.  I need a nap.

As always, I'm linking up with Lauren @ FMGD.

1.)  I've been listening to the Maroon 5; Hands All Over CD (LOVEing it right now.) on my way (45 minutes) home from work everyday for the past two weeks.  Any time the song 'I Can't Lie' comes on, both babies start to move around- I like to think they are dancing in my belly:) This morning while I was getting ready for work, this song came on through my Pandora radio and lo and behold- the movement began.  It is so funny, and I can't help but smile about it.  Totally makes my day. 

2.)  Jordan and I made our first purchase(s) for the girls this week:)  All I have to say is that we are in big trouble.  It isn't just me.  Jordan made the comment last night while I was looking like a beached whale on the sofa that he is SO excited we are having two girls.  The thought of having boys is beyond him at the moment and he wants nothing more than to hold our sweet Parker Jane and Jolie Grace.  Not to say boys are out of the works for the future- but right now, he is totally smitten with thoughts of girlie things.

3.) I went and got my hair done this week!  I was deperate to go, my ends were split and roots were making their proud appearance- I had pushed out my appointment date a couple more weeks so that I had it done right before I go homebound (read on to # 5).  I LOVE getting my hair done.  I walked out of the salon feeling like a brand new elephant woman.  ApparentlyI'm having body issues this week. 

4.) I made this yummy dinner-3-Cheese French Bread Pizza with Chicken Sausage and Kale.  Last night, my sweet and me enjoyed it for a living room pizza picnic.   Recipe up on Chocolate Broccoli next week!

5.) My number 5 for this week's high five is semi bittersweet. Bittersweet because on this day, the 31st of August, marks my last day of work for oh, about.. 6 months.  My homebound status starts officially on Tuesday (09/04) of next week as that is the start of my third trimester- what?  How can that be?  This (double) baby making business has all gone by too quickly.  I've enjoyed pregnancy more than I expected to, and am really looking forward to my time at home- being able to spend great time with Jordan will be much needed before Parker and Jolie arrive- and also, I know I'll be safe and taking it easy for the last couple months of my pregnancy- per my doctor's orders.  I forget how busy I am during a normal day, and I pay for it at the end of the day when I can hardly move off the couch and I'm washing my face and brushing my teeth for bed at 8:30pm because I can't fathom staying up any longer.  For all these reasons, I am excited to be home!  But- this morning I was sad, really sad.  Simply because today I'll be doing a lot of things for the 'last time' for awhile.  Driving to work for the last time, scanning my badge for the last time, logging into my computer for the last time. I am getting teary-eyed to think that I'm not going to be in this regular routine for the next 6 months.. this routine that I've been training someone else to do for the last three weeks to stand in as the Executive Health Program's Registered Dietitian until I return in February, rather than that familiar face be me.  I see her implementing her own (excellent) RD skills and creating new handouts- so proactive, but it is simply driving me bananas- I have to remind myself that she is not me, and for the next 6 months or so, her way will be different than my way.  Not wrong.  Just different.  I am very thankful for the fact we found someone that fits the bill to fill my shoes, and so I focus on that simple blessing, rather than the fact that she is going to be doing my job- MY job- for the time being.  Yesterday, as I was cleaning out and organizing some of my things, I attempted to put away some of my picture frames into my cabinet.  They stayed there for all of 3 minutes before I pulled them back down again.  I just could not do it. Why is this so hard? I should be screaming yippee! and jumping for joy at the thought of a break..and extended vacation, so-to-speak.   But, I'm not.

Ask me on Monday and I'll probably be fine.  But, ask me today and you might get a pitiful pregnant woman standing in front of you with crocodile tears running down her face. 

So, don't ask me today.  I spend too much unecessary time on my makeup at 5am in the morning to be crying all day.


