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High Five For Friday 9.28.12

I missed last week with all the stress and hustle and bustle of baby drama, so this week I will play catch up with some of my favorite moments for this week's High Five.
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1.) The baby nursery is coming to be complete.  We still need to order the rocker/glider and finish the changing table/dresser.. but these beauties came in from Anthropologie at the end of last week.   I plan to replace the boring wooden knobs on the dresser with these ceramic ones. They are the perfect color to match the coral theme I'm going for in the nursery.  

2.)  My 28th birthday was this week (Thursday).  I don't feel any different that I did last week at 27, but I was spoiled with great gifts from family and friends.  I received not one, but four of these holiday candles from Bath and Body.  The Pumpkin Cupcake is my favorite and smells of all things Fall. SO delicious.  I love this time of year.. LOVE it.

3.) Have I mentioned that I LOVE this time of year?  Well, yes, I LOVE it.  It makes me sad to be missing out on all the store themes for Fall as well as the pumpkins, squash, and gourds for decoration.  Being laid up in bed is not fun when you know all this Fall business is going on.. but Jordan snapped this picture last weekend while he was at Central Market.. not to tease me, but so that I could choose the pumpkins I wanted for the porch:)  

4.)  My brothers (minus one) were in town with my parents for the baby shower last weekend and its been awhile since I've snapped a picture with them, and at 10:30pm I decided it was the time to get in a good one. Sam (on the left) is a freshman in high school at Round Rock High (Austin) and Patrick is a sophomore at UNT. Both out size me by, well... a lot.  Sam is growing like a weed and Patrick has always been huge next to me.

5.) We went in for our weekly OB appointment yesterday and had my first non-stress test.  The girls looked just fine- super active (per their usual) and making so much noise because they kept kicking the monitor.  I ended up having just one contraction while I was there.. I didn't even feel it.  I was nervous for this appointment since it was the first one since they sent me home last week after threats of a hospital stay.. and I didn't want to go in there and have them tell me something I was not ready for.  All turned out great- my pre-term labor progression has stopped and continued to improved and the once severe funneling has come to a minimal and even begun to close.  Best news ever for this birthday girl!  Bed rest continues and will continue until I have these babies.. but if it is working and keeping them cooking for as long as possible- I'm willing to do anything!

No big plans for this weekend..laying in bed, movies, puzzles, trash magazine reading, starting a new book. Looking forward to today- my sweet bestest, Ashley is coming to spend the day/night with me while Jordan is at the fire station.  It makes a huge difference to have someone here to help me get what I need while he is away for 24 hours.  The less I'm off my feet the better!  

I believe Diana and Jacqueline will make an appearance, too.. I get to see all three of my bestest!  How lucky is this girl??  

Have a great weekend!        


27 Weeks

3/4 Sleeve Top / A Pea in the Pod * Pants (not pictured) / Gap Maternity 

How far along? 27 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: 22 pounds. (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)  When I went last Friday for a follow-up I has gained 2 pounds on the scale.  So I'm safe to say I've gained about 20-22 pounds.  
Maternity clothes? Yes.. even though I don't have a whole lot of places to go that I need to get dressed for.. I look forward to my doctor's visits so I can actually wear something other than my comfy t-shirts and pants.  Don't get me wrong.. love them, but a girl has got to feel pretty sometimes, right?   
Stretch marks? Nope- but I'm watching my stretched belly like a hawk.  I thought I saw one the other day and I made Jordan confirm- not a stretch mark:)
Sleep: The Snoogle pillow is gold.  Literally.  I've never slept so good in my life.  Jordan came home with one this past weekend after realizing I was going to be in the bed for the next three months.. I had been fighting him against spending the $70 on one "I don't need that - hello, we need diapers.." Oh, but how wrong I was.  Then: 7 pillows and never ever a full night's sleep.  Now: One Snoogle pillow..and I slept 8+ hours consecutively last night (with the addition of 4 or 5 bathroom breaks, of course.)  
Best moment this week:  This past weekend was my first official baby shower, and how FUN it was.. my mom, dad, and little brothers came in town for a short visit, and I would have to say the best moment is when Sam (my youngest brother) got to feel the babies move in my belly.  He was so freaked out at the thought, almost with a grimace across his face, but watching his face practically light up in delight when he felt a baby part roll over his hand was priceless.  
Miss Anything?  The simple ease of taking a shower, blow drying my hair, shaving my legs, painting my toenails, eating pasta (I can literally get about 3-4 bites down before I'm a stuffed turkey).  I never noticed the actual growth in my belly until this week.. It gets in the way of everything        
Movement: Babies get stronger by the day.  They keep me entertained while I'm laid up in bed.  I watched a little baby hand push out in the middle of my belly and it just about took my breath away.  I attempted to video it, but it is like they know when someone is watching.  After I got my camera ready they wouldn't move a muscle.  They play that game with daddy all the time, but this was a first for momma.   Parker had the hiccups for the first time the other night, and I couldn't help but giggle about it.   
Food cravings: Not really. Still enjoying the usual: fruit of all kinds, yogurt, cheese, peanut butter toast. We've had meals delivered every night for the past week, so I don't get a say in what we are having- which has been better for me.  I will actually eat more than a couple bites.  I've decided that it all has to do with the fact that I am not the one preparing it.   
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.  With the Snoogle pillow I've even been able to sleep on my right side without nausea for a change in position and a relief on my left hip.  I still get very dizzy and nauseated when I'm on my back for longer than 3 minutes (sonograms/stress-tests).  I'm telling you- pillow gold.    
Labor Signs: Nothing painful.  I have Braxton Hicks contractions a couple times a day.  I'm still taking Procardia once a day.  I go to the doctor this morning, and hopefully she wont increase my dosage to more than once/day (You can take up to 4/day.. but my OB swears she will never make me do that.)
Symptoms:  Heavy belly, and up and down for trips to the bathroom 239576129465 times a day.   
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: I'm a happy girl.  I have so much to be thankful for and this week was proof.  Between my husband running around like a crazy man to make sure everything is covered  so I don't have to lift a finger, to the overwhelming amounts of love we received at the baby shower over the weekend, to the meals we have been brought to make our lives easier.. I can be nothing but grateful (and so happy) for it all.  
Looking forward to: A good report at the doctor this morning and staying home on bed rest.  I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks.. keeping these babies cooking for as long as possible.  


