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WIWW: With Spring Comes Showers

I got a pretty little package in the mail last week.  I love getting snail mail.  It is my most favorite ever.  This particular peice of snail mail was extra special, and came just in time!  I was contemplating on attire to wear to one of just about a bajillion baby showers I have on my calendar and it was like the fashion lords from above came down to solve my outfit confusion.

Ok. A little extreme?   Well.. I'm a little excited.

eShakti was so kind and allowed me to pick any item from their sweet site to review. I had never heard of them before, but when I got to their site it was really impressed with all that they had to offer. Being someone that is sort of a brand snob (hence my entire wardrobe being from Loft and a few other places in between) I was excited to find that a lot of their clothing was something I would wear on the regular.

Now.. I know my size and I know how things from certain places  (cough**Loft**cough) fit me, so I am completely comfortable ordering something online without trying it on.  I almost prefer online shopping these days.  Half the time I wont try something on in the store out of pure laziness.  I LOVE shopping, but really dispise trying on... plus why shop in public when I can do so with my dirty hair in a top knot, sans makeup, and sweat pants. 

True story. 
But- ording from an online shop that I've never shopped with before? Not so sure about this one.  Alas, another plus to this online clothing shop.  Their website offers regular sizing, as well as customization for women size 0 through 36. You can customize anything, through their easy 3-step design and fit page. 

So, thats just what I did, and it was SO easy:) My biggest problem is finding something that fits me well everywhere, not just some places.  Sometimes it is too big in the neck..other times the arms are too tight or too lose.. and length- the most annoying at all.  I have made mention that I really love my maternity tops (still!) because of their longer length..  

..and pants.. that's a whole other rant to be told.   

I chose this gorgeous shift dress to review.  I love the neck tie details and the multi colors- these colors scream Spring time, and what better time to wear it than now with the approach of warmer weather.

Excuse Daphnee's bootie in the background.  Jordan had just given her a chew bone and she was a little excited and all up in my business. 

Thank you eShakti for introducing me to your brand.  I'll for sure be making another browse through for purchase soon!   
Hmm.. this dress would be a great dress paired with these shoes.. or these shoes..actually, I really need these shoes. I'll throw it with this cardigan. 

I do believe I'm all set for Easter Sunday. 



Tuesday Ramblings

This weekend was much needed.  I needed these last 4 days at home, for sure.

Friday was so lazy and I was so thankful.  I actually rescheduled that hair appointment that I was stressing about last week.  I couldn't bring myself to be leaving my girls at home while I was out spending time on 'me'.  I missed them too terribly much.  Mehh.. my hair is good enough for the time being.  Friday night Jordan and I went to dinner and then on to the Spring Twice As Nice Sale.  We hit it big with a new (used) activity mat (we for sure need two of these..the girls both really love them and we like to lay them on their boppy so they can reach and bat at the hanging toys..). 
We also got a steal of a deal on a 'like-new' Fisherprice Jumperoo bouncer and about a boat load of gently used clothes.  Shopping at a resale of kid items hosted by a Mothers of Twins group gives great benefit when you have a slight obsession with dressing them alike. 

I am all about this sale!  I can't wait for the fall when apparently it is the 'better' sale to go and shop at.

Saturday morning me and the twinsies headed out for Jenna's baby shower thrown by the Massey side of the family.  I've gotten to see this baby bump three weekends in a row!  Parker and Jolie got to meet their new cousin of the same size, Mr. Tate.  Parker checked him out and decided he's alright.  And we couldn't leave without a picture of Meme with her three littles.   

How is it that Jolie always gets the shaft of being squished?  Poor girl.  

**Excuse the helmet hair.. it was nasty humid and raining outside
Lets play a game.. look everywhere else but at Momma.  I took this same pose 75 times.  The best I got.  But look how cute they are?!  I came home on Friday night to our kitchen bar lined with headbows.  BB got busy while she babysat these babies.

