Particularly Holly and Jolly

This morning I woke with a jive in my step.  I lit my Christmas Tree at 4:45am, and adorned my Santa socks while I got ready for my day.  Christmas is my favorite.  Don't you know?

My jive followed me to work.. as I wore my winter white heavy coat.  It was fuuuhhhh-reezing this morning.  26 degrees I believe.  Burrrr!

My Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Coffee tasted extra jolly in my HO! HO! cup courtesy of my sweet co-worker.  We have matching- and we are now twinkie coffee drinkers. 

I also wear big necklaces.. in case you were dying to know.  I heart the accessories. 

And..actually- I do believe the jive in my step, and the jolly in my Ho (Ho, Ho) cup came from last night's happenings. The happenings of Michael Buble.. and his 'gorgeous neck tie'. His Christmas Special came on last night, and I DVR'ed it while I enjoyed it the first time- with a great big goofy smile on my face.

Do you see what I mean?  Yes, you do.  I knew it.  Big. Goofy. Smile. 

And after (I confess) watching it 4 times between the ending of the first airing, and when I actually went to bed.. and then again this morning.  So, after not four, but 5 times- I confess..

I am about 3 belt loops away from having the Fever. 

If he would just pull up his britches. We would be on good terms. It is humerous to watch him walk.. or try to at least. I thought the patterned boxers and belted sag went out in 99'- but clearly I am wrong.

So- ALMOST Fever- not quite. But- I did however download his Christmas album. SO, SO, SO, good.

My heart still belongs to Mr. Buble. Oh what I would give to be that Pickler on his arm.

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Mix and Match Mama said...

Mr. Justin is just soooooo cute if only he'd pull his pants up. I want so badly to yank them up for him :). PS: Love your necklace PPS: And your coffee cup

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