Twin Bab(ies) Shower Brunch

This past weekend Jordan's long time family friend, Mary, hosted me, lots of family and close friends for a baby shower brunch in honor of Parker and Jolie.  

After last week's doctor appointment I thought for sure we would be forced to cancel due to the fact that I was placed on hospital bed rest- but, Friday we go the clear to come back home (thank goodness!) and so we decided that the shower was still a go for Saturday.  

Mary did such a great job with the yummy brunch food (I LOOOOVVVEEE brunch food.) and sweet details to make this party extra special.  
Due to my strict bed rest status, this is pretty much what I did the entire shower.  The guest were all so sweet and gracious, hugging my neck from the couch.  I felt so bad for my 'lazy' appearance, but it was worth it to be there and celebrate- and if it meant being on my back the entire time, thats what needed to be done.  Laying on my back did nothing for quality of the pictures being taken.. I did my best to prevent the double chin!  
We were halfway to Mary's house when I realized I forgot my camera.  Silly, Amber.. but when you only have 20 minutes to get ready (all that I'm allowed to be on my feet) make-up and accessories come first.  I was so thankful Ashley had her camera to catch the action as we opened gifts. 

I was sad I didn't get pictures with the beautiful hostess, or the grandmas-to-be, or any of the guests for that matter :(  BUT- Bree got a picture of these two beauties- two of my very best friends, Ashley and Stephanie.  I was so glad they both could make it:)

So the present opening begins.

We had a good pile of stuff to go through!  Jordan was there to drive me, make my food plate, and retrieve water whenever I needed it.  Oh, and not to mention help off the couch when I had to make a potty run.  It is hilarious to watch me attempt to do it on my own.  Most importantly, J was there to be with me, and help open these baby girl goodies!  
Every one needs Christmas jammies.  Everyone.  These little newborn jammies from babyGap are to die for.  LOVE.  I cannot wait to put our girls in them!  I have the perfect (and rather extravagant) white bow (courtesy of Bree Massey's talents) to put on their precious little heads to go with these gingerbread PJs.  Sweet Shay did so good:)
 Jordan loves them, too.  My hubby poses well.. maybe they have Christmas jammies for Daddy?
BeBe (Bree) spoiled her granbabies with precious gifts.  I love these footie jammies that she happened to score off zulily.
We got so, SO many things for these girls!  Tons of clothes (and I mean, seriously- a ton.), beautiful and so precious baby books for each from my momma, two baby bouncers (I've been told by other twin mamas that the bouncer is the best thing they ever got.) and the swing, and not to forget our amazing stroller from the Massey's.  I was so excited to get the baby giraffes that I mentioned before from Steph.  How she knows me so well.  My obsession with the baby giraffes continues:)  And not to forget, we are set for bath time, thanks to Miss Ashley and the baby tub FULL of every bath item you think you would need.
After the shower, it was back home to bed for me.. and I was glad for it.  It is amazing what 4 hours of  stimulus will do for my baby brain.  I stayed laying down (or leaning) for the entirety of the shower, yet still worn out by the end.  It is the little things the I don't realize make the biggest impact on my energy levels.

Even though I was completely spent by the end of it all, it was SO much fun on Saturday.  I got to see a lot of family and friends that I don't get to see on a regular basis.  I am incredibly thankful for those that came to share the love of these girls.. I can't wait for everyone to meet them!  I am especially thankful for Mary and her sister-in-law, Margo, who took the time to make this perfect brunch shower happen.  It was fabulous and made me and Daddy feel so special.  

In two weeks Jordan's Aunt Sherrye and cousin Jennifer are throwing a shower, and the weekend after that we have another 'Sugar and Spice' themed shower held by my/our best friends (Tapella's, Dunaway's, and Cabrera's.) One shower down, 2 more to go!   Can't wait!


Verdict Is..


Bed rest is working beyond expectations:) 

After three solid days of laying in bed (aside from the occasional potty break) I went for my follow-up appointment this morning.  I did the sonogram first to check my cervix and to see how well strict bed rest worked, and my/our prayers were answered. The funneling is significantly reduced- even has started to close- and my cervical length increased from 3.0 to 3.2. I could have hugged that sonographer's neck when she explained the image we were viewing on the screen.  

I should have anyway- Dixie has been there through it all with me.. starting 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with PCOS. 

Next was the doctor's visit.  My doctor was very pleased with the results and was happy to send me back home instead of the hospital for continued bed rest.  While all this is well and good, I'm still not in clear waters.  I go back next week (Thursday) for a NST (non-stress test) and sonogram to review my condition.  The NST will determine if and when I'm having contractions- because I cannot feel them (yet..).  This will help my OB determine if she needs to up my dosage of the Procardia from just once a day to twice a day.  She even made mention of having home health coming a couple times a week to monitor me outside my doctor visits.  It is funny she mentioned this because I had just read in my Week by Week book of this in-home monitoring.  My heart was already being prepared for the coming news on Tuesday and the follow-up results on Thursday.  God works in such wonders.. but what is even more amazing is when you can actually see it happening right before your eyes.  (Looking back to my 24 week appointment when my OB used her clinical judgement and went ahead and started me on steroids for lung development in case something were to change with me condition..)   