I originally bought these headbows in a preemie/NB size for them to wear when they were extra tiny with extra tiny heads.  Well, now those bows are way too tight for their noggin, so Bree took it upon herself to re-purpose these sweet little bows for new ones! Ok..I actually forced her into it- but that woman has a talent for making them. Keep em' coming, BB!
 My Sunday was spent looking at this sweet cupcake..
..and snuggling with this tiny bunny.  After a really busy Friday and Saturday, Jolie was so sleepy/cranky/whiney/clingy.  We spent all day like this.  I was so thankful for Parker's easy-going demeanor to allow me to spend extra time with Little Miss Jolie. 
Just for fun.. and your viewing pleasure..
Bottles have taken over our kitchen.  I am so thankful for my excessive counter space.  These bottles are used for when I'm at work.  The girls get three bottles each during the day..and the bottle rack looks like this!  I can't imagine if we were feeding them 7-8 times a day exclusively from bottles.  That day may come and I'm okay with that, but right now I'm glad for just three times a day.
This little bit has become quite vocal and expressive.  Parker was still eating, but Jolie was finished and ready to play!  She actually acknowledged her name when I said it.. twice! She is recognizing her name and getting big.   

This video makes my heart so happy.  She loves her momma. Just sayin.

Parker Jane.  She talks.  And growls.  Mostly she growls.

This is her growling face.

Give. Me. Food. Momma.  Grrrrrr..

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A Few Things On Tuesday

1. This week is my regular week to have Friday and Monday off.  My 4-day weekends keep me in a delightfully good mood for the Monday-Thursday leading up to it.  So, if you are wondering what I'm whistling about, there ya go. 
2. This weekend has lots of fun things packed into it.  Friday starts the North Dallas Mothers of Twins Club Twice as Nice Sale. Jordan is volunteering as Security Dad on Saturday morning, so we get the privilege of shopping early on Friday evening.  We have a list of things we thing we want/need for the girls benefit- and whats better than getting them at a great price!?
3. I have a long-overdue hair appointment on Friday morning.  Nothing like a fresh cut and color to make a woman feel good. 
4. I am having serious anxiety over the aforementioned hair appointment.  Jordan is doing some part-time work on Friday morning, so I'm leaving the girls with their BB for a couple hours while I'm out. I am feeling mommy-guilt for not spending part my day 'off' with the girls and instead going and spending time on myself.  Kind of a damper on the excitement I usually have leading up to getting my hair done.
5. Saturday is a full day- Jenna's final baby shower before Kendall's arrival mid-April is that morning and Supper Club, hosted by my sweet Ashley, is that evening.  I can't wait to see everyone! Sunday will be wonderful.. nothing is planned.  Jordan is at the fire station and so I foresee the girls and me to be lazy all day.  PJ's, please. 
6. When Monday rolls around I'll be less than excited due to the fact that I have to return to work on Tuesday.. BUT- lunch with Meredith and her twin babies will bring sunshine to this day.  Not to mention the fact that I only have to work 3 days before I'm off again for Good Friday. 
7. Being a working-mom is hard.  Even just at 32-hours a week it is still really hard for me.  I miss my girls terribly throughout the entire work day and then feel so limited in time spent with them after I get home.  I don't even get home late- 4:30pm everyday, but the evening dissapears at light speed.  I have gained a whole new respect for women that work a full-time and still wear the mom-hat so well.
8. I am so thankful for my husband that is willing to take on the cooking duty a couple times a week so that my evenings are spent with the girls instead of in the kitchen cooking for us.
9. When I do cook it comes out like this... (on Chocolate Broccoli today!)

..and I have the cutest tiny cooking assistants to coo and direct me through my chopping ways..

(**Side Note: Look at my Jolie girl holding her head up so well!  She is getting so strong!)    
10. Come summer time (June, I think) GFC will no longer be, so make sure you follow me on Bloglovin'!  I've transfered all the blogs I read on the regular over to the Bloglovin reader and LOVE it so far. They have a super awesome iPhone app that makes it SO easy to scroll through my favorites and catch up each day (It has become my routine during my morning pump sesh.. I know- you really wanted to know that, didn't you?)  With Blogger/Google I would keep the site pulled up on my phone so that I could read that way.  I like using this app much better.
11.  Getting up at 4am is so much easier when I have this sweet baby face to make me smile.
I am so thankful for happy babies.  Their morning stretches are so precious, and even more so when they finally open their eyes to see their momma standing over them, posing the biggest sleepy grin on the planet.  Joy. Pure joy, people. 

How's your Tuesday shaping up?

