Fall So Far.. Loving It.

This weekend was full of fun with friends for these Massey's.  We kicked off the end of the week with Supper Club at the Tapella House.  Jacqueline truly out did herself with a beautifully fall decorated house.  The smell of a yummy dinner hit me square in the face when I arrived.. nothing better than that when your belly is about to out-yell you.  Pot roast was on the menu, slow-cooker is music to Jarrett's ears.  I must admit- I do a little happy dance in my head when I know there is a slow cooker involved.

Travis shared his duty in SC prep by making these precious little Jack-O-Lantern's out of hollowed out grapefruit.  Each one was different in the face- he was so proud. I must give him the credit he deserves- these were too cute for words.
Jacqueline's fall decor- and those cute little salad bowls again.
Landon may be just 4 months- but he is ready for some table food.  He and his daddy were fighting' over the pot roast.
Diana and Chris                                                              Jordan had to work last minute at the fire station- so    
                                                                                        I was solo, but fit in well as a 3rd wheel Dunaway 
Enjoying my pot roast- can you tell?  
The Tapella's took sweet baby Landon to the Coppell Pumpkin Patch for pictures this past week and were so sweet to pick out a pumpkin for each couple.  This pumpkin has a serious stalk.  The generous giver of pumpkins (Travis) claimed this one for himself.
Our loft living has holiday spirit.  Clearly, the Massey's have gone all out for Halloween this year.
Last night, Jordan and I met the Shull's at one of my favorite restaurants, Brio in Southlake for dinner and catching up.  It has been too, too long since we have spent time with them!  Jordan and Shay are bath-tub babies- a mere 4 months between them, and I have been lucky enough to know Shay for ten years.  She and I hold a bond together that I haven't been about to maintain with anyone else. She is a special girl to me, and her hilarious hubby isn't so bad, either!

Our waiter finally had to run us out with his stone-cold glare after 3+ hours of chatting, laughing, story-telling, and well, duh- dessert!  We heart the Shull's.  It was a wonderful time!

I love weekends like these.  Beautiful weather, beautiful times, and even more beautiful friends to share it all with.  Love ya'll!!

Oh..how can I forget.. Our Texas Rangers beat the Tigers last night (a whooping, really..) World Series, here we come!  Showing my support today with the help of my Mac computer camera.  

Shay- Don't be bitter.. Rangers love is only natural- especially when your Red Sox aren't as good.  But this won't change my love for you :)

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I was so enjoying this post...until the end. The end ruined the whole thing. :)

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