The only thing I was looking forward to this morning was getting to see my beautiful babies.  I kept whispering to myself "You (God) are in control.  You are in control" and focusing on the fact that I was getting to see my little wiggle worms in just a short while. 
The girls are still growing by the day- literally.  Parker is now weighing 2 pound, 3 ounces (up 3 ounces in three days..) and Jolie gained and ounce and is now weighing 1 pound, 14 ounces.  They are 3 days apart, now.. which, according to Dixie, is totally normal.  She has had twins measuring 2 weeks apart.  At 26 weeks the babies have opened their eyes and can now see light and blink.  We actually got to watch Jolie blink her eyes and take a gulp of amniotic fluid.  In the sono picture above her little eyes are open:)  Parker has a little more meat on her bones and her cheeks are a little more full, but you can tell even from this sonogram how different they will look.  

Dixie is learning to use her 4D sono equipment and was able to practice on us (we will always be the guinea pig for that!).  Jolie cooperated for us and we were able to get a shot of her face.  She has her momma's nose (who also has her momma's nose..)  

For reference, the amnion is the line of separation of the two sacs. These babies are all over the place- but still smooshed against each other as close as they can get.  So precious.

No sure of you can tell, but her hand is wrapping around her face on the lower right.   

We go to the perinatologist on October 3rd for the 4D sonogram, so I'll share more pictures after that appointment.       

Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers these past couple of days! Simple emails, text messages, and phone calls has been tremendous for lifting my/our spirits.  It is amazing to be shown those that care and go out of their way to show it.  We have been spoiled with a hot meal every night, and stacks of magazines, books, and fun things for this laid up preggo.  Love you more than you know (and you know who you are.)

We are so blessed!  This appointment was a great way to start our weekend.. giving such relief and peace about this whole thing.  

It is amazing what bed rest can do!  Hoping for continued good news next week for my first NST!


26 Weeks + Baby Update

Maxi Dress / Old Navy (Maternity) * Cardigan / Banana Republic Outlet  *
Skinny Belt / J. Crew Outlet * Necklace / Loft

How far along? 26 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: According to my doctor's visit weigh in on Tuesday- I haven't gained any weight over the past two weeks.. Still at 20 pounds total weight gain. (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)  That wasn't what I was expecting to hear, but nothing about the appointment was what I wanted to hear.. 
Maternity clothes? Mostly maternity.  I can still wear some of my pre-preggo belts, cardigans (unbuttoned, of course) and a couple casual sweatshirts. My favorite is my cropped sweatshirt from Loft that I bought pre-pregnancy. I can still wear it due to the fact the 'crop' fits just over my bump:)
Stretch marks? Nope, not a one (still with high hopes for it to stay that way!)
Sleep: Still getting in some good rest during the night. The past week I have found myself wide awake at 5am- starving. So, yogurt in bed will get me through and I'll fall back asleep until about 8:30am or so. 
Best moment this week:  It is a toss up between the showering of love from our sweet friends and seeing our babies on Tuesday was amazing- they are so precious and beautiful. I am in love with their baby noses:)
Miss Anything?  Not really. I'm pretty content and getting used to the new norm for me and these babies.        
Movement: These lil' bits are strong! I've had a couple of uncomfortable jabs in the ribs, and I thought for sure it was Jolie- but the new position of the girls surprised me.. It was baby Parker breaking my bones in there..
Food cravings: Not really. Still enjoying the usual: fruit of all kinds, yogurt, cheese, peanut butter toast. But I've come to a point that nothing sounds 'good' enough to eat. Jordan has taken on the cooking, and that has made things easier for me to enjoy. I think the act of preparing the food before I am gonna eat it ruins it for me. I'm so thankful for my hubby. 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really.  Dizziness has returned on occasion- although this is new medication induced. 
Labor Signs: Nothing that I am aware of, but apparently my body has been having increased contractions- I don't even feel them at all.  
Symptoms:  Having to pee all day long,  a heavy belly causing discomfort, the occasional lack of appetite.. and I'm super emotional.  
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Aside from random bouts of sobbing, I'm a happy girl.  This week has been a roller coaster ride of emotions.  I'm not moody at all- just humbled.
Looking forward to: Keeping these babies where they belong for as long as possible!

Babies: 26 Week Update

Look how precious they are.  I am so in love with them!!  They are both super healthy, active, and weighing in right on target for gestation.  Parker is now a full 2 pounds- she gained a half a pound in 2 weeks!  Jolie is 1 pound 13 ounces- still slightly smaller than her sister, but has been that way since our first sonogram at 6 weeks.

2 weeks ago they were both head down and on separate sides of my belly, and at the sonogram on Tuesday Jolie was in her usual place on the right side, but Parker was all up under my ribs and in her sister's space.  Her little feet were down by my right hip, and the sudden jabs in my ribs I've been feeling were arm punches.  This whole time I've been blaming precious Jolie for it;)  Parker is wrapped around her sister like a snake.  It doesn't surprise me at all, laying on my right side all the time is probably uncomfortable for her.  So she made her way around to the front- less smooshing there.

