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Supper Club: Maine Edition

Time for April Supper Club!  This time it was hosted by the Tapella's- whom by the way are incredibly sneaky.  The rest of the group, including these Massey's were so pumped to learn about this evening's menu.

For full menu and recipe details for this month's Supper Club- skip on over to Chocolate Broccoli!
Of course- Jacqueline was ready for the Easter holiday.  She ALWAYS has the most adorable decor- some how she has strategically arranged her SC to fall on a month with a well-celebrated holiday. 

If you remember- last time it was at the Tapella's it was October.
FRESH.. LIVE.. and hand delivered from MAINE!  Whoa, NELLY! 

Never eaten a whole lobster before.  I was kinda pumped about dinner. Kinda pumped, and a little freaked out by these rather large crustaceans. 

Jac's face pretty much says it all for for the rest of us girls.  Our first encounter.. not too sure how or what to do with these guys. 

 We got over it real quick.  Those medium sized lobsters were HUGE, and HEAVY
Cheese with my sweet girls!  Missed you Ash (and Jarrett!).  So sad the hear you were feeling under the weather!  Hope you are getting well quickly! 
Sorry guys.. time for a hot bath!  Jacqueline warned us to stand back.. she may end up throwing the lobster in.. she was nervous.
 ..and by the looks of Diana, she was, too! 
Much better!  We like those scary looking things under boiling water better than flopping their claws around in our little hands!

Ladies and Gentlemen.. Vanna White
 Observing patiently.  We were all ready to eat.

Looking at this picture, the Tapella's have ana AMAZING backyard.  Can't wait for pool time! 
 How many besties does it take to boil a lobster?  Definitely a team effort! 
Seafood is always better with a squeeze of lemon juice!  That bowl actually remained full of un-sqwueezed lemons- the lobster was incredibly sweet and without need of anything in addition. 
 Dinner is served! 
Our table was silent, with the occassional 'Oh. My. Gosh.' and random flying lobster shells.  They were slippery little suckers for sure.

BEST time EVERRRRRRR at the Tapella's! I just adore them:) 

Thanks so, so, so, so, so, much for hosting such a fabulous dinner, sweet friends!  Next month is Supper Club at our house... 

..How in the world am I going to top this one?!


I Heart..

I love me some Landon Tapella! 

Just sayin.. Until I have my own little babies, I got this one to share my kisses with!
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