Hot Poooockeeeetss

This will (hopefully) make you giggle a bit on this Wednesday.  I couldn't stop laughing..  Mainly because on any given Saturday you can find one or two boxes of Hot Pockets (the Lean version, actually) in my  basket.  Jordan demands requests them stocked in our freezer for his afternoon snack time habit.   Being in my profession- this is probably the last thing I would recommend as a snack- but he has his habits.. and who is to stop my sweet man from doing something has been doing for over 15 years now?   Not worth it.

Plus- Ashley.. you can appreciate this as well :) 


The Dunaways said...

I prefer mine for breakfast ;)

Mindy Rives said...

The first time I saw this, I was really pregnant with Lucy. I laughed so hard that I literally had contractions the next day. So, so funny. And Josh loves Hot Pockets too!

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