Momma: 26 Week Update

Babies 'passed' the appointment with flying colors.. momma, not so muchMy belly is now measuring 37 weeks (4 cm larger than 2 weeks ago-I'm growing at super high speed! ) and after reviewing the results of my sonogram Dr. Walsh observed some significant funneling due to the weight of carrying two babies.  My body is clearly preparing for delivery- and it is way too early for that right now. Apparently I've been having mild contractions causing this funneling to occur (I don't even feel them).   I started Procardia (a blood pressure medication that is also used to prevent preterm contracting) on Tuesday and I've been put on strict bed rest. We return for another sonogram on Friday morning to see if bed rest has improved or prevented any further progression.  If it appears that the funneling has progressed, I will be put in the hospital for observation and labor prevention.. until when?  TBD.


So many emotions.  I'm so bummed.  Defeated.  Sad.  Wrecked.  Disappointed.  Helpless.  I've been crying nonstop.  But, according to my OB, there is nothing I could have done to prevent this- and I know because I asked, more than once. The weight of what would be a full-term singleton- and I have at least 11 more weeks to go- is just too much for my body to handle, and simple gravity has taken it's course.  How could this happen when just two weeks ago I had 'a cervix of steel'?? 

Walking into the appointment on Tuesday I was nervous, but the anxiety was related to the fact I was taking my initial glucose test, not because something was going to be wrong with me.  My cervix is still measuring at a 3+ (which is a positive!) But, 2 weeks ago I was at a 4+.  My OB is confident in my cervical length, it's just the funneling that has her concerned.  I was just was so sure all was going to pan out perfectly.   I was going to reach 37 weeks without a problem due to the simple fact that we have gone to every appointment and been praised for how well everything looks and how well I've been carrying these babies.  How naive and ignorant. 

I know and have faith that God is in control, and He has His perfect reason for it all.  Trusting and believing in His plan for me and these babies is really hard.  But, He didn't develop the human mind to figure out the future, and trusting in His way is all we can do at this point.  

*Proverbs 16:9 "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." 
*Psalm 25: 4-5 "Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long."
*Philippians 4:4-6 "Rejoice in the Lord always.  Let your gentleness be evident to all.  The Lord is near.  Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to the Lord."

My hope is that I go in on Friday and she sends me right back home because bed rest is working. Praying so hard for that.  I know doing all this right now will possibly allow me to bring them home with me from the hospital- instead of leaving them in the NICU.. or even shortening their stay in the NICU if it comes down to that.  

I am so thankful to my sweet friends and precious family for the constant confirmation of love and support through these past couple of days.  I have been fearful, tearful, angry, and confused with all this.. but it is so awesome to know you have others leaning into you when you need them most.  After our doctor appointment on Tuesday I was an emotional wreck and in no condition to have company. Wednesday, all day, people were in and out to visit.  Almost every neighbor in the cul de sac stopped through to say hello, bringing sweet treats and magazines for me (none of which knew anything about my new condition on strict bed rest), and then last night I was completely spoiled by Ashley- who came toting a slew of books and magazines, flowers, and a bag of goodies for me to enjoy while laid up in bed.  Shortly after her arrival, Jacqueline and Travis (and my favorite baby Landon) came with (more) flowers and yummy dinner in hand.. and more snacks, sweets, and love for me and my baby girls.  I cannot express what these tokens of affection did for my spirits yesterday, and have continued to carry over into today.  It is amazing to see God's work to use those around me for physical support, and by no coincidence did our sweet friends and new neighbors make their presence to be with me on this first (and still emotional) day of full out bed rest.  

I know this is totally worth it in the end- just trying to get over the initial realization of it all.  Attempting to stay positive and waiting for Friday morning seems like eternity.  Ok.. enough of these tears.  I'll keep you posted for updates as they come. 

For now, just pray.  


High Five For Friday: 09.14.12

I missed last week's High Five.. I think I was still trying to get the hang of being at home- organizing myself.  I confess to have done a lot of blogging around work, and now being at home with nothing really to do, time gets away from me, and I completely forget to get my posts done!  I think I've done a better job this week, though:)  
Linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk
1.)  This week was super busy for Jordan- working several days at the fire station, leaving me home alone for all but one night- boo.  My mom decided it was a good time to come in town for a visit keeping me company and spend some quality time with me and this belly.  She hadn't seen our new home or anything regarding the nursery decor, so it was a good trip.  I warned her that there would be a lot of lounging around.  She was a great sport and hung out in her PJs with me all day everyday.. well, almost.  We ventured out for lunch on one afternoon, but came straight back home after.  It was great to see her and have just mom-and-daughter time for several days in a row.  I even got an at home pedicure a la momma out of the deal:)

2.)  Being a dietitian has it's perks.  I always get dibs on great (and freeeeee) goodies and samples.  The American Heart Association has just released their newest cookbook just in time for the cooler weather-  a healthy slow-cooker cookbook.  Suh-weet.  They read my mind- I'm all about my slow-cooker and the easy meals that come out of it.  I was in the middle of meal planning for next week when my new cookbook hit the porch.  Right on.

3.)  I re-phrase my previous statement: Being a dietitian, with a healthy foodie blog, has serious perks.  I didn't get just one package in the mail this week (see #2) but I also got an overflowing sample pack from Mediterranean Snacks.  I got several bags and boxes of their Baked Lentil Chips and Lentil Crackers.  They are both deeeelish! They have just been certified as Gluten Free by the GF Certification Organization.  Not that I need GF, but it is a great, high fiber option for those with Celiac Disease.

4.)  Speaking of slow-cooker.. I tried out a new recipe for overnight oatmeal, and good gracious, it was yummy!  I had been seeing and pinning ideas from Pinterest and finally made my own version.  It turned out great!!  Check out Chocolate Broccoli for the end result of this Cinnamon Apple Overnight Oatmeal.