23 Weeks

How far along? 23 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: 19 pounds (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)  Steady gaining 1-2 pounds/week.
Maternity clothes? Full maternity- although I'm finding every which way to make myself the most comfortable I can be.  I'm measuring about 4-5 weeks ahead due to the fact that I have two babies rather than just a singleton- and my belly just seems to get in the way of it all.  Jordan made the comment last night that we should get a couple more tank tops or sleep shirts that fit a little better- and I sweetly explained that would be pointless due to the fact that all that is growing is this bump.  I've found that Gap tanks fit my growing belly pretty well- they are much longer than the ones from Target.  I'll be able to wear these through my entire pregnancy.  The tank I had on from Target last night kept riding up over my belly.. Didn't stop me from wearing it tho..
Stretch marks? None.  Using my coconut oil 2-3 times/day- it helps to moisturize and keeps me from itching too much.  Someone told me that scratching at my crazy iching belly actually causes stretch marks- I personally think they were told wrong, and ignore that comment while happily scratching at my belly like a dog with his ears:)
Sleep: Ugh.  Dreaded.  You can 100% tell I am sleep deprived in that belly photo above.  Some nights it is great.  Even though I'm up 4-5 times to make a trip to the bathroom, I still fall back to sleep rather quickly.  Other nights I am up.all.night.  I find that on these nights I will sleep for 30 to 45 minutes at a time and then somehow wake up nauseated due to the fact that I'm laying on my right side or on my back.  I've ended up on the couch a couple times after 2 hours of thrashing around in my bed with discomfort.  Blah.  Sunday last weekend was spent sleeping all day long after a sleepless night on Saturday.  Much needed before heading back to work on Monday.
Best moment this week:  We were at Northpark for dinner last weekend and stopped into babyGap and Janie and Jack to browse.  We ended up picking out some sweet little outfits for our baby girls- we had yet to purchase anything for them, so this was a first.  I came home and layed them out on the floor of the painted nursery and teared up a little to think about the fact that they will be wearing these tiny oufits, soon.  Makes me tear up right right now..!
Miss Anything? At this point, I continue to miss sleeping through the night.  Other than that I'm pretty content.  I occasionally look at my large closet full of clothes I can't wear in disgust, but then I remember how uncomfortable they are for me right now, and that missing moment passes quickly.
Movement: Yea buddy- all the time.  I feel them on both sides, and then randomly right in the dead middle of my lower belly.  I wonder which one that might be..   
Food cravings: Peanut butter toast- with banana or not. Fruit of all kinds, dry cereal every night, and of course- Sonic ice.  If you want to throw in a Diet Limeade in there with that ice, I'm good with that, too:)  Speaking of lime.. can someone please figure out a safe way to include a super sour margarita into my preggo diet?  With lots and lots of salt.  Random, yes- It is not like I would have tons of tequila pre-pregnancy, just on occasion. But lately it is all I can think about. 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Just laying on my right side or my back.  I have found that I can't even lean on my right side while watching tv or reading without feeling a bit blah..
Gender:  My girls!!
Labor Signs: Nope   
Symptoms: Discomfort.  Congestion.  Just plain sleepy (mostly because I sleep just about 3 hours a night.)
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy girl- This week I've had no major mood swings or teary episodes.  You can ask Jordan.. he'll agree with me:)
Looking forward to: This weekend! Jordan and I are celebrating with a stay-cation:)  My OB doesn't want me anywhere outside of the metroplex, and with my prescribed homebound status starting Monday, we wanted to do something fun beforehand.  Since we just moved into our new house, we decided it would be fun to have dinner out every night, lay by the pool, and watch movies in our PJ's all weekend, enjoying our new home and each other.  We picked up the cribs last weekend, too- and hopefully we will put them together this weekend, too!  I've been looking forward to this weekend for months!        


A Surprise Baby Shower

Last week my sweet co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower in honor of these sweet girls.  Normally, once a month on this particular day we have a department meeting, so I thought nothing of it for the physicians to be sticking around after seeing their patients. 

But apparently this has been in the works for about a month, formal invites were passed around and everyone was able to sneak in their wrapped gifts- all oblivious to me.  Seriously- how did I not catch on?

I seriously had no clue.. as you can tell by the rather embarrassing look on my face. My boss was so sweet, and started to tear up after the hormonal tears started flowing on my part.  Thank you for not getting that on camera. 

They decorated the board room pretty with pink, coral, and peach.  The board room door is about 4 feet from my desk- and I completely missed all the commotion going on in that room.
 Lunch was served and I sat at the head next to all my prezzys.  I say my prezzys.. but they are really for Parker and Jolie... but since they aren't here, I gladly accept them:)
Time to open presents! These babies were spoiled!  The top right corner picture- I was a bit confused.  The hospital administrator over our department gave a whole supply of goodies- including these window shades- at first glance I wasn't sure what I was pulling out! 

Our precious CT Tech, Tammy gave the Diaper Genie.. but not just any Diaper Genie- the limited edition 2- pails-in-one!  We all got a good laugh out of that- Jordan and I will need it, for sure!
Baby giraffe and zebra rattles.  I'm obsessed with the baby giraffes.  Seriously so precious!  I saw this stuffed baby at BRU and decided that I must have two- one for each girl.   As the obsession started here.  Whit did so good with these super cute rings for the girls.
Of course- my girls will be in style.  Look at these shoooooes!!  So cute.

(Excuse the major cheesy smiles)
 My boss had these cloth backpacks made as her gift to the girls.  They are embroidered with personalization: Jolie Grace and Parker Jane.  Love!

It was a GREAT day!  Especially after my rather grumpy day on Tuesday, this was a great way to brighten up my week on Wednesday.  I love my job, I love my boss, I love my co-workers.  Seriously, work cannot get any better than this.  I am thankful to be blessed with such rich relationships with these people- we are a rather small department (Director, 2 Medical Physicians, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, and Administrative Assistant) so we have become quite close knit.  I don't know what I would do without the incredible understanding of each one of them about my future leave of abscence due to bedrest and babies!  Going homebound next week makes my heart heavy to think I wont be sitting next to some of my favorite people everyday for the next 6 months (homebound + maternity leave). 

But they can't get rid of me for the whole time I'm gone.  I will be at home with complete access to my email and absolutely nothing to do- I'll be harrassing from the comforts of my couch:)   They'll expect nothing less.


High Five For Friday: 8.24.2012

This week has been a blur of moving, un-packing boxes, furniture placement, and 4:15am alarms.  Oh, yea- I have a commute to work, now.  It is only about 35 minutes- enough time for me to listen to the news or bounce to Jeremy Camp and drink my coffee.  But when my first client enters the door around 7:15am I need to be here early.  I have taken advantage of the fact that for the past year I have lived 0.8 miles from my work- which means it took  me longer to walk to the garage to get into my car that is did to drive to work.  Plus, I've been to work early all week long (this does not happen, ever.)- making it easier for me to hit the door around 3:30pm to make it home before traffic.  Anyway- through all the long days of sleepiness and un-packing, this week has been a good one.. although I am so very thankful for the weekend that lies ahead.

Linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk!
1.)  I pre-registered at the hospital this week- makes it a little more real now.  Half the time I forget I'm pregnant with two babies in my belly.  And then I drop my pen or something like that, and watching my attempt to bend down to retrieve it is quite humorous. 

