Broken Bow Bonanza

This weekend was absolutely perfect.  There really isn't another word that could describe it.  A couple months ago, at Massey Supper Club in July we solidified a trip to Broken Bow for a weekend getaway with great friends.  After searching for cabins to stay in (and there are PLENTY to choose from up there) Jarrett's parents knew of a couple friend that rented their cabin out on weekends- so, after seeing pictures and confirming an excellent price- we booked!

Last Thursday our crew headed out of Texas and into Oklahoma.  The 3 hour drive wasn't so bad when you are gabbing the whole way about recipes, cookbooks, old stories, and weekday happenings.  We arrived about 8pm that night to a super cute cabin and a universe of stars, I mean wow!  First thing out of Ashley's mouth was 'Look at all the stars!!'  I guess suburbia doesn't include those sparkley things.  Boo..

We woke the next morning to a high temperature of about 82, and nothing but blue skies. 
The cabin with a huge wrap-around porch.  Jordan was in heaven. 
Diana and Ashley- this is probably the most make-up I wore all weekend- love it.
Our handsome hubbies!  Jarrett, Chris, Travis, and Jordan
I was surprised with cupcakes and singing for my 27th birthday that was earlier in the week. 
 I love my girls for remembering me :)
Good  Morning!  Enjoying the gorgeous weather on the porch.
 Travis and Jacqueline pulled their boat for some lake time on Friday
 How freakin' cute is Landon?!  This baby is amazing to say the least.  Never a cranky peep the entire time.  We all enjoyed his company :)
 Diana and Chis enjoying the sun!

Papa Tapella getting ready to jump in the frigid lake.  The boys were the only ones that ventured into the water for a swim.  I was happy and dry in the boat, thanks!
 I love this picture, almost as much as I love him!
Trav, J, and Chris
Look at that water and the sky?!  I just realized how awesome it looks!
 Sweet baby attempting to roll over for the first time on the boat! He is so silly :)
During our 4 days in Broken Bow, the boys spent a lot of time in front of the pond about 20 feet from our porch.  Due to the lack of rain, the pond was pretty dried up, but that didn't stop them from spending hours fishing with any bate they could find... lunchmeat, random bacon bits they found in a cabinet, and even ventured to a bate shop to pick up minnows.  These kids were serious.
Chris finally caught this HUGE catfish.  Well- that made for even more time in front of the pond (with little luck, I might add.)  I actually don't know where a fish like that could survive in that little water..
We spent a lot of time in the kitchen.  Jordan was a rockstar and grocery shopped for the whole trip- and we were definitely well-stocked! He also took charge and prepared most of all the meals, with a little help from the ladies.  He is used to cooking like that from working at the fire station and frequent hunting trips with 8+ people involved, so it was no big thing for him to pull it off. :) 
Daytime was spent enjoying college football, Rangers baseball, and all the commentary in between.
Did I mention we were hardly inside?  Perfect.
 Games and cigars- more time ouside..
 Jarrett making strides in the 'Bags Tourney'
Daytime and Evening was spent in the hot tub..
And being snuggle-bunnies.   PJs were the proper attire for the weekend
Me and J
 Ash and her J
 My Ashley and Me
 Watching the A&M game
 I love my sweet friends!
Group Photo Number 1
Our evening dinner on the patio..  can you say steak?  Tack on the term perfect, and you're right on.
Cheers to an amazing evening- Time for the Rangers game!

The trip home was eventful- after a brief detour due to a tire blow out on the boat trailer- 3 Ok'ies to help us out and some kind of comment about 'doctors and lawyers' and changing tires.. we made it home.  Although 4 days seemed like it came and went in a blink of an eye, we were glad to be back in our bed.  

Perfect weather, perfect company- can we go back?  Let's start planning, my peeps!

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Mix and Match Mama said...

What a fun trip!!! The cabin was so cute. Loved the porch!!

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