5.)  Like I made mention before- my mom and I ventured out one day for lunch- and by golly I made the best of my outing with this mini bundt cake from Corner Bakery.  Highlight of my day..  It was so yummy.  If I wasn't embarrassed to go up to the counter for yet a third time that afternoon (first to order my soup and sandwich combo, then a second time to order dessert..) I could have eaten two of them.

Being secluded to my house for week number two has been great.. lazy, napping, and quality time with my momma.  PLUS- I had special treats come to me- right to my door step.  I'll take it:)  I hope your week has been blessed!!  Yaay for Friday!

25 Weeks

How far along? 25 Weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: According to my doctor's visit weigh in a week ago- about 20 pounds, give or take a pound. (Pre-pregnancy weight: 110lbs-112lbs.)  Still steady gaining 1-2 pounds/week- and although there is the occasional "I feel like a beached whale" comment (mainly when I'm getting up from the sitting position) I feel pretty confident in my weight gain.  Aside from the 'you are beautiful' statements I'm reassured with on a daily basis by my sweet husband, I'm not doing anything wild with my diet- like literally eating for three.  So the inevitable has become my norm.  
Maternity clothes? Full maternity.  Really, I've retired to comfy maternity.  I actually pulled the tags off the shirt I am wearing in the belly picture above before putting it on this morning.. I have a couple pieces of clothing I have yet to wear- when I bought them early on, they were huge on me- I had yet to really fill them out!  But, alas.. I have a rather large bump, and those clothes fit me well these days.        
Stretch marks? Nope, not a one (sweeeeetttt- hoping for it to stay that way!)
Sleep: This week is remarkably better.  After last week, I really thought I was doomed to surrender to insomnia.  Like I mentioned in the 24 week appointment update, my OB approved of me taking a low dose (25-50mg) of Benadryl to help me get my snooze on.  I took this two nights in a row (night one: 50mg, night two: 25mg)- mainly out of fear for not sleeping at all.  The next day it seemed as though the babies were just sleepy.. not as active as they usually are, moving around- but no flip-flops or strong jabs.  I haven't taken anything since Sunday night, and I've slept well, aside from the usual up and down for potty breaks.   The babies are their normal selves- active and beating the crap out of the inside of my belly.  I like that better.  Even though my very conservative OB approved it, the Benadryl will be used as a last resort. 
Best moment this week:  Jordan and I have been working on the nursery in bits and pieces- the cribs are up, changing table/dresser is bought and getting painted, finally decided on a glider, and Jordan's mom finished a project she has been working on for the girls.  She came over on Sunday afternoon and we set it up in the nursery- and it looks SO good!  My vision of baby girl nursery is coming together! I've found myself sitting in there just looking at it, and picturing Parker and Jolie in their cribs.  I also organized their closet and hung up clothes- serious nesting going on these days of being at home.
Miss Anything?  Sleeping through the night, and having a normal appetite.  I don't get a hungry feeling- I always feel full- with two babies in my belly, that is normal.  I've gotten to where I have to make myself reminders that it is time to eat.  If I go too long without eating I start to feel physically ill, and then I'm raging to find something to put in my mouth.  I try an avoid that raging situation- for the sake of others, as well.      
Movement: Busy, BUSY baby girls.  They are getting stronger and stronger.  Early morning while I'm still laying in bed they will both be moving around- I'll feel kicks from both ends of my belly.      
Food cravings: Not really. Still enjoying the usual: fruit of all kinds, yogurt, cheese, peanut butter toast.  I have a desire to have something in my mouth all the time- bubble gum, sucker, hard candy- you name it.  My mom  brought me some Blow Pops (sucking on one as we speak!), and those have kept me busy this past week.  Still waiting on my chocolate shake from Chili's...and cheesy tots with plenty of ketchup to go with.  
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really.  
Labor Signs: I had my very first Braxton Hicks contraction this week.  I didn't even know what it was until I described it to my doctor- she smirked at me and made mention that since my body thinks I'm 33 weeks pregnant, that the tightening of my abdomen is totally normal and will continue.  It has happened twice- once when I was leaning over to pick something up, and the other was when I got up off the couch a bit to quickly.  Lasts about 30 seconds and then its over.  
Symptoms:  Congestion comes and goes.  This week I started to get serious heartburn/reflux.  I have never ever had heartburn, but I dealt with mild reflux before pregnancy.  Both now are making me miserable.  I'm okay during the day- but in the late afternoon/evening, and all through the night- I feel like my throat is closing in and food is sitting right at the back of it. Blech.   I've been rather emotional this week- cried multiple times, and its not just a couple tears- it is full on breakdown, snotty nose, and puffy eyes to boot.  My mom left for home yesterday morning, and I lost it moments after she left- sniffling and talking between sobs to Jordan on the phone (he was at the fire station).  Hormones.   Also, the contant feeling of needing to pee.  I have started to conserve my use of toilet paper because I am going through it like water.  I can hardly contain myself when I am out somewhere and use the potty and toilet paper on someone else's dollar.  It feels so nice to use more than two squares of paper at a time.  I almost force myself to resist the urge to stuff a roll in my purse.  I know- please don't judge.   
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Aside from random bouts of sobbing, I'm a happy girl.  My doctor warned me that the steroids could cause me to become aggressive at times- and I was boldly boasting that they didn't affect me in this way.  The look on Jordan's face was clear that I shouldn't have been so bold with my statement.  Apparently there have been multiple times that he has had to force himself to just walk away for fear I may come after him with a butter knife if he questioned the attitude flying out of my mouth.  What?  Me?  Attitude? (try not to laugh too loudly, Bree..and Bree's son.)       
Looking forward to: Next week starts the first (or second, really) of several baby showers to celebrate these girls!  I'm looking forward to being with friends, family, and getting out of the house:)  We also have another doctor appointment on Tuesday, so I get to see my babies (again)  We are so spoiled!   