2.)  Every day after work I've come home to enjoy peanut butter and banana toast.  It is so good- and I've recently discovered this dark chocolate variety, and even though I'm not the biggest chocolate-lover on earth (probably the only women alive to have ever made this statement.) this chocolate peanut butter is delicious- and pairs wonderfully with banana:)

3.)  Our new cable set up includes the movie channels (courtesy of my sweet husband due to the fact I will be home for the next three months with nothing to do but watch movies..) and last night one of my all time favorite movies was on- Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken.  It has been over 12 years since I've seen it last- so I was simply elated to watch it cozy in my bed while eating my chocolate peanut butter and banana toast.  Jordan was at the fire station yesterday, so I watched all kinds of girly movies on encore Woman- lol.

4.) Wednesday officially marked the day that I completed my seemingly never-ending task of unboxing our things.  It felt so good to have nothing to do last night- after three plus weeks of coming home from work and either cleaning, packing, or un-packing right up until bedtime.  My girly movies were well deserved!

5.)  My sweet department at work surprised me with a baby shower:)  I was so surprised and excited to see all the pink boxes and bags for my sweet girls.  My director catered in lunch, and instead of our monthly board meeting, we enjoyed punch, cheese, fruit and veggie trays, chicken, and veggie quesadillas.. oh and a huge cake.  The cakes catered through the hospital are pretty good, so I enjoyed a slice- with lots of frosting!  I always make my call of the corner piece.  Pictures to come next week!

It was a good week, but I just have one word to say- TGIF.  Not really a word.. but letters.. so I technically have 4 letters for you.  Looking forward to enjoying my weekend- we have no plans tonight, Spaghetti and Meatballs are on the menu- yum.  Maybe there will be a repeat of number 3, and I can make Jordan sit through it with me for a second time. 

Have a happy weekend!


22 Weeks

How far along? 22 Weeks 3 days
Total weight gain: 16 pounds (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)   I am still all belly.  I don't just feel like I am bigger everyday- I AM bigger everyday.  Some of the maternity sleep shirts I got a couple months ago are getting shorter and shorter.  It seems as though they will be showing off my rather large midriff soon.   
Maternity clothes? Full maternity- duh.  Although I can still fit in some of my pj pants- just wearing them below my (huge) belly. I am still loving my maternity wardrobe.  I am kind of obsessed over shirts with the side ruching.  I feel more comfortable with my growing bump in tighter fitting clothes. Wearing something too big makes me feel like a cow.  Simply put. 
Stretch marks? None at all- but I have been itching like a mad woman this week.  It started on Monday while wearing some full panel work pants- I thought the panel was just irritating my skin, but oh, no.  It continues.  I scratch all day long.  Still using my coconut oil- which definitely relieves the itching.  I'm thinking of just carrying it along with me in my purse.  Excuse me while I bare my belly and rub some oil on it.  Hope you don't mind..  
Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty soundly this week- but, I confess that the move over the weekend has just about worn me out.  I have been getting in bed late- about 10:30pm (rather than my usual 8:30-9pm routine) and getting up earlier because I now have a commute to work (before the move we lived 0.8 miles from my job..). But, my promise of getting unpacked by this weekend is fulfilled. The house is officially unboxed and done with- this week has made me really ready for the next couple months of being at home.
Best moment this week:  My precious department surprised me with (my first) baby shower/luncheon to celebrate our sweet baby girls.  Everyone stopped in to say hello and grab a bite to eat and have a good belly rub:)  It was such a fun afternoon with my favorite work friends.  Made this emotional preggo very happy.
Miss Anything? Simple comfort.  It takes real effort to sit on the couch- get up from the couch or any other seated position.  What I miss the most?  The ability to have a conversation with someone without getting out of breath.  When I sit up straight or lean forward the belly blocks my ability to breath well.. or something like that.  It is almost amusing the look I get from some of my clients while I counsel them and have to readjust or pause so I can catch my breath.  A couple days ago I was giving a talk about vitamin deficiencies and one of the signs of a particular mineral deficiency being shortness of breath.  I'm saying this as I am having to pause to catch my breath.  Me, the dietitian, educating about proper nutrition and here I am about to die on stage in front of all you people.
Movement: All.Day.Long.  and totally loving every minute of it.
Food cravings: Dry cereal, fruit, plain Greek yogurt, ice.. and a couple new ones this week: frozen grapes- cannot get enough.  And peanut butter and banana toast.  I look forward to my snack when I get home from work.  I ventured out and got some Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter this week.  Whoa.Yum.  Central Market was having a special: Buy one get one free, plus a loaf of bread.  I'm in. Can we say- Impulse buy  
Anything making you queasy or sick:  I can't say that I've been suffering from nausea really at all this week.  I have been good about staying on my left side and when I'm sleeping and end up on my back, it wakes me before I really get to feeling sick.  So- just tired,  not queasy.
Gender:  My girls!!
Labor Signs: Nah.
Symptoms: Discomfort- is that a symptom? My belly gets in the way of everything- that can count as a symptom, too. 
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: This week- I will confess. Moody.  Tuesday in particular was a bad day- Waking up super early, followed by a long commute, combined with horrible traffic related to the fact that the streets were wet from rain started me off on the wrong foot- and the day just continued to progress in this way.  Combined with preggo hormones, my mood festered beyond what it normally would.  I did my best to stay quiet for most of the day as to not snap or say something rudely without the intention- but Jordan sweetly put it that my mood can be told by my the look on my face- Fridge Face as my sweet bestest is known for it.  Jordan texted me yesterday morning teasing to remind me to 'be nice'...
He's got a way with words..
Looking forward to: We are supposed to be getting the cribs in soon! We also got a great furniture piece for the changing table that we want to paint and distress.  I'm looking forward to being home to be 'apart' of these little projects:)  Next Friday is my last day here at work- I must say it is bittersweet, but exciting to think about the months to come.


