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A Surprise Baby Shower

Last week my sweet co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower in honor of these sweet girls.  Normally, once a month on this particular day we have a department meeting, so I thought nothing of it for the physicians to be sticking around after seeing their patients. 

But apparently this has been in the works for about a month, formal invites were passed around and everyone was able to sneak in their wrapped gifts- all oblivious to me.  Seriously- how did I not catch on?

I seriously had no clue.. as you can tell by the rather embarrassing look on my face. My boss was so sweet, and started to tear up after the hormonal tears started flowing on my part.  Thank you for not getting that on camera. 

They decorated the board room pretty with pink, coral, and peach.  The board room door is about 4 feet from my desk- and I completely missed all the commotion going on in that room.
 Lunch was served and I sat at the head next to all my prezzys.  I say my prezzys.. but they are really for Parker and Jolie... but since they aren't here, I gladly accept them:)
Time to open presents! These babies were spoiled!  The top right corner picture- I was a bit confused.  The hospital administrator over our department gave a whole supply of goodies- including these window shades- at first glance I wasn't sure what I was pulling out! 

Our precious CT Tech, Tammy gave the Diaper Genie.. but not just any Diaper Genie- the limited edition 2- pails-in-one!  We all got a good laugh out of that- Jordan and I will need it, for sure!
Baby giraffe and zebra rattles.  I'm obsessed with the baby giraffes.  Seriously so precious!  I saw this stuffed baby at BRU and decided that I must have two- one for each girl.   As the obsession started here.  Whit did so good with these super cute rings for the girls.
Of course- my girls will be in style.  Look at these shoooooes!!  So cute.

(Excuse the major cheesy smiles)
 My boss had these cloth backpacks made as her gift to the girls.  They are embroidered with personalization: Jolie Grace and Parker Jane.  Love!

It was a GREAT day!  Especially after my rather grumpy day on Tuesday, this was a great way to brighten up my week on Wednesday.  I love my job, I love my boss, I love my co-workers.  Seriously, work cannot get any better than this.  I am thankful to be blessed with such rich relationships with these people- we are a rather small department (Director, 2 Medical Physicians, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, and Administrative Assistant) so we have become quite close knit.  I don't know what I would do without the incredible understanding of each one of them about my future leave of abscence due to bedrest and babies!  Going homebound next week makes my heart heavy to think I wont be sitting next to some of my favorite people everyday for the next 6 months (homebound + maternity leave). 

But they can't get rid of me for the whole time I'm gone.  I will be at home with complete access to my email and absolutely nothing to do- I'll be harrassing from the comforts of my couch:)   They'll expect nothing less.

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Alice said...

What a great surprise! I've been a reader of your blog, for a very long time. But I've just never commented. You are such a sweet person. And you and Jordan are going to be amazing parents. These twin girls are going to be so lucky, to have you guys as parents.

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