Santa Party (Baby!)

This weekend Jordan and I celebrated Miss Ashley's 27th birthday! What is a party in December without Santa?  Santa made an appearance in more ways than one on Saturday night- it was neat to see everyone's depiction of the man in the big red suit.  

The hostess with the mostess, and Birthday Girl- dressed to impress in her custom tutu (yes, thats right folks, I said tutu!)  Miss Candy Cane herself.  Me>  I was the classic Mrs. Claus.  Like the outfit?  We threw it together last minute.  By 'we' I mean Jordan.  He is the crafty can-you-sew-my-button-on or iron-my-slacks kind of husband.  Like the perfectionist he is, he strategically placed the white boa fluff on my (cheeeeaappp) red dress.  He does the laundry, too- I've never washed the sheets to our bed on my own.  :)

Happy to call her my friend!
There is the man of the hour- and his mistress ;)  Ahhh, Jarrett.  You never cease to amaze me.
My newest precious friend-sweet Jacqueline.  She is just a stunning pregnant woman.
Jacqueline made Ashley's beautiful cake. She took some cake decorating classes and now is an absolute pro.  It tasted just as wonderful as it looked, too.
Ashley shared her night with two other birthday girls- Heather (E.L.F.) and Jordan (Tacky Sweater Helper)
My less than festive husband.  He placed all his creativity in my outfit, I guess..
The birthday girls and myself
Jordan was super tickled by something..  makes me tickled to look at this picture- tehe!
Long John Santa, and Mrs. (Homemaker) Claus.  Phillip and Jenna are SO CUTE!!
Ashely, her newly graduated brother- Zak, and meeeee.  Zak literally graduated college on Friday and made it to Dallas to celebrate his sister on Saturday night.  Sweet brother!
Zak brought his precious (new) girlfriend Chara.  Really happy she chose him ;)
Jordan and I had a blasty, blast celebrating with these girls for their birthday(s).  I have almost lost my eyes in this picture, I'm cheesing so hard!
As a Bonus- Sunday was the Fort Christmas.  I was less than successful in taking my usual amount of photo-ops, but snapped a few here and there.

Cousin Jordan and Jackson- the most precious picture of the day!
 The crowd of Fort's (and then some) coming together to celebrate the Season
 Me and J- very festive in our red I might add.  I guess I didn't realize that we matched that well :)

3 days to Christmas!  It is going to be a fantastic one, for sure.  Patrick will be waking up Christmas morning with Jordan and I at the Massey's.  I'm excited to share the married traditions Jordan and I have created these past 5 years. 

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