High Five for Friday 8.17.12

This week has completely gotten away from me- we have been in high speed getting ready for the move and I have hardly the time to think straight.  It is funny- through all this busy-ness and as much as my brain has been spinning, it wasn't hard for me to remember some good things this week for my High Five.

1.) The Packing has Come to an End.  We are offically DONE packing and ready to move tomorrow (Saturday)  I cannot wait to get into the new house, but just wish it was already Sunday- completely bypassing Saturday's work and the long day that is to come.  I actually wont be physically moving much of anything, but I get a little uptight when things are out of order.  Believe it or not, unpacking and trying to find a new place for everything will be fun for me this next week- am I self-admittingly OCD and love to organize. 

2.)  Furniture Shopping Success.  We found a couple of great pieces to go into the new house when we were furniture shopping last week.  LOVE this one in particular.  We also were able to get the perfect sized dresser to go in the girls' room to stand in as a changing table. 

3.)  Happy Anniversary!  Jordan and I celebrated 7 years of marriage this week (August 13th)!  We had a quite dinner out at Johnny Carino's (the fist place he ever took me on a date 10 years ago.) and then came home and watched a movie and ate yummy dessert- Ben and Jerry Greek Yogurt for me and Slow Churned ice cream for Jordan.

4.) Nook.  We decided this year that we were not going to exchange gifts for our anniversary- new furniture, new house keeper, new house- and of course, babies!!  All plenty for the both of us. But, of course- my husband never plays by the gifting rules.  I was surprised with a Nook Tablet from Barnes and Noble for my use while on bedrest until the babies come.  I can't wait to catch up on my long lost love for reading!  Anyone read any good books, lately?

5.)  Sweet Brother.  My parents sent Jordan and I a care package to wish us Happy Anniversary and in the card my youngest (of three) brother was silly- typical teenage boy.  Made for a good laugh between Jordan and me.  Love that kid- miss him so:)

I'll share pictures of the new house and from the move this weekend next week- until then, have a fabulous weekend!

21 Weeks

How far along? 21 Weeks 4 days (with the hectic days of getting ready for the move, we got off track a day late this week!)
Total weight gain: Kind of scared of my home scale.  So, I weighed myself here at work and it seemed appropriate: 16 pounds (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)   I am still all belly.  I feel like I am bigger everyday.  I had someone tell me yesterday that I don't look preggo from behind.  I guess it is like a surprise when I turn to the side- it's like "Oh, hello..!"
Maternity clothes? Full maternity. I am still loving my maternity wardrobe.  I have found some really cute ways to dress up my changing body, and surprised to find all the super cute clothes available now in maternity fashion.  I wore a maternity pencil skirt to work this week- It works.. and I was comfy!  I paired it with one of these SUPER amazing shirts from Pea in the Pod and dressed it up with a colorful scarf.  I love these shirts.  I have almost every color (wearing one in the picture above, and here, and here).  We have already addressed my shopping habit, here- so no need to remind. 
Stretch marks? None at all.  Still using my coconut oil:) 
Sleep: I'm lucky to get 3 consecutive hours.  Mostly just uncomfortable- laying the same way for hours at a time just doesn't work for me.  I can in no way lay on my back- not good for the babies and not good in that fact that I get severly nauseated if I'm on my back for longer than about 5 minutes.  Laying on my right side provides this same it leaves me to my left side only.  I did sleep through the night twice this week- Both nights I slept from 9pm-1am, and then up again at 4am.  That is the longest I've slept since my first trimester! I can probably attribute the better sleep to being so worn out from packing and preparing for the move this weekend.  I haven't been stressed really, just a bit overwhelmed. 
Best moment this week:  I was going to say my best moment(s) were sleeping through the night consecutively this week, but I remembered that Wednesday night after dinner I was laying in bed watching DVR'd Franklin & Bash (we LOVE that show) and I had my hand around my belly- I felt baby Parker bump up against my belly twice in a row- the first time I've felt them with my hand.  Still not feeling them all the time on the outside just yet, but starting to more often and it is really neat.  Poor Jordan always gets there too late, and then they wont move. It's a mean game we have going against daddy:)
Miss Anything? Sleeping through the night. I get envious when I wake up and Jordan tells me he slept like a rock.  Punk.
Movement: I must have jumping baby beans in my belly. I'm feeling both of them move all day long. Like I said before, Jordan can't feel them just yet.  I'm jealous of his sleep, and he is jealous that I can feel our girls.  I guess we balance each other out.  The only difference is that J will be able to feel them soon, and I'll still me stuck with sleepless nights.  
Food cravings: I still eat dry cereal every single night.  My regular Fruit and plain Greek yogurt concoction.  Still craving Starbucks Passion Fruit Tea.  I've been wishing for one on a daily basis- I enjoyed one this morning and it was so refreshing.  Amazing.  Caesar salad.  I'm not typically the Caesar type- but this week we have had it along side our dinner meal 3 times.  Ice- One of the physicians I work with yelled out 'pica' at me when she saw me eating ice with a spoon for the third day in a row.  Ok.. fine. Labs are fine according to my OB, so I'm not worried.      
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Still sufferring from dizziness when I get out of bed too quickly.  I also feel like I'm terribly out of shape.  I had a pretty heavy workout routine pre-pregnancy, so I know I'm not SO out of shape- but walking in from the parking lot to my office I'm dying and practically gasping for breath.  How sad is that?  After walking in this morning I thought I was going to pass out when I finally got to my desk.  I'm also not at all able to lay on my back or on my right side.  All things above make me queasy.  Blah.
Gender:  My girls!!
Labor Signs: Nope!   
Symptoms: Dizziness- blah.  Insomnia- yeesh.  Nose bleeds.  I've has those since the first trimester, but it has been getting to be part of my morning routine.  Not like gushing, but definitely worth a tissue.  All normal according to my preggo books.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy girl- although I've been a bit overwhelmed and stressed with the move we have impending upon us in high speed (Tomorrow!!).
Looking forward to: Moving into our new home!  We are set to move in this Saturday!!  Paint, crown molding, house keepers, carpets cleaned- all done!  We are go time:)  I plan to have the house put together and all things in place by the time I am set to go on bed rest (September 2nd).  If you know me- this is possible.  I'll be done unpacking within 3-4 days, tops.  Bet me.


