Did You See Me?!?!

Although I was trembling-about-to-pee-my-pants slightly nervous, I think I did pretty okay seeing that this was my first time on LIVE television.  Tracy was incredibly sweet, and made me feel very comfortable. But- with no direction of where to look or without proper media training, I kind of stumbled a bit.. but the professional did, too :)  So I don't feel so bad!  Anyway- I'm proud of my first run with the media..even if they did catch me on my bad side.

I hope you had a Healthy Halloween!


Sam said...

Thats so cool!!! Congrats on the first media bit! I thought you did great and were oh so cute!!:) I splurged way too much! Great tips though;)

Jennifer said...

too cool!

Daisy said...

You're so famoooouuus! Great job :)

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