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Insta-Dump & Weekend Recap

I've been failing lately on my Insta-Wraps every Friday.  To be truthfull it's been tough to remember what day it is, and before I know it the week is gone and it is Friday agian. 

It is a wonder I can get anything done..

Here are a few favorites from my Instagram feed (masseya) over the past couple weeks plus a little breakdown of our weekend for ya.

Oh, Jolie Polie, girl.  I love your hugs.  
Snuggles with this girl make my evenings so worth the wait while I'm at work. She looks like a baby doll!  Love you, lil'miss.
Jolie decided that the activity mat's lights were exhausting.  Either that or it was the bath they had right before play time.  Baths seem to wear these girls out beyond all means.  We gave them a bath yesterday and they slept for 2.5 hours before they were awake and ready to eat and play again! 
 Watching a little Chicken Little on Disney with Daddy.  I love this picture!
Parker and Mommy
Parker giving me her cutest face for the camera.  She loves her some picture taking.  She's pretty cute if you ask me!
Over the weekend we celebrated my sister in law, Miss Jenna Bree, and her baby girl on the way, Kendall Bree. Her and that cutie bump of hers looked so beautiful.
Yes, you probably recognize that girl in the green as the Bachelor's sister.  Shay helped her momma and a couple other ladies close to Jordan's mom throw the sweetest shower.  Shay and Jordan were bath tub babies making them friends for life and I have since grown to love and adore Shay and her precious family, as well as the whole Lowe crew.  The Massey's and the Lowe's have been super close friends for almost 30 years.

Best part about the entire day?  The foodI. Love. Shower. Food.
And Jenna was pretty special, too.
Saturday evening we headed to church with my baby girls, and Jolie was just as sweet as she could be.  I am pretty positive that this wont be the last time I get these puppy dog eyes..
Little Parker- my Sunshine on Sunday morning.  Sunday was low-key after a busy weekend.  The girls were wiped out after 2 full days on Friday and Saturday and started Sunday off right and slept in until 8am (that is 9 hours, people!).  The day consisted of lots of snuggles and naps.

And, can I say that she makes bald so, so beautiful!

Hope your weekend was fabulous!

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Parker & Jolie - 3 Months

The girls are in there 14th week of life.. 14 weeks old today.  FOURTEEN.  It seems that I simply blink and another week has gone by.  Momma feels like she is chasing her tail, but always has time for my sweet babies.

Jolie has totally filled out- her cheeks are pinchable and her little thighs are gettin' some rolls!  Parker.. well, her thunder thighs are out of control. They are both in Size 1 diapers, although, my girl Parker fills them out much better than petite Jolie.  We actually fold Jolie's over before we strap it.  It covers up half of her little belly if we don't!  They are still in newborn size clothes- I am pulling off tags and washing as we go.  With the warmer weather we can finally get into the stack of short-sleeved onesies we have piled high in their closet.  I  have attempted to put them in Gap and Gymboree 0-3 months and Carter's 3 months clothes and the clothes swallow them.  So, for now, Carter's NB fits them the very best.     

Jolie @ 3 months: 
Weight: 9lbs 8 oz (Birth: 4 lbs 8 oz; 1 month: 6 lbs; 2 months: 7lbs 13 oz) 
Height:  21 in (Birth: 18 in; 1 month: 19.3 in)
Head: ** in (Birth: 12 in; 1 month: 13.5 in) 

Parker @ 3 months:
Weight: 10lbs 5oz (Birth: 5 lbs 14 oz; 1 month: 7 lbs 9 oz; 2 months: 9lbs 6oz)
Height:  ** in (Birth: 18 in; 1 month: 20.7 in)
Head: ** in (Birth: 13.2 in; 1 month: 14 in)

I've added this 'section' to this month's post because I've seen such advancements in these two girl since month 2.  They actually recognize, interact, and acknowledge Jordan and me, babble and coo, smile, and reach for toys.  We spend a lot of time on the activity mat- they will bat and reach for the hanging toys and are completely infatuated with the light up animals.  Parker and Jolie will have full on converstaions with those lit up little guys.  The Boppy pillows have come in great use for tummy time- Parker, that girl could do Tummy Time all day!  It is shocking how strong she is.