Little Miss or a Little Mister?

Friday evening was spent with close friends and family of Josh and Jennifer's for the gender reveal of baby Jennings number 2. 

Her sister-in-law, Melanie, and cousin Brooke hosted an adorable themed party for the reveal

These ladies did a great job of dressing up the occasion.  That cake was outstanding- not too sure if it was that good, or if it was because I hadn't had sweets in awhile due to my finicky belly. 

I do recall hearing others 'yum' outloud, too- so it wasn't just me:)
Melanie had a tally running for guests when they walked in the door.  Jordan guessed girl, my guess was for another boy.  Daniel and Brian (Brooke and Mel's hubbies) went to the party store with a sealed envelope for the store employee to fill a box with colored balloons.  Neither Josh or Jenny knew, either!

The Reveal
 It's a little mister!  Boy!  I knew one of these days I would guess right:)
 **Cousins**  Jennifer and I with the hostesses Melanie and Brooke

Wow.  My belly.  I forget how big it has gotten.
Me and my sweet:)  8 foot tall Brian was taking the picture- hence the angle of the shot:)

The Preggos.  Love this girl!

Amber @ 20 weeks carrying twin girls and Jennifer @ 18 weeks with baby boy

Congrats to the Jennings for another baby boy addition to your sweet family.  Another boy!  You will have your hands full, Jenny!  Thanks for letting us be apart of such a fun night to celebrate!  Love you guys!


7 Years Ago

Happy Anniversary to my sweet Jordan.  We have been through a crazy 7 years, but I wouldn't trade anything for what we have today.  You are my very best friend in the whole world and want nothing more than to spend time with you.  I can't wait for what God has in store for our 7th year of marriage- we have twin baby girls on the way.. moving into a new home to raise them in, and simply waiting to fill God's plan for us. 

From the past 4 years of anniversaries- because apparently pictures didn't exist pre-blog circa 2008:) I will say that in 2006 we celebrated our one year anniversary with a cruise!  I wish I had pictures to share with that, but all my pictures are in a scrapbook for safe keeping.  When I went to print them, I couldn't imagine needing a CD of pictures.. what in the world would I need that for? (says the 21 year old Amber without the proper knowledge of how to use the internet just yet..) 

I found this picture while packing the guest room up this week.

Prom 2003- our first year together, and probably still my favorite picture to date. 
(Aside from the fact that I had no eyebrows.  Someone needed to put me in my place about that..)

I love you more than anything, Lou.

 Happy 7 years, lovie.


High Five for Friday 8/10/12

Friday.  It is going to be a good, good day. 

I feel like I repeat myself every week- but really I can't complain.


If I may complain just a smidge about the fact that I don't sleep through the night anymore.. and my afternoons, post 8-hour work day, consists of packing, at home, alone while J is at the new house.. 

I've missed him this week.  BUT..

Today Jordan and I are out and about furniture shopping for the new house (yaay!) and then this evening we will celebrate with Jordan's cousin Josh and his precious wife, Jennifer as they reveal the gender of baby number 2 (due January).  Can't wait to see her and that sweet belly! 

So, after a lonely week, spending time with my sweet today will more than make up for it.

Onto my High Five- aside from the small complaints mentioned above- it has been a fabulous week for me. 

1.) Babies!  We got to see our sweet baby girls this week at our 20 week appointment.  I LOVE getting a chance to take a peek at them- even if I did feel as if I was going to hurl the entire time.  It was worth it to see these wiggle worm babies. 

2.) I heart MAC.  Jordan and I headed for a lunch date post-doctor appointment and made a quick stop into MAC so I could pick up a couple items that needed refilling in my makeup collection.  I call it a collection- but what I really should confess is that I hoard make-up.  If I had millions of dollars I would spend it all on cosmetics and anything related to that field (hair products included.. I hoard that, too).  I was out of my absolute favorite MAC eye shadow: expensive pink.  I've been going crazy without it!  I also picked up a new Shimmer Blush in Style.  More of a coral pink rather than a pink pink (I usually stick with Springsheen).  I heart MAC.  Plain and simple.

