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Year in Review | 2011

The winter white stuff covered the grounds during the first months of this year- leaving me toasty indoors!
I got (surprise) notice of my salsa recipe publication in Simple and Delicious Magazine
Miss Ashley's wedding festivities started full swing!  Myself and the other bridesmaids threw her Bridal Shower at Brio in Southkake (still one of my very favorite places to eat!)
A celebration with sushi as my sweet Jordan turned another year older {29}
Ashley and Jarrett tied the knot in Dallas
Chocolate Broccoli had fun with the camera thanks to Memory Makers Photography
Jordan and I also took advantage of the Memorial Day weekend with a 'stay-cation' at the Gaylord, we were lazy in our cabana for four days- pictures weren't allowed ;)
Gearing up for summer by spending plenty of (pool) time with friends
My girls and I also made an appearance honky-tonkin' on stage at the Byron
We welcomed Baby Landon Tapella into our group- just a few short weeks later, Jacqueline and Travis outdid themselves with an amazing party celebrating the 4th
 These Massey's made plans for a move- first to Big Massey's for about a month, and then onto Fort Worth.  It was rough- but we had each other to make it all work.  We are a perfect team. 

{JaMMM Packed}
The sweltering heat didn't stop us from having fun outdoors.
Restaurant Week did me well this August- I finally enjoyed dinner at SP, and even had the chance to meet the man! 
Celebrated 6 years with my Lou
The Massey's Move to Fort Worth
I celebrated my twenty-seventh {on the 27th!} & we took a much needed four days away with great friends.
Wedding on Lake Belton and the Rangers made it to the World Series {again}
Lou and I made our way for some holiday shopping in Canton on a chilly {read: freezing} first Monday
{Thanksgiving in Belton 2011}
Our sweet little loft in downtown made up pretty for the celebration of the Season
{I love this time of year.}
 December was full of family and friends
Birthday dinner for Chris  {Mi Cocina}
 Celebrations with Friends {Close as Family} 

Christmas Card Photo Fun courtesy of Scott Hollrah

This Christmas was a beautiful one with my sweet- I enjoyed every minute spent with him and our family..
Christmas Eve service at Watermark was phenomenal, lunch at Corner Bakery then window shopping at Northpark, and a delicious evening at Maggiano's for our annual Christmas Eve dinner. 

This year was a roller coaster ride, but ended up being quite full of unexpected blessings. 

{I welcome the New Year with open arms- ready for whatever the Lord has in store for Jordan &myself. 
If I learned anything this year it is the glory of peace through placing my full hope and trust in my Savior.}


Merry Massey's 2011


It's the Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season, the holiday season
So whoop-de-doo and dickory-dock
And don’t forget to hang up your sock
'Cuz just exactly at 12 o'clock
He'll be comin' down the chimney down!

Today marks the 24 week completetion of our marriage class {ReEngage} at Watermark.  A special congrats to my fellow community groupies, and an extra special hug/kiss/wink/dance for my precious husband.  I love you with all my heart, Jordan!


Holiday Parties Galorrrrreee

Yet again with the fulllllll to the brim weekend.
Jordan and I met our favorite people at Napoli's in Grapevine for some delish Italian style fare. Supper Club is celebrated outside our homes in December- making it an extra special month :)
My sweet Diana- cannot get enough of her and her hilarious story-telling and genuine heart.  You'll never meet another like her.
And.. Travis.  Oh, Trav.  So proud to present the 'club' with a sweet treat post-dins.  Apparently he stopped at a chocolaterie and was extensively educated on the selected chocolates.  This picture looks so familiar to me..
This picture is priceless- blurry or not.  His extensive education carried out to us at the dinner table...something about the 'Wild Woman' piece of chococlate interested me- and here, Trav is teaching us about it.  The remaining 6 of use were consumed with giggles.

...Especially after Jarrett blurted the random 'AWW MAN.' Clearly he was so dissapointed after someone else chose a chococlate he wanted. 
The girls and me in front of the Square in historic downtown Grapevine.  That big tree in the back sings with a face and everything!

Just last weekend, Jordan and I were here for pictures of our own!
Ashley gave us the cuuuutest gift- an ornament.. a fork.. a FORKAMENT.  Thats it :)  There's not a more perfect gift for the Supper Club friends :)  It looks so sweet hung on our tree.  First thing I did when we got home that evening.
After 6+ hours between prepping for my personal client, and then for our appetizer party that evening- it was a full day of cooking.  Even after a shower I still felt like I stunk of cooked food.  HA!

The spread was impressive :)
The girls- love them! Jenna, me, and Shay
Our Momma's (in-law)!  Besties for over 30 years!
Sherry (Shay's mom) and Bree
I have tree envy.  Bree's house was so beautiful and decorated to the nine's with Christmas.  We all decided that random throwing of twinkle lights on things (for example, the dining table- as seen in the daughter picture above) will be in our plans for decor next year!