With weekly physical therapy and regular stretching in between appointments, Jolie is getting so much stronger at holding her head up.  Before this month she was unable to hold her head well enough to sit in the Bumbo like her sister.  But, now, she is so much stronger.  It is amazing her progress in just one month of treatment.

Aside from their interaction with us, we witnessed their first time seeing one another this week, and caught it on camera!  

I am still exclusively breastfeeding the girls every 3-3.5 hours.  We have even allowed them to go to 4 hours if they are both asleep, but when one wakes up the other is woken as well.  Tandem feeding hasn't gotten too difficult just yet, so feeding them both at the same time is the best and easiest way for me.  I know there will come a time when I have to do one at a time, but for now this still works.  During feeding time the girls constantly have their hands touching one another while they eat and it is so precious.  It is amazing how different the girls' feeding 'styles' are.  Jolie is wide awake and alert, observing everything around her.  She will often times lock eyes with me and it is the sweetest moment between the two of us.  Usually she'll un-latch and smile at me, and hello.. I'm mush.  Parker, on the other hand, has her eyes closed the entire time and has started to hold her hands over her face while she eats, rubbing back and forth- almost like a soothing action with her hands.  It's okay for momma, but when her little nails are sharp as knifes, my boobs get scratched up like crazy.  I actually put socks over her hands the other night.  If she is drinking a bottle she'll occasionally entertain us with her 'jumping jack' motions.  Food gets her oh-so-excited.   

During my work week, I feed them at 4am, 5pm, and then before bed at 8:30pm. They take bottles for three feedings while I'm at work.   At the begining of the month we advanced Parker from the 4 ounce bottles and she is now drinking 5 ounces and it wont be long before we advance this to 5.25 or 5.5 ounces.  She can down a bottle in about 5 minutes.  She don't play. Jolie is still in the 4 ounce bottles, but barely.  She drinks 125mL (4.2 oz) and we are about to start her at 5 ounces soon. 

While at work I'm pumping 3 times a day and expressing close to 30 ounces.  I now need at least this much to keep up with what they are given on my days at work, and I'm thankful I've been able to pump more than enough for both of them.  Last Thursday I did my usual pump session first thing in the morning and then proceeded to get through my patients for that morning.  By 10am I had a low grade fever and was feeling pretty terrible.  I had been fighting allergies all week and assumed that this was the reason behind my fever and chills.  I decided it was a good day to take a half day and left at lunch.  By the time I got home my temp had elevated to 102.4 and I had a migraine that would make the devil cry.  I felt like I was dying.  Literally.  I thought for sure I had developed the flu or something like that..but what I couldn't figure out was why in the world did my chest feel as if there was an elephant sitting on it.  My boobs hurt so terribly, I could hardly wear a bra.  Again.. I felt like I was dying.  Over the next couple hours it went from bad to worse and I had three medical professionals tell me to go to the ER as my temp approached 103.  Of course I didn't go..and continued to request an in-home remedy.  Finally my doctor called me in a breast-feeding approved antibiotic and instructed me to take Tylenol to help with fever reduction. I couldn't help but wonder what all this meant and why I was feeling so poorly and how it came on so quickly, and WHY did my boobs hurt so bad?  Thanks to Google, I was a text book case of mastitis.  Even though my girls are breast feeding rock stars, I still developed this painful infection.  Why?  There could be a couple reasons, but one I can guarantee was from breast injury.  I pumped too hard/too long and ended up causing serious inflammation of my breast tissue.  NOT fun. Be careful with that pump, ladies.  

I am still on anitbiotics and feel pretty okay now, but this past weekend and into Monday was a slow and easy-going one.  By Thursday night my fever had come down to a non-scary number, but I was still getting spikes in fever through Saturday, and that terrible migraine lingered into Sunday.  Whew.  Hopefully that is my only experience with mastitis.         

Sleep is good for both babies and momma:)  They take about an hour to an hour and a half naps between feedings during the day.  We've started naps in their cribs during the day to prepare them for the move out of our room.  It still hasn't happened yet, but we are hoping by the time I write their 4 month post they will be sleeping in the nursery.  Last week they started sleeping 8 hours through the night (**angels singing**).  I still feed them for the last time between 8:30-9pm, then swaddle them up and they'll sleep until about 7am.  That has changed my/our life.  We put them down awake and it doesn't take long before they are out.  I am so thankful for their ease into bed time.  No fighting, no fussing, no crying, just swaddle, kisses, and down they go.
During my work week I wake them at 4am to nurse, and they go right back to sleep until 8:30am or 9am.  It is kind of a reverse dream feed if you will.  It allows me to nurse them and by the time I get to work at 7am, I'm full enough to pump a good 10 ounces or so.  

