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Seee ME!

On the Texas Health Mom's blog today- my Chocolate Broccoli feature is up with one of my most popular recipes for the Sneaky Mom :) 

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A Lot of Catching Up to Do..

I've been a bad blogger, that's for sure.  I feel like there hasn't been much of anything going on.. but, actually- my life has been pretty full :)  Last time I posted- I mentioned the tragic death of my blessed camera.  Ohhh emmm gee.  My right arm is missing.  Poor Chocolate Broccoli readers have been enjoying pictures from the iPhone. But- I will say- I'm totally impressed with the quality of the pictures that camera will take.  ANYway.  So.. life the past month or so (EWweee- I hate that kind of posting..)  A couple weeks ago we celebrated Miss Ashley for a girls weekend in Austin- OH so much fun!!   Quite a different experience, as you can see from the 'pole' picture below.. HA!  It was a blast!  Fellow MoH-Katie opened up her house to the girls for the weekend., and I will say it was amazing how smooth it all went with so many females in one place.  Three bathrooms, and 12 females..and I wish someone would have gotten a picture of the living room..blow-up matresses lined side by side- each lady with her own snuggle partner.  And then there was Katie, the Bride, and myself upstairs in Katie's queen sized bed- I love those girls much more now after the near suffocation from hair and arms and pillows for three nights straight ;)
Today was the Bridal Luncheon, hosted by Ashley and Momma Deb at the Lally house.  It was B-E-A-utiful.  Brunch was delicious and the company was even better.  One week away!  Can't quite believe it!  And wouldn't you know leave it to the wind to be up close and personal.  It seemed to make it's way up under my dress in not one, but TWO pictures.  Awesome :)

Lastly- a short update in my RD life- 1.) I just returned from a 4-day stretch in Houston for the Texas Dietetics Association Food Nutrition Conference and Expo.  (Will blog later about that..gotta wait for pictures- UGH, hate relying on other to take my pictures.  I need a camera. ASAP.)  2.)  I have recently accepted a postion with Texas Health Resources Executive Health Program.  It is the opportunity of a lifetime that completely fell in my lap, with an offer I could not refuse.  I am now doing much more of what I seek in my career as a dietitian- counseling, wellness, media, and public communication.  Lots of exposure of the RD in this position, and I am so thankful (and flattered) that my dietetic rockstar friend referred me to the position.  I'm in week two- and seriously loving every moment.  Sad to leave Kindred- but I am satisfied in my decision to make this positive career move. 

So- that's all for now.  I promise not to stay away too long next time!

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