The New House {In Progress}

I don't have a clue why I haven't posted pictures of our house yet- I've had every opportunity to do so!  Last week I was talking to Jacqueline on the phone and she reminded me that she had been waiting to see pictures on the blog and that I needed to hop to it!  She was waiting- patiently, I'm sure:)

I've posted this picture of the front of the house before, but, it is a perfect starting place- don't you think?

The Front

The Entry/Formal Dining Room 

You can sort of tell from this picture that we have the scraped wood flooring in the entry, love it.   I adore our front door- the designed glass. (I took these pictures in the early afternoon- so plenty of light liked to mess up some of these photos)
The other half of the entryway.  Totally in love with our new furniture piece- a crazy steal of a deal from the Dallas World Trade Center.  The benefits of having a interior designer for a mother in law.  We plan to put another piece on the wall in front of the dining table and a large painting (visible when you walk in), but all in good time- budgeting it out:)

The Guest Bath  

I would show the guest room in addition to this guest bath photo, but couldn't get a good angle.. and it isn't 'finished' yet.  So you can imagine:)

The Main Living 

Looking in from the main hallway
Now looking in from the kitchen/dinette.   You can see some of the entry, and the walk-in to the left of the clock on the wall is the garage entry/ mud-room.  Jordan has plans for a good looking built-in to go there.. think hooks and a bench for backpacks, coats, and baby girl shoes:)

 The Kitchen

My absolute favorite part of the entire house!  Again- with the weird lighting.  
Double oven, walk-in pantry, and decent sized utility room (big enough to put another fridge in there for drinks and such.)
 Love my gas cook top.  Cooking over a gas flame is incredible.  My cooking temperature is so much more controlled and the food comes out cooked perfectly.  
 Looking over the bar and into the main living.

The Dinette 

Imagine a bar-height, round, four-seater table here..
 ..and three 30-inch bar stools to wrap the rather long bar we have.  All a work in progress.

 The Master Bedroom

I love our room- could hang out in here all day!
The woman that sold the house to us left that large mirror for our keeping.  I plan to go over the frame with a darker stain for a little more bronze and less gold.   But for now, it works.  I love to have the large mirror in our room!  Gotta check myself, you know;)

From the hall, looking in.

 The Master Bath

Not super huge, but perfect for Jordan and me.  Walk in shower, double sinks, and a jetted garden tub.  
The closet is really large, and fits all of my clothes as well as all of Jordan's clothes (before I had my clothes divided into a couple closets throughout the house.)

So there you have it. A work in progress.  You didn't see the office (mainly because it is pretty empty, and has become a catch all for random paintings and decor we haven't quite found a place for yet.)
You also didn't see the guest room (already explained myself for this one..) And the nursery (because I want to share that when I'm all done with it!)  For the most part, you saw everything-and I will continue to post pictures as we complete rooms, add to, and make cuter.

I love/adore/swoon over our new home.  After the first night Jordan's mom asked if it felt weird to be in the new house- and honestly my answer was 'no'.  It feels like a home- even if at the time there were boxes everywhere and nothing hung on the walls.  It just feels right:)

So happy to have this place we call home. 


Homebound Status: Week One

Last week marked the end of my first full week of being at home- I enjoyed it!  

I talked of the 'stay-cation' Jordan and I planned since my OB scoffed at the idea of letting me go anywhere outside the metroplex- and seeing that we have been in our new house (house-in-progress pictures to post tomorrow!) for less than a month, we decided to make it a real stay-cation, and just stay home.  

Starting on Friday night, after my rather emotional last day of work, we went to dinner at a place we hadn't tried before- Sfuzzi's in Las Colinas.  It was YUM- and most of their menu advertised to be all natural and organic- plus, plus.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the food- especially since I have become so fickle with my appetite (most of the time I haven't got one at all.) I enjoyed the Garlic Mozza Burger (adding an over-easy egg on top), and J completely cleaned his plate of his order- the Veal Porterhouse.  We also had to split the Tuscan Mac and Cheese- it was delicious, too!  The restaurant is known for it's pizza and pasta, so it was just about sinful to walk out of their without trying at least one of the two- and no surprise we went with a side dish of pasta:) 

I was miserable at the end- not even close to finishing my meal- and the thought of eating for the rest of the weekend totally repulsed me.  

Saturday, Jordan tagged along with me to do my regular Saturday morning routine of grocery shopping.  He has been coming with me the past couple weeks as it has gotten hard for me to push the cart and unload groceries to the car all by myself.  We made a stop for donuts on our way home- and let me tell you- best donuts I've ever eaten.  It has probably been 5+ years since I've had a donut of any kind, and me and these baby girls were thoroughly pleased.  My donut holes with sprinkles and white icing washed down with strawberry (1%) milk- breakfast of champs that morning!  

Saturday was spent being lazy- we had a couple visitors to see the house and rub my belly- but other than that we lounged and watched a couple movies and DVR'd shows before heading out, yet again, for dinner and a movie.  We ate Mexican this time- enjoying Blue Goose at the Highland Village Shops (after sending my food back once to change my order due to pure preggo repulsion.. so weird coming from the girl who eats anything. I was practically in tears when I sent it back.. but the waiter was so sweet and obliged my request.  I think he was scared of my reaction if he would have denied my request for change.) 