3.) Roasted Tomato, Spinach, and Chicken Pesto Panini.  This week my planned dinner meals have been quite simple, for the most part.  Jordan has been getting home pretty late after working at the new house almost everyday, but I still like to have dinner on the table when he gets home.  Since becoming pregnant I have been stuggling with the simple 'excitement' of food.  Food sounds good, I make it, and by the time we sit down for the meal I have completely lost interest.  It is not fun- especially when I love food.  Half the time I have even stopped taking pictures of my completed meals for CB.. which is a complete shock to my hubby.  (Hence the limited recipe posts each week- boo.)  Earlier this week I planned to make chicken paninis for dinner- and I was excited for this meal from start to finish- enjoying every bite:)  It was so yummy.  I think paninis should be in our regular rotations from now on.  My belly is crazy pleased post-panini sammy.   

4.) Grocery Savings. Last week's High Five gave note to my customer appreciation Kroger coupons that I frequently recieve in the mail.  Well- this week's grocery bill was about $40 less than usual thanks to my coupons.  I'm not a coupon clipper by any means- but, I do look through the grocery adds released every Wednesday for sales, but for the most part I buy what I need, on sale or not.. but I do shop at a couple different stores and know what a deal is when I see it.  Between my personal list for groceries, and my client lists of food,  I can officially call myself a professional grocery shopper.  Every little bit helps, and so my savings this past week was definitely worth a high five!

5.) Beth Moore Bible Study.  Approximately 3 weeks from today will mark my last day of work before going homebound for the remainder of my pregnancy (how in the world am I already approaching my last trimester??).  My superb OB/Gyn, Dr. Katrina Walsh, plays it proactively- requiring that her patients carrying multiples go on modified bed rest for the last trimester.  I have been wanting to do a self-led Bible study for some time now, and finally with my future mornings consisting of PJs and (decaf) coffee on our back porch I will have some serious time to spend and really dive into one.  I ordered Beth Moore's 12-week study of Daniel and am more than excited to start!  I have done several of her studies before and love every minute of them- seeing serious growth in my personal walk with Christ.  Her studies come along with (optional) audio or video downloads to go along with the book.  Those are a great addition, too:)

There you have it.  A full week of baby girls, painting, packing, and panini sandwiches (well, one delicious sammy at least..)  Here's to another great week- and a countdown to 'bedrest'.  Can you tell I'm looking forward to being at home? Well, I am:)

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20 Weeks

How far along? 20 Weeks 3 days
Total weight gain: Let me stand corrected.  At our 20 week appointment on Tuesday my OB informed me that I had only gained about 14lbs.  I must be losing it somewhere, or my scale at home is VERY wrong.. (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)   I am still all belly.  I feel like I am bigger everyday.  The past two weeks I have really seen (and felt!) the crazy increase in belly size.   
Maternity clothes? Full maternity. I am loving my maternity wardrobe.   I have fallen in love with the pure comfort of clothes that fit (and show off) my ever growing bump.  I took advantage of a sale at Gap this week and hooked myself up with a couple more of those lovely Pure Body Tanks.  I have a shopping problem- yes.  But these will be so great for layering when the colder weather hits.  Seems so far off seeing that it is 100+ everyday right now.
Stretch marks? None at all.  I received the coconut oil I ordered last week in the mail- and have decided I really like it!  It is super moisturizing- I use it all over after a shower, and again every night before bed on just my belly.  Not greasy at all- and soaks into my skin quickly and leaves no residue on my clothes- even on my PJs when I put it on and go to bed. 
Sleep: I have been reading on message boards (via the many iPhone apps) about women that sleep with 8 pillows..and some even complain that they have to sleep sitting up.  All I can think is how can these women need 8 pillows?  Why is it necessary to sleep sitting up?  Well,  as of this week, I totally understand.  I am still (trying) to get into bed by 9pm every night.  I'll sleep until about 1:30am-2:00am and wake up uncomfortable and needing to pee (duh.) After I get up and do my business, I cannot seem to find a comfortable position to fall back asleep- I'm up for a good 2 hours or so before finally falling back to sleep.  I also am only comfortable sleeping with a pillow under my belly, and one supporting my back.  I forsee I'll be needing more... soon.  I even told Jordan this morning that I might be more comfortable sleeping sitting up.  Sad day.
Best moment this week: Jordan has been obsessed with feeling to girls move.  I mean obsessed.  Every day, every night, every chance he gets he puts his hands on my belly in hopes to feel some movements.  Last Friday night we were laying in bed and as usual he had his hand on my belly-waiting patiently to feel something, anything from one of them.  I was halfway paying attention, eating cereal and watching the olympics when baby on my left kicked so hard- moving Jordan's hand out of place.  We both burst into laughter- neither one of us expected that.  It was so hilarious- Jordan kept demanding my silence so he could maybe feel again, but I couldn't stop giggling.  It was so cool. 
Miss Anything? Sleeping through the night.  I used to look forward to bedtime- but these days I kind of dread it because I know that in a couple short hours I'll be awake again trying to get comfortable to fall asleep.   
Movement: All over the place!  I feel Parker (baby on my left) more that I feel Jolie (baby on my right), but the sonographer told me that Parker is more anterior, and easier to feel than Jolie.  I can feel Jolie, but not all day long like Parker.  When do either of these babies sleep?  They were so very busy during the sonogram- it had Dixie (the sonographer) laughing out loud. 
Food cravings: I still eat dry cereal every single night.  Fruit (Pink Lady apples, red plums, strawberries, purple grapes, and a banana) and (6oz) plain Greek yogurt are on my regular lunch menu- and by regular I mean daily. I've been mixing strawberry protein powder and wheat germ into my yogurt so that my lunch is somewhat substantial for these growing little ones (now that is a dieititan thing to do, now isn't it?). Still craving Starbucks Passion Fruit Tea.  I've been wishing for one on a daily basis.  Ice- still cannot get enough.  I'll suck down my water really quickly so I can hurry up and eat the ice.  I only want ice that has been sitting in a drink for a bit, softens it up.  Probably good for me so I don't break my teeth before the end of this pregnancy.  I have dentist appointment next week- hopefully he wont make me quit me new habit. 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Still sufferring from dizziness when I get out of bed too quickly.  I'm also not at all able to lay on my back- not at all.  I get so light headed, dizzy, and nauseated.  It is so bizarre.  Laying on the table during the sonogram on Tuesday, I ended up having to lay over on my left side because I thought I was going to either pass out or throw up all over the place. Not fun.  I have a feeling that is what wakes me up at night- I feel pretty yucky anytime I get up to go to the bathroom. 
Gender:  Confirmation yesterday that, yes, in fact, there are still two sweet girls in my belly.  We found out so early (at 13 1/2  weeks) with the perinatologist that they were girls, but yesterday Dixie confirmed that she was right.  Well, thank goodness- we have been planning for nothing but girls!!
Labor Signs: Nope!  Although after measurement of my belly on Tuesday, my OB nonchalantly said "Your body thinks you are at 25 weeks, so if contractions start, that is okay."  Wait.  What?? Hold on a second.  She meant Braxton Hicks, but still.  Don't freak me out like that, woman. 
Symptoms: Dizziness- blah.  Insomnia- yeesh.  The congestion I've complained about for a couple months is much better this week.  I'm still hungry most of the time, but I never get the 'empty' hungry feeling- my belly is so full and feels that way all the time. So, if I'm not careful I'll get super hungry and my tummy will end up pretty upset and screaming for food.  Regular meals and snacks are in the works for me.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  After 'passing' our 20 weeks appointment with flying colors I've been beaming since.
Looking forward to: Moving into our new home and getting ready for the months to come.  During my hours of insomnia I 'day dream' about what the house will look like when we finally move, and the finished product of the baby room- that consumes my thoughts the most.  I can't wait! It will be so precious, if I do say so myself:)