And now for the letters to my baby girls..

Little Miss Parker Jane-
Your Favorites: CARTOONS- well, television in general, your monkey Wubanub, Sleep Sheep, Raspberry kissed on your cheeks, Tummy Time, Music, babbling and smiling, activity mat, sleep, afternoon walks
Your Not-So-Favorites: Sitting alone, loud noises, fighting sleep, Mommy waking you up too early in the morning, bathtime, diaper changes, and lotion after bath (you really hate that!).

Parker girl, you make momma smile.   I tell you every single day that I think you are funny and you just giggle at me as if you know you are absolutely hilarious.  This month you have truly come into your own.  You are so very laid back, but when you want something- especially food (hello-chunky little thighs!) you will for sure let us know.  You love to be held and will whine and cry if we are within eye's view and don't come over and pick you up.  You can work up some tears to justify your case for being held, and the moment momma picks you up, the tears and fussing is over in an instant.  You are so smart and intrigued by the television.  Bright lights and sounds hold your attention for long period of time, making you my perfect couch potato partner.  You LOVE to sleep.  I've even had to wake you up a time or two in the morning to eat, and you've looked at me, given me a sweet little grin, then buried your head into the pad, closing your eyes tight to go back to sleep.  Funny girl.  You are a mover and a shaker- bouncing your little bootie around as you kick your legs about.  You've found your hands and have them in your mouth 99% of the time.  If they aren't in your mouth they are in front of your face with balled fists.  You are so vocal and will screech with excitement at the lights on the activity mat.  My favorite time with you has to be a toss up between your baby naps on my chest and the sweet little conversations we have in between.  You make all kinds of noises and the newest is 'growling' when you are excited.

I cannot get enough of you.  Even at 4 in the morning, you still make my heart go flip-flop as I study your sweet baby eyelashes and fair (pink) skin.  I could trace your baby nose and chubby cheeks all night.  So proud of you this month, big girl.

Momma loves you with all her heart.  

My Jolie Polie

Your Favorites: Disney channel, your giraffe Wubanub, ALL pacis, conversations with momma and daddy, Music/singing (You Are My Sunshine), Sleep Sheep, Playing Patti Cake (Your FAVORITE), Talking & Giggling, laying on the changing pad, clean diapers, bathtime, afternoon walks.

Your Not-So-Favorites: Neck stretches and physical therapy, bring patient waiting to eat, Tummy time, fighting sleep, loud noises, losing your paci/Wubanub

How do I love you.. I can't even begin to count the ways. You have such a special place in my heart, little bit.  This month you have changed so much- I can hardly see my little 4 pound baby in there anymore.  The moment we started you in physical therapy was the moment sassy little Jolie Polie came to the surface, and I LOVE it.  You smile at the simple sound of someone saying your name- especially when you recognize it to be momma or daddy.  And, oh my goodness, your smile is the SWEETest.  I cannot get enough. Your daddy and I fight over who gets to change your diaper because we know that, for whatever reason, the changing table brings out your soft spoken voice and coos.  Like you are so excited to get a clean/dry diaper and you are telling us all about it.  So amazing.  My favorite thing in the whole world to do with you is play Patty Cake.  You get so tickled when we 'Roll the Dough' and 'Mark it with a P' (for Polie, duh!) that I can't help but laugh out loud when we play.   
 You have really started to fill out and can hold your own against your bigger little sister. You eat like a champ and even when you find nursing to be the perfect opportunity to hold a sweet little chat with momma you still make sure to finish your 'meal' after you're done talking.  you love to be patted and sung to- and can be calmed by the sound of your daddy's off-tune rendition of You Are My Sunshine.  We are so proud of you, little girl.  You are doing so amazing with PT, tummy time, and neck stretches.  Even though you don't like them all so much, you are such a good sport.  I am always excited to take you to therapy so you can show them how well you've done in just a week's time since they have seen you last.  And my they love you so much.  Every one does.  I mean, how can they not? I am excited to see how much you advance this next month. 

