Dear Walmart

Dear Walmart, Kroger, Tom Thumb, Target, Market Street, Central Market.. and any other grocery store- because you are all involved. 

What is wrong with you?  Why have you discontinued your distrubution of the greatest coffee creamer on earth?  What am I supposed to do with my husband- the man that is set on one single flavor.. that is clearly dissapointed in the abscence of this creamer in our refrigerator door.  I drove all over the metroplex yesterday attempting to hunt just twelve one bottle down.  Don't you understand that his morning coffee is something he truly treasures.. and now he is settling for hazelnut.  Good grief. 

My suggestion is that you get it together.  International Delight's English Almond Toffee is delicious- make note of it. 

Coffee-Therapy Seeking Consumer


Mix and Match Mama said...

While you're at it, please find out why they discontinued Coffee Mate's Toasted Almond too. I would greatly appreciate it :).

Ben, Heather and kids said...

I'm a lurker of your blog. (love it) I had to comment on this post. A friend got me addicted to the Mint Choc Truffle creamer.. it was to die for in hot cocoa (as I'm not a coffee fan). it 'was' to die for.. as it's discontinued this year. :(

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