Sweet Man

7:41AM.. text to Shay after reading her post about the release of the Michael Buble Christmas album
8:00AM.. Shay texts to inform me she is on her way to Target for purchasing. 

Jealousy becomes me. 

8:17AM..text to Jordan harrassing informing him of its release. 
9:06AM.. Shay texts to tell  me she is listening..and it is 'soooooooooo good!' 


11:40AM.. Jordan stops by to say hi on his way out to work.. and such a sneaky husband he is.. he made a trip to Target.

Christmas is starting early (as usual!) in the Massey house.  We will be having Mr. Buble for dinner this evening- Christmas style :)


The Dunaways said...

make my J read this blog... I waaaant!!!! Or I'll be heading to Ft. Worth for a couch night with the bestie soon! or how about both?!

Mix and Match Mama said...

Isn't it fabulous?!?! Way to go Jordan Fort! It's Christmas over here too!

Jacqueline and Travis Tapella said...

I'm buying!!! Thanks for letting us all know!!

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