Here are a couple of the sono pictures from our appointment.  Both girls are developing really well- their heads, brains, hearts, and organs look great- and there was fluid in their bellies (amniotic fluid) which is good, and means there is no blockage somewhere.  With each scan of the girls we got to see the four chambers of the heart and Dixie pointed out the bladder, kidneys, and tiny little ribs.  Parker weighs in at 11 ounces (always been a bit smaller) and Jolie is 12 ounces and right on track for size based on my true due date of December 26th. 

Baby Jolie is on the right and Parker is on the left with her little legs crossed.
During the detailed scan of Parker, Jolie had to make sure we weren't forgetting her, either. She kept whacking Parker in the head.  Apparently she can't be left out of any pictures of Parker alone:) 
A real concern for woman carrying multiples is the length of the cervix.  I have gotten a sonogram every time I go to the doctor mainly to measure this.  The weight of more than one baby makes it difficult to maintain that cervical length through the optimal time of pregnancy.  My OB desires for at least a 2.5.  At 20 weeks I am currently measuring a 5+.  Praise!  She is pretty humorous- jokes around a lot with me- and told me she 'hates me' for being so perfect.  I am so thankful for that 5+ number!  Even with good standing, I am going back in 3 weeks for another sono to check measurement, and then I'll start going every 2 weeks for check-ups, and then every week.  My next appointment will be after I'm already homebound- and that is simply insane to think about.  My third trimester is right around the corner!  Hard to believe- but I am excited to meet them. Jordan and I have been so blessed through this entire process- easy pregnancy, minimal concern, babies are beautiful, and my doctor is pleased with how well I am carrying these two. 

It doesn't get much better than this- at least until December when they (hopefully) get here:)


Weekend Wrap Up

Yes, I know it is Wednesday- but the past couple days have been crazy- Monday was insanely busy, and most of Tuesday was spent at our 20 week appointment which leaves me to today to play catch up for this wrap up!  (Bump picture tomorrow will tell more about the appointment.)

Jordan and I started out our weekend with our sweet friends for Supper Club at the Cabrera's.  We were all ready to zoom through dinner so we could finally get to dessert and find out the new addition to our ever-growing group- boy or girl?? 

Dinner was awesome of course- I could eat those scalloped potatoes for days.  Recipes on Chocolate Broccoli soon!  I have to play catch up there, too:)

The proud parents to be.. of a boy..?  or a girl?? 
We all dressed our guesses.. Jarrett and I wore pink, and everyone else thought blue for boy.

And the cut...
What's the color???!! 
BLUEEEE!  Landon will have a best bud- and Parker and Jolie will have their hands full with these two boys together:)
What a fun evening.  For the past couple months we have been saying our goodbyes before 10pm- we used to hang out until the wee hours of the morning.  Friday night Landon ended up going down for bed like a champ in the Cabrera's guest room (Jacqueline is quite impressive) leaving us to our girl talk and giggles and the boys to searching for lake front properties for purchase (we never know what they are going to do when we get them all together..)  We ended up staying until after midnight and had the best time!  I love our bestest friends!

Saturday Jordan was at work and I cooked for my clients, taking up the majority of the morning/afternoon.  After a short nap I spent my evening packing in preparation for our move.  We are officially living among boxes!  Our little place is looking quite bare these days!

