Crazy Daphnee

MVI_0520, originally uploaded by jordanmassey.

The other night after getting home from rotations, I did my normal routine of immeadiately changing into my comfies, hair in a pony and sweater slippers on. Then- I proceed to feed both dogs their dinner. Daphnee stays in the dog run in the back because being inside, alone, all day is not smart for that puppy! So- I let her out and she literally leaped out like a mad woman and proceeded to run laps aroun the yard. I thought..I need to be recording this or something.

So..the next day, that is just what I did!


Sam said...

Carter LOVED LOVED LOVED this!!!!:) I dont know what was more adorable, Carter watching Daphnee or Daphnee herself!!!:) lol too cute!

Kara said...

Such a cute dog! Looks like she is still in that I-need-to-run-around-a-lot-puppy phase!

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