My love, my heart.  I adore you.  Love you so, so much.

Happy 3 months, my sweet angels.



WIWW: Showing (& Sharing) Some Skin (Special Offer!)

Sickness has overcome the Massey house.  Hence my little blogging hiatus.  It started a week ago with an annoying scratchy throat and by Thursday both Jordan and I had something of a terrible cough and congestion. 

Baby girls steered clear of anything we had, though- thank you, Jesus.  I can leave it to Texas weather to stir up the worst of allergies in me.  This week it will be 80 degrees.. but when I took this picture for our date night- it was about 50 with a wind chill of like 30.

No wonder I've felt horrible.  Okay.  Enough of my pity party..

 Many have asked about my skin care routine.. This it is so flattering, but so funny to me because I really don't have one at all.  I have had terrible skin my entire life and have tried numerous skin care regimens.  I trust the 'name brands' to do good things for my face and complexion and will pretty much use anything if it promises to clear my breakouts, fight dry skin, shrink my pores, lighten my dark spots.. blah, blah, blah..

You get it, right?  My lack of a skin care regimen is probably half my problem.  My skin is so freaked out!

About a month ago I had an opportunity to try the full line of Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set.  I have alwasy thought of MK to be something my mom and grandmother always used.  I was surprised at all the changes that have been made since I was first introduced to it. 

To be honest the extent of my experience with Mary Kay in the past was sneaking into my mom's vanity drawer to use her night cream when I was 13 years old.  I know, right?  

So, here I am again with yet another facial product to try out on this skin of mine.  What the heck.  

In the first week I noticed some breakouts on my chin and cheeks, as well as my forehead, but after using it for a month now I can see the true results.  The pores on my nose and cheeks (always trouble areas for me) are so small and cleared up!  The dark spots on my cheeks have started to lighten (trouble with tanning beds and acne scars.. even if I didn't have hardly any, those dark spots showed heavily after getting out of that bed!  Such a mistake!)

If I was bold enough to share a sans-makeup picture with you, I would.. actually I had intentions to, and forgot. For now, you can take my word for it- This stuff id great, and it's not just for your mom and grandma any more! 
sweat shirt / J Crew * undershirt / gap * jeans / William Rast  
scarf / world market (gift) * shoes / borrowed - again! (thanks to my girl, Jenn G!)

I'm excited to say that my favorite Mary Kay consultant, Lara, is offering a special for my 3 Ladies readers. 

Between now and Sunday, March 17th, you can purchase the TimeWise Miracle Set at a $15 discount with free shipping right to your door. If you decide to try the TimeWise Repair set, which includes retinol and more for the advanced signs of aging, she will give it to you for $30 off.  Order by Friday, March 15th and she will send you a little something extra special in your package- for free:)  Mary Kay offers a 100% guarantee.  If you are unhappy at all, it is a simple request for a refund.

Contact Lara directly at:
Or visit her Mary Kay site:

Just let her know you're a 3 Ladies reader and she'll hook ya up! 

Happy Wednesday, Ladies.. and Gents (if there are any!) 



WIWW: Shades of Purple & A Little Print

It's Wednesday.  Can I get an AMEN to the simple fact that this week is halfway over? This week is my four day weekend.  Every other week I work so that I can be home for four days with my sweet twin babies (Friday-Monday). So, today is really like my Thursday..and tomorrow is really like my Friday.   Next week I'll work Tuesday-Friday and be back on Monday.  Did you catch all that?

It's okay if you didn't..

What really matters is that today is my Thursday ;)

How about a little color to help you over your mid-week slump?  Remember when I told you all about my love for Loft cords?  I sort of fibbed a little.  Unintentional, you see. 
I told you I only have 2 pairs of colored corduroy pants.  I lied.  I do in fact have a pair in hunter green, red, and these in oh-so-pretty Easter egg purple. I feel so festive wearing these!    
The sweater is last season from Loft- and looks more navy than plum purple in these pictures.  But you'll just have to take my word for it that it is indeed purple. Hopefully I haven't lost too much of my credibility with you due to my little lie.  But, really.. it has been almost a year since I wore any of those colors, and when I was searching for something to wear to a baby shower over the weekend, these popped out between my jeans and dress pants.
I was like 'ooohhhh yeaa, I remember these!'  I had only worn them once before becoming pregnant, so they were easily forgotten. 

