Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Saturday, after almost a week of that box sitting in the corner of the family room, my sweet man and myself put up our tree, and so began my obssession with the decorating of my house.  This is a little later than my preference, but I've decided I'm fine with it-and I'm lucky to have it finshed, for the most part, with all that we have going on. 

Jordan stringing the lights on the tree.  We opted for the cheaper tree and got one without the lights.  I understand the ease of the pre-lit tree, but-I always end up putting MORE lights on my pre-lit anyway, so it didn't seem like it was much more work.  Or..maybe, just MAY-be it is because I was standing back watching Jordan put the lights on and set up the tree while I took pictures. Who knows.  We added 1500 lights to our tree.  Overkill?  Nope.  Never.  I would have liked some more but Jordan vetoed.
My completed mantel.  It almost got the best of me- but I won.  I think my manicure would say different, though.
My Treeeeeee!  I'm a proud mother of my new 7 1/2 footer.
Bree made a visit to help re-vamp my door wreath- didn't she do an amazing job!??  Love it!! Thanks Super MOL :)
All these were from my iPhone cam- my camera ran out of batteries- and I've been too focused on shopping for family/Jordan/decor that I forgot and remembered and forgot again on three occasions yesterday! Owell- these will do :)

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