After dinner we went to see a movie- The Bourne Legacy.  Even though Matt Damon wasn't in the movie- it was still just as awesome as the others.  This says a lot- Jordan and I vote the Bourne movies to be among our top all time favorites.  We both walked in with critical thoughts, but walked out really pleased with the movie- definitely a must see!

Sunday was another lazy day- the best part was putting together the cribs!  Jordan was super eager to set them up.  I was curious, too- we had both been on the pure hope in the fact that they would both fit into the room with all the other furniture, and still have room to move around.

Good news- they fit perfectly:)  They are so cute, and look great in the nursery- an off cream color with slight distressing- will go perfectly with the rest of the decor (currently in the works).
Dinner was a pizza picnic (seriously picnic for me- I seem to be comfortable only on the floor to eat..) and a movie in our comfies- and off to bed early.  I was wiped out from all the activity of the weekend- and what would be lazy to some- was rather active to this preggo lady.

Monday marked to official first day of 'homebound' status- I woke up to this.. I could wake up to this everyday.  He loves on these babies every morning.  So sweet.  He is already smitten and googly eyed over Parker and Jolie.
I started each morning with the self-led Beth Moore Bible study over the book of Daniel.  After completing the first week- I am eager to continue on:)  Good stuff!

There is something wonderful about preparing my breakfast and enjoying my coffee all while still sans makeup and in my PJ's- quite an amazing thing.  Before this week, I typically would do all these things while multitasking (i.e. driving into work..)

I've been spoiled by my sweet husband- and totally taking advantage of my claimed 'helplessness'.   Jordan has been carting me around for little trips to get me out of the house in short increments- including stops at Sonic for yummy Diet Limeades and the best part- the after ice to go with it:)  Really enjoying my time with him!!

On days when Jordan is at the fire station, I've been spending serious quality time with our first baby girl, Brittany. She follows me around, sitting at my feet and keeping me in good company.  We watch plenty of movies, surf the web, and share turkey sandwiches.  The weather has been pretty nice this week (a bit hot to stay too long outside). So, when I just need a bout of vitamin D, we sit out side for a little while and soak up the Texas sunshine.

After our morning/afternoon of doctor's appointments on Thursday, we hung around Plano and had a late lunch/early dinner before our breastfeeding class that was to be held at Presby Plano (where I'll be delivering.)

Seeing that both appointments went so well, my doctor released me to sit in on this 3 1/2 hour class- over everything you need to know about breastfeeding.  The class was full- and I was the only one carrying twins (I was somewhat surprised by this).  The  lecture was run by a well read nurse, and I really learned A LOT.  I did a rotation through residency with WIC and learned a whole lot about breastfeeding, the benefits, the proper way to do it, and the special bond you build with your baby in doing so- all this was covered in more detail- but a few things I didn't realize..

1.) Never introduce the pacifier unless you have established a good routine with breastfeeding.  The hospital I'm delivering at is Baby-Friendly and wont even provide one to you during your stay, unless of course, you decided against breastfeeding. (Presby Plano is among only seven hospitals in the state of Texas- all of which are THR facilities! I love my company.)

2.) I also learned of the 9 stages of change a baby goes through during the first hour after birth- we watched a video over this and it really was interesting.

3.) The cues a baby gives can be easily missed- and crying to tell you they are hungry is the absolute last cue a baby will resort to.  Eventually, if the cues are regularly missed, the baby will learn (pretty quickly) that this is the only response they can give that will prompt mommy to feed them.  Breastfeeding or not, this is helpful to know.  I'll be watching out for these cues, for sure!

There was plenty more, but right now those are the three points that stick out the most to me.  I was pretty wiped out by the end of the day, so I'm kind of drawing a blank at the moment:)

I plan to breastfeed both of them- and hope I can for as long as I am able:)  But, I do realize that it isn't the end of the world if I cannot keep up with the both of them- even though it is definitely doable and I know mothers of twins that have done it.  Fingers crossed!

I have decided that I'm more thankful now than ever for my homebound status- this week I started suffering from serious insomnia.  That is 3:04am on my iPhone lock screen.  On this particular night I woke around 2:15am and I didn't go back to sleep until about 5:30am- got up again around 6:15am to get ready for the day (we had our doctor's appointments that morning.)   

I slept really well Thursday night- after a super busy day, but Friday night I actually didn't sleep at all.  Over the course of the night/morning I went from my bed, to attempt in the recliner in our bedroom, to the oversized chair in the living room, and back to my bed. I slept in 30 minute increments (not really.. more like rested with my eyes closed) for a total of about 2 hours of sleep.  I'm not uncomfortable the entire time, I just am simply not tired. Very strange.


After complaining to my OB, she agreed to allow me up to one 50mg dose of Benadryl to help me get some shut eye. I'm not super intrigued at the thought of this, but if it means getting some regular sleep, I think I'll cave in a few times a week.

All in all (aside from the insomnia) last week was a great week.  I am into week two, now, and have yet to go crazy, or bored, or restless..yet being the key word.  It seemed as though everyone I talked to before going homebound put it off as a negative thing- but I am loving it!  I do appreciate the calls and sweet texts from my precious friends to check in on me.. I continue to get them everyday, and they brighten my couch potato-ing quite a bit!

Jordan is quite busy this week- working a couple days of overtime in addition to his normal days at the fire station, on top of being gone during the day on the nights he is off- so my mom decided it would be a good time to come in to keep me company- paint my toe nails and make me food:)  Can't beat that!

