Massey Date Night

Last night the big Massey's made their way to Fort Worth for a Friday evening in the Stockyards with the little Massey's.  Although Jordan and I could never repay them for opening up their home to us for 5 whole weeks- we wanted to treat them to a fun night- starting with dinner..mmmhmm- and steak is on the menu!  It was a great weekend to hang out down there.  The rodeo is in town for this weekend- and there were all kinds of fun festivities going on.
 Dinner at H3Ranch- my filet was wood fire cooked perfectly!
 The Big Massey's..Bree and Roy
Massey Foursome
 The Little Massey's.. Jordan and Me!
After dinner we made our way to some shops that were still open- there are so many cute little places!  Roy and Jordan had enough after about 11 minutes- so they found a bench and got comfortable while Bree and I sifted through jewelry galore.  We also strolled down around to Jenna's wedding venue.
Our evening ended with a stop at Menchie's Fro-Yo... I ate a dessert try-fecta of yogurt- maple glazed donut, cake batter, and creamy pumpkin.  The pumpkin was the best- but I did sample the very berry- and that was really good- but I figured it would be weird with the pumpkin and donut flavored yogurt.  Anyway.. enough dissecting my dessert cup.

All in all- perfect start to our weekend.  Today Jordan was at the fire station and I ran around like a crazy person in search of serving dishes- I found one at a HomeGoods store- but was determined to find more. A trip to Mansfield, Irving, and Dallas after my stop at the one here in Fort Worth completed my set- a very Bree Massey thing to do.  But, you will see.. it was worth it. Supper Club at the (little) Massey's will be sooo super cute.

Looking forward to tomorrow- J will be home, and the Cowboys and Rangers will keep us snuggley on the sofa.

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Mix and Match Mama said...

What a fun evening! I would love the fro-yo! Pumpkin?! Oh heavens!

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