A Very Merry Thanksgiving

I was bad this holiday and didn't pull out my camera but for a few photo-ops right before we ate on Friday.  Jordan worked at the station on Thanksgiving day- and I headed to Rowlett for lunch with the Massey side.   
Friday morning we headed out to Belton for the weekend to celebrate giving thanks with the Fort side.  What a relaxing weekend with great family. 

Beautiful Bree and Aunt Beeki (Veeca)
My precious Jenna Bree
Sisters.  Good times in the kitchen with these women! Many laughs
My in-laws.  Love them.  Fara hair taking up most of the picture here.. and not sure where the beans came into the meal.  They didn't make the table that evening..
KeeSee Blaine is so precious!  We had such a great time with her and her sister!
Daph accompanied us in Belton.  I miss that crazy girl.  Look at those eyes,  She will trample you flat to the ground.  I speak from personal experience.
Today- after 4 days of no make-up and dirty hair, I must return to work.  Blah.

But, I was quite delighted when my sweet co-worker brought the Christmas spirit to work with her :) The fish likes the company.
AND last night- I made our home quite merry.  
Complete with a Salted Caramel Mocha and Michael Buble Christmas on repeat.   I sang away the hours alone (J was at the fire station gleefully rejoicing at the thought of getting out of partaking in the Christmas decorating this year.)..
...ignoring the gouging branches of the tree as I was adding more (and moreeeeee) lights to it.  I think I finally gave into quitting at 2000 lights. Jordan vetoed me out at 1500 last year
But.. he wasn't there this year. What can I say.. I like the twinkle, folks.  
And I have been waiting patiently to pull these gems out of the guest room to make their place on our dining table.  I filled them with plenty of Christmas cheer :)
I'm thinking I need more decor.  I'll start with red napkins.
28 days!


Mix and Match Mama said...

Everything looks so beautiful!! Your house is sooo inviting and cozy :)!

Katie said...

BEAUTIFUL Amber! I hope ya'll are doing great...

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