I had to get over the fact that I would never be one of those women that wear their normal clothes with a belly band through their entire pregnancy.  Curse you women.  I went from having a 13 week belly to 8 month belly within like 3 days.

True story. I was in my third trimester for like 6 months. 

Anyway, bed rest prevented me from getting much less use of any clothes, maternity or not, further than yoga pants and a tank top. 
top / The Limited (old) * corduroy skinnies/ Loft (last season)  
 cardigan / Loft (last season) * shoes / borrowed (thanks to my girl, Jann G!)

Shopping in my closet has been a lot of fun.  I'm finding all kinds of ways to mix and match my wardrobe- and since I haven't worn a lot of what I own in almost a year, it is like I'm wearing new clothes all over again!

Anyway I can save a buck these days.  Diapers have consumed all of what was left of my clothing budget. 

I'll see the inside of a shopping bag full of clothes again one of these days.



Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was super short, super fun, and filled with celebration. 

Jordan turned 30 last year and while this year there was no party to surprise him with, we still made time for celebration of my sweet man.  Jordan's 31st birthday was on Sunday and we spent the entire weekend remembering it. That's the way it should be, thought, right?  Besides.. his wife gets to celebrate for at least a week during the month of September, so it's only fitting to allow the weekend for his birthday.
Friday started off this weekend wonderfully with hibachi and bowling with some of our bestest evers.  Ash and Jarrett made awesome company as we gorged enjoyed ourselves at Hoshi.  They have the best Tuna Tower I've ever eaten, so I was happy with the birthday boy's selection.
Then it was off for fun at the bowling alley.  How long has it been since I've bowled?  When we were trying to figure out where to go, we figured out really quick that the larger bowling alleys are jammed packed for pre-teen social hour on Friday night.  We weren't interested in waiting 2+ hours for a lane.

Thanks to Google..we decided on USA Bowl in a somewhat questionable area in Dallas.  Hey, there was no wait at all, and we just wanted to bowl..  It turned out to be 'nicer' than expected.. and we had a blast!   
My bestest and me getting ready for some serious bowling.  Ashley was determined to cross off an item from her 30 Before 30 list.   Bowling a 150 didn't happen.. but we still had fun trying:)
 Me and the birthday boy.. in a horrible impressioned Prom Pose.
Besties 4 (fo) Life 
I cannot forget this sweet face. Jolie was all about celebrating daddy!  Saturday morning I headed out, girls in tow, to my sweet Stephanie's baby shower (baby Patel due 4/20!).  This was a first for both of us.. Daddy was home alone and momma was out and about solo with these little bits.  Steph really wanted me to bring the girls so her mom and sisters could meet them, and I didn't think twice because I had been without them all week, and after leaving them with BB and Poppa on Friday night, I really didn't want to leave them for part of the day on Saturday.  They were total angel babies- everyone loved them!  I have no proof of this baby shower event- boo.  With a baby in my arms while strategically enjoying my fair share of shower food (I LOVEEEEE shower food.)- snapping photos ended up last on my list of priorities.  

Saturday night was spent at Jordan's parent's house for Jordan's Birthday Dinner.  It was a steak and potatoes kinda night.  Of course- I majorly failed, again, at getting any pictures, while I had every intention. 
Sunday morning was magical.  The girls slept-in later than normal which means this momma hit her alarm one too many times.  Sleeping through church is never acceptable, but there is something about waking up with the light shining through the blinds.   

(decaf) Coffee tastes 6703475692 times better at 9am than it does at 5am.  And coffee in my new mug makes for an even better morning.     
Sunday ended up being really lazy and spent in our PJ.  We watched two movies.. TWO.  The Hunger Games (really really good!) and The Watch.  I made dinner of the sweet hubby's choosing (Pesto Seafood Risotto) and this precious face sat on the counter and observed my cooking skills. 

Ugh.  I love those baby cheeks.
After dinner, while baby girls snoozed, Jordan and I enjoyed a cuppy cake and I (quietly) sang Happy Birthday to my sweet on his 31st.

 Although it seemed like such a quick two days, it was such a great weekend!  Happy 31st Birthday my handsome man.  I love you to the moon and back! 

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