Sunday we finally got the keys to the new house (the sellers did a short lease-back until August- which worked out perfectly for us; no double mortgage.) and Jordan spent all day over there- starting the finishing touches for our new place.  The house is move in ready, but we wanted to do a few things before we moved in to make it more our own.  Paint, crown molding finish, and sand and appoxy of the garage floor.  Not super sure about the garage floor business- I just know it is something Jordan really wanted to do:)  Boys..
Pictures via instagram from Sunday.. choosing a nursery color was the biggest issue thus far- I have a pretty specific color in mind, and the first one we put on the wall was not what I was thinking. I think we have figured it out now- can't wait to see the finished product:)
It was a fun whirlwind of a weekend, as usual- but I/we are so excited to be one step closer to getting into our new home.  Jordan and his dad have been hard at work all week- and hopes to be done with everything by early next week.  I've been busy packing and slowly getting everything together.  The packing has seemed really easy- not as bad as I was dreading for it to be.  I've been doing about 6 boxes each day- just about all my energy level can handle- and still get dinner on the table for Jordan when he gets home from working all day at the house. 

We are supposed to be out of our place by the 25th of this month, but hope to start moving the weekend of the 17th, 18th, and 19th. 

Can't wait!!  Yippeeee:)  More updates to come!


High Five for Friday 8/3/12

Dearrrrr Friday,
Hey there, how's it goin', where ya been? I've been waiting for you alllllll week long!  This week was yet another that simply flew by me without effort.  It has been crazy busy at work, I feel like I'm swimming in meal plans, portion control, and heart healthy diet education. But- in between all the craziness of my day, I have found joy in my High Five for this first (half) week of August.
1.) TOMS.  Best shoes ever.  Jordan has owned a pair for, ohhh, 4 years now- he got them as a gift from his cousin, Aldon.  He has worn them here and there, and I have looked on in envy every time.  Now that my back has started to balk everytime I come home from a day in heels, I was ever greatful for my sweet man's idea to pick up a pair of comfy TOMS for regular wear.  I have loved wearing them this week, and look forward to retiring my heels as my belly gets bigger. 

2.) Heath Bar Coffee Creamer. Jordan and I routinely do a coffee creamer stock (we are self-admitting coffee snobs- Jordan is worse than I am- true story.) and we saw this Heath Bar Coffee Creamer.  I thought- for sure this has to be good.  Our favorite creamer is was Toasted Almond by Coffee*Mate, but was apparently just seasonal that stopped being seasonal when they stopped selling it all together a couple years ago.  We found another we came to love: English Almond Toffee by International Delight- but again we came into bad luck with they stopped shelving this one, too.   SOOO, yet another one Jordan has come to love in particular: Bailey's Toffee Almond Cream.  (Really how much can you say about coffee creamer?  Yea, I know.) I haven't tried this one, actually- but every couple weeks Jordan makes a special trip to Walmart for this and only this.  We can't find the Toffee Almond anywhere else- just Walmart. Next to his favorite creamer was this Heath Bar version, and I was set on trying it- seeing that we like the toffee flavor of our creamer.. and seriously- love at first sip.  I LOVE it.  Have enjoyed it every morning this week. 

3.) Target Jeans.  Early in my pregnancy I had seen a pair of white maternity jeans I was dying to get, and patiently waited until I was big enough to wear them.  I intentionally made a trip to Target to purchase these, as well as a maxi skirt I had been coveting online.. and isn't it always how it works- I have money to shop and can't find a thing to buy. I did get my maxi skirt (SO cute and crazy comfortable), and a couple tank tops- but those precious jeans were gone.  Target had several loaded down clearance racks, and of course the maternity clothes were mixed in with the regular clothes- making it so easy on me to sift through.  JeansI found the jeans.. in.. size.. 14..and this one- 16.. oh, another- size ten.  Well, boo.  I gave up and walked around a bit longer, tried on a few more things and decided I was done.  As I was leaving I browsed through the rack one last time- bingo.  White jeans.  In my size (well, almost.. still a tad too big, but close enough.)  On clearance. $10 (original price of $35).  TEN dollars.  SUH- weeet! 

4.) Coupons!  Kroger sends me coupons just about every month- and not just any coupons, coupons that match exactly to what I buy on a regular basis.  How awesome is that?  I shop weekly at the same Kroger, same college student checks me out, and the same sweet old man bags my groceries, always sharing a 'feel good story' as he is re-filling my cart.  I use my Kroger card, get gas points (I save about $1/gallon every time I fill up) and the card tracks my regular purchases.  In turn I get customer appreciate coupons- even getting % off my entire bill some months.  I got these in the mail this week- and always look forward to it.

5.)  Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt.  Whoooa Geeez. I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and paid $3 (on sale with my Kroger card) for this carton of pure deliciousness.  I'm not a huge ice cream eater- but my husband is for sure.  He always harasses me to get something so that he feels better while eating his post-dinner treat.  Often times I opt for popcorn or something along those lines- but after seeing not just one, but three people post on Instagram their love for the Greek frozen stuff, I decided to give it a try.  I'm so sad I only got one.  I think I'll be making this a regular purchase- and maybe Kroger will send me a coupon. 

I've been looking forward to this weekend, for sure.  Tonight we are spending the evening with our Supper Club friends- it is EXTRA special this month because Diana and Chris are revealing the gender of her sweet baby!  I cannot wait to find out!  They have been holding out since Wednesday, and I am SO ready to know! 

We also are starting some paint and texture on our new house before moving in at the end of the month. By 'we' I mean Jordan.  I am less that helpful for the most part- and now I actually have a good reason! I am so ready to move and be in our new home- but making it pretty will be worth the wait.  For me.. I am left to the packing- because I can do that.  Dreaded
Another great week for me and my sweet:)  This upcoming week will be another crazy hectic week for us- between paint, packing, and life in general.  Hope you all have a perfect weekend! 

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