'Tis the Season for Supper Club

The past weekend Jordan and I celebrated the Christmas season with a visit to the North Pole.  Our Supper Club bundled up in warm parkas and entered a winter wonderland created with TWO MILLION pounds of ice, well kept at a wintry 9 degrees. Okay, not quite a winter wonderland, but the ICE! exhibit at the Gaylord Texan Resort is about as close as we will get here in a place where Mother Nature cannot make up her mind (It is a warm 78 degrees today and said to be in the 40s by Friday- in other words, a head cold waiting to emerge.)

I've just realized I have not officially introduced our Supper Club friends :)
Here are the Lallaways (The engaged A.Lally and J.Dunaway)- ready and waiting to brace the cold!

 The Tapella's- keeping that baby 'T' warm in the stylish blue puff.
The Cabrera's- with a red noses already! 
Charlie and the rest of the Peanuts characters were the inspiration for this year's exhibit.  Solid ICE!  Very cool.
 The Ladies- love them and wouldn't have chosen a better group to share bread with.
 Ashley and myself trying to keep warm..hadn't quite lost the feeling in my fingers yet
 Silly Massey's
The SLIDE!  Jordan had a break in control and almost came down on his belly
 My favorite slide (picture) from the evening.  She was quite the conservative slider.
The non-sliders.  Nine West (and their beautiful boots) prevented my opportunity to slide- the ICE! people wouldn't let me slide down. :(  Sweet Jacqueline stayed behind with me to watch everyone else slide down.
 Charlie and Linus were nice enough to pose in a picture with us
 Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree- an ICE-y Christmas tree ;)
Rule #1:  Do NOT lick the ICE.
 Un-thawing after turning in our parkas and ready for a warm dinner.
I'm sad I didn't pull out my camera during the rest of our visit to the Gaylord and the1.5 million lights adorning the huge atrium.  We ended up keeping to casual and eating at the Sports Bar there so we could catch the Cowboys and Kitna play the Eagles.  Another perfect time with our Supper Club.  Everytime we get in the car to drive home- the comment 'I really love our supper club friends' comes out of both of our mouths at least once :)

We really love our supper club friends.

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Jacqueline and Travis Tapella said...

Love this post and Love the Massey's! ICE! was so much fun with our Supper Club Friends!

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