Speaking of tree evny.  This (hugggge) lone tree in the middle of no-where.  Driving out to the Massey's, there is a rather large ranch property- and this tree sits just about in the middle of it.  Really gorgeous.  You can see it from miles away!  I had to make J stop for a photog.
BEST time at the Fort Christmas Reunion.. except, I suffered from Picture failure.  Oops:)

As I get ready for the festivities this week I am reminded of the most important reason for this season.  Sunday's message at church was an amazing one..

Let's not let God's presents blind us (and get in the way of) His presence!


Homemade EVOOOOOO Yea

I made these for some of my closests friends (girlfriends- seeing that I'm not sure the boys of Supper Club would appreciate this as much) for Christmas this year.

{Dried Herbs- Central Market}
Rosemary, garlic, lemon zest, a little orange zest, and Italian blend peppercorns.
{Glass Bottles- World Market}
{EVOO- Costco, total $$$ saver}
{Customized Labels- DeLovely Designs}
Wanna know something funny?  Well- It wasn't so humorous when it happened, but looking back now I can work up a chuckle.  I broke one of these bottles of marinating oils. 


Crack and spew of greasy mess all over my counter, the mail.. the leather barstools.  I ran to get something.. anything- a towel?  Ok.. that will do.  I almost threw up when I heard the oil spattering on the wood floors.

What a mess. 

You should make some of these- Just don't break one.  OR, I can make one for you.. and you wont have to worry about the olive oil warfare that may occur.


Holiday Birthday Dinner

Last weekend (I know, I'm late) we were busy, busy, busy- but as I've mentioned in the past, that is how we apparently like to do things.  There has been nothing super exciting going on over the past several weeks, and then we decided we needed to cram as much as possible into three days. 

Friday night Jordan high-tailed it back from College Station where he was in Field Medic training for the entire week.  We met Chris and Diana for dinner at Mi Cocina to celebrate Chris' December birthday.

We love these two!
After dinner, we all decided we needed dessert, and by dessert- Jordan and Chris meant one, very large, very fruity (read feminine), and complete with a toasted coconut rim.  I'm good with my oversized cookie and ice cream scoop(s), thanks :)

Cheers to this very special birthday boy!
Saturday was crazy, hectic, and all that in between.  Saturday afternoon Jordan and I spent having silly times taking our Christmas card pictures (as if my posting bombardment isn't enough, I'm reminding you again!)

That evening we hosted Jordan's parents for Bree's birthday dinner!  We surprised Bree by inviting some of their oldest friends over as well, and Jenna was able to make it, too. 

And, clearly I have no pictures to prove to you my hosting skills.  FAIL.  epic FAIL.

Anyway- it was a fun weekend.

This weekend is another busy one..
Friday: Our annual Supper Club Christmas
Saturday: For the First Annual Generations Appetizers Party (Ok, so..I just made that up. The (big) Massey's, The Lowe's, The Shull's, The Vineyard's, and The (little) Massey's will be getting together for an super fun appetizer party- SOOO pumped about that!) 
Sunday: The Fort Christmas

Should be fun, filling, and exploding with blessings.  Can't wait!!


More Holiday Photo Fun

Looking good, Mr. Massey
Do you work out? Look at that body..

{Scarf: The Limited, Winter 2011}
{Shirt, Cardigan, & Jeggings: Ann Taylor LOFT, Fall 2011}

When you walk on by.. girls be looking like they be fly. 
Everyone stops and staring at him..
{Nail Polish: OPI DS illuminate, Winter 2011}
{Silver Band Ring: Tiffany's 'I love you', Fall 2011}

When he's at the mall, security just can't fight them off
When he's at the beach, in a speedo tryin' to tan his cheeks..

{Knee-High Knit Stockings: Target, Winter 2011}
{Slouchy Boots: Steve Madden, Fall 2010}

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.. yea
Do the wiggle, man
I did the wiggle man..

Jordan is so sexy.  And he, most definitly, without a doubt, knows it.


My Honeybee

You can't fake this kind of happy.  I'm so blessed.


Because It is Monday

And you may need a good laugh :)  This weekend Jordan and I spent our Saturday afternoon with the ever-so-talented Scott Hollrah for our annual Christmas Card photo shoot.  Normally- being the OCD dietitian that I am, these are done early, early November.  Life totally got in the way this year. 

Scott did an AMAZING job catching some super fun photos of Jordan and I.  We had a blast :)

Snow Fight?
 Jordan CLEARLY has HUGE hands.. bigger than that of my own (thankfully..)
 I may be little.. but never under-estimate my sneakiness- or this Texas hair.
 Oops!  What?!
 So silly :)

 Nice try, buddy..
 I love him.  Period. 

BEST time ever this weekend :)

I hope this makes you chuckle as hard as I did..and still am as I'm writing this. 

A special thank you to my sweet friend, Mindy for directing me to Scott from her oh-so-presh blog.  Scott- you are quite amazing, sir!!! 
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