Looking forward to the weeks to come- more relaxation and day time napping (this no-sleeping-at-night business will not get the best of me.) I suppose I'll be fine until I get too huge to move around as easily as I do now..

Until then, I'm not complaining.. but just forewarn.. the day will come when I'll start to complain because I can't really move from the couch.. or even get out of bed..


Baby(ies) 24 Week Check-Up

Last week (Thursday) we went for our 24 week doctor appointment to check in with these sweet babies and to see how momma was doing carrying them.  

It was a big day, or long morning rather, because we had appointments scheduled with both the perinatologist and my regular OB.  We started with a sono at the perinatologist's office, and I almost forget how fun it is to see our girls.  I am reminded the moment the doc puts that scan on my belly and I get a glimpse of them- err, one of them, they are too big now to see them both on one screen- no matter how big that specialist's sonography screen is (and her's is huge- about 52 inches!)  We invited Jordan's parents to tag along to this one, since we knew that the doctor would be scanning their little hearts and kidneys, and measuring their brains and tummies.  My OB did this at our 20 week appointment, but the perinatologist is more specialized and can see more if needed.

Let's start with the babies- the very best part:)

They are looking good!  I get somewhat anxious to think that I am responsible for these growing lil'bits, all their nourishment, care, and safety rely on me alone- I think you are a liar if you never got this anxious feeling during your pregnancy, twins or not.  

Dr. Koster (the perinatologist) confirmed everything Dr. Walsh saw at 20 weeks- all is perfect with these girls- hearts, organs, lungs, brains, and tummies all check out normal and healthy.  They have great muscle tone, the doc commented a couple times during the checks and measurements of their legs and arm bones.  They must get that from their daddy.. clearly:) They measure about an ounce apart at 1 pound 8 ounces and 1 pound 9 ounces.  Heartbeats are steady at 157 bpm and 152 bpm.  All good things!

Both Jolie and Parker were super busy and awake- which was good to be able to see them move around, especially since Jordan's parents were their to see.  They have gotten less active during the day and most active at night.  But, around the time I'm supposed to eat- they start to move around.. like a dog knowing it is about that time to get fed.  Early morning (breakfast) and mid afternoon (lunch) they start nudging me to the kitchen to get something in my stomach. They have a routine now, and even though my books talked about this routine of movement, it is still to wild to think these tiny things actually get it down to a science in the womb. 

We even got to see them both practice their suckling technique- and according to Dr. Koster- they are quite advanced to be doing this at 24 weeks.  You can see in this sono picture of Parker that she is actually sucking her thumb- how precious is that!  We watched her moving her tiny tongue, getting the sucking action good and going, and then saw her little hand move towards her mouth.  It was so amazing.  I couldn't stop giggling!  (I giggle anytime I feel a hard kick or movement in my belly, too.  Pure happiness and head over heals love for these babies.) 

Baby Jolie in the process of moving her head up and down, practicing the same suckling movement as her sister- and with her we got to see the swallowing of amniotic fluid (healthy, normal, and actually provides some nourishment).  You can see skinnie minnie here- both girls are skinny without any baby fat just yet- which will start to form around 28 weeks.

We took a CD to have this sonogram burned onto- which will be fun to look back at, especially since we got to see such great activity from them both.  The next time we go to see Koster, we will get to see them in 3-D- I cannot wait!

How's Momma doing? 

All is well with momma, too.  I got a light headed during the sonogram (as I did at the last appointment)- but Dr. Koster was prepared with a cool pack for my neck and was able to complete her scan without me laying on my back.  

Onto my next appointment with Dr. Walsh- and she was pleased with the sonogram results Dr. Koster faxed over for her review.  

"You have a cervix of steel."  My cervix is still measuring 4+, which is awesome, especially since the girls (together) have added another pound of weight to this belly I'm carrying around (I was at a 5+ at my 20 week appointment).  As I've said before, the length of my cervix is the highest determining factor of my chances of going into preterm labor- and my doc wants me to be at least a 2.1- or I'll be spending the rest of my term on strict bed rest or even in the hospital for monitoring.  So I am thankful for my cervix of steel.

The girls are at a point of viability now (able to survive outside the womb), and to be proactive my doctor put me on low dose steroids (3 pills/day for two days) to help with the increase maturation of baby girls' lungs in case I do go into labor in the next couple weeks.  With how well I'm doing and with no signs of risk for preterm labor, she doesn't think this will be the case, but my OB is super proactive (rather than reactive) and I love her for it.

As usual, my OB measured my belly with the standard measuring tape. The number a centimeters you are should match to number of weeks you are along- that is unless you have an extra set of baby/placenta/fluid/etc in there.  At the time of my appointment I was 24 weeks and 2 days.  She measured me at 33 weeks- calling it a growth spurt.  Yeesh, call it whatever you want.  I'm getting huge- and still with a hopeful 13 week to go.

From now on, I start going every two weeks, alternating between Koster and Walsh for sonograms (I'll get a sonogram every time I go, but some weeks I'll just see Walsh, and the next time I'll see both.)  My next appointment will be on the 18th of September at 26 weeks- where they will do the initial glucose screen for gestational diabetes- hoping I pass this first screen so I don't have to go back for the Glucose Tolerance Test (a long 4 hours of fingersticks).

Starting at 30 weeks I'll start going every single week until 37 weeks (December 5th), when she hopes to be seeing me for delivery!   I sure hope so.. I am desperate to make it to that 37 week mark.. But small steps and goals is what I need to reach for.

So, my first goal is to just make it to 28 weeks, and call it good for now. 
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