Till Death Do Us Part..Rain or Shine

This weekend Jordan and I were out of town, yet again- but this time for a family wedding!  Jordan's cousin BreAnn and her beau Drew were set to tie the knot- and we were all there to see.  

**There are lots of pictures.. BUT- Veeca has an amazing camera, so we all took advantage of it :)

The weekend started on Friday night with the rehearsal dinner.  After dinner Jordan and I, along with big Massey's and the Vineyard's made a stop at BJ's before making our way back to the hotel.  

The kids- 29 years in the making

Bree and Roy- I heart my in-laws!  They are just precious to me.

My husband and me- what a handsome man he is :)

Saturday morning got off to a great start with hot coffee, a light breakfast, and patio time with the family.

Jordan and Rayn- a pretzel full of giggles!

The question of the day 'Do we move the wedding indoors.. or risk the rain and keep it on the bluff?'
Roy and BreAnn checking the weather.. 60% won't stop us! :)

Ashley and Granny Jane soaking in all of KeeSee Blaine's sweetness

Au Naturale candid with my sweet

Wedding time!  Drew walks in his grandmother as the ceremony begins- the rains holding out just long enough.

Aldon and quite the stunning Granny

 Veeca and Aldon- a sweet exchange between mother and son.

 Drew and BreAnn

 Precious innocence of sweet Rayn.  Bless her for making my heart happy :)

 The Fort Family picture

 My beautiful in-law ladies

And now for the close ups! :)  Bobby was a great camera man indeed!
Jenna first..

Jenny, second..

And lastly.. ME!

I LOVE this picture.  It is a complete representation of Mrs. Jenny Fort- a bag of giggles on a constant basis- for example- she leaped and bounded down the rock path into Jordan's arms when we arrived the day before.  She is cr-A-zy.  Love her.
 Jenna and myself
 Sister Bree, Sister Jenny, and mother of the bride, Veeca
 Ashley and sweet flower girl, Blaine
 We so handsome.

Little Jordan and Habeeb (At the rehearsal dinner my Jordan was explaining to Rayn that his name was Jordan and her name was Jordan- and she proceeded to say "No- she is Jordan, you are Habeeb.'  So- it stuck.)

Habeeb clearly has enjoyed the strawberry margaritas.

Time for family portraits!

Take one... fail.. except Jenna.. she is looking set and ready.
 Take Two.. ugh.  Almost,  but still fail.  Focus, Habee..err.. Jordan
 There we go- My beautiful family :)
 Aldon dancing with his girl- I took a liking to these kids this weekend!
What's a wedding without some pool time?  With the intermittent pouring down rain, these crazy Wickliffe's made their way to the pool at the end of a ceremony- what's a little more water going to hurt anything?  Way to end with a bang :)

Jordan and I were sad to go home on Sunday after it was all said and done- but we were sure worn out- second weekend in a row of non-stop friends, family, and loads of fun.  

How lucky am I?  

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