Week In Review

This week was a big change from my internship-induced anti-socialism. The term is unavoidable when you are spending anywhere from 40-70 hours a week at the hospital (or whatever rotation I'm in that week..) and then finally getting home to more assignments, projects, and studying. Although it seems like I whine and cry about being so swamped- I'm really alright. I am loving every minute of this internship, learning so-so-so-so much from my awesome preceptors. I promise to make it a point to cut down on my whiney-ish-ness. :)

Big fun this week- and I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! Stephanie came in town from Chicago for a wedding this weekend. Wednesday night Jordan and I met her and several members of her family at Sushi Zushi in Dallas. I hadn't seen her since her Wedding in November..and this visit was a long time coming!

Wednesday Night

My (1 of 3) best friend

Mary Katherine- this girl always has a way to make me laugh. So thankful for her. Deeks appreciated her coming, too!

MKat and I did sushi family-style (as usual!) This on one of my favorite rolls- the Oaklawn Roll (names for the restaurant's address)It has crawfish, avocado and spicy tuna or spicy salmon rolled uramaki style, topped with colorful tobiko and honey wasabi sauce..we always get the salmon! So good! The salmon tower is another favorite of ours!

Jordan- never has ever stepped foot in a sushi restaurant. The boy wont even TOUCH canned tuna! He came for the love of Deeku, and I ordered him some cooked rolls..something with fried shrimp and veggies. Wasn't too bad- he ate the whole thing! MKat and I didn't finish our rolls, and so he grabbed one and popped it in his mouth not knowing what was in it, I guess (raw salmon!!) For the record- he ate two more after that. And he thought he didn't like sushi!

Love him!

The Patel's. MOVE BACK!
Sephanie, Me, Nikki (Baylor resident), and MKat

Friday Night

Friday Night I had the opportunity to get tickets to the Winter Jam 2010 Tour at the American Airlines Center. One of the girls in our Sunday School Class works for AAC event coordination and had a suite for anyone from our ABF class that wanted to go. Jordan left for Indiana for some part time work with his dad, so I had an extra ticket. I invited Anna to tag along with me. She is in the midst of preparing for her case study project presentation next week, so it was a nice break for her. I'm so glad she came along!

The NewsBoys- they were GREAT. Third Day was really good, too. My camera died after I took this picture, so, I didn't get anymore of the evening :(


I occasionally babysit for Krisit (my internship director) so that her and her hubbs can go run errands and spend some alone time. Kristi has 2 year old twins, Brynn and Logan..so you can only imagine that going to the grocery store can be pretty tough! They are so sweet, I love babysitting them!

Sweet Brynn- she looks just like her momma!!

Logan- usually super shy, wanted his turn with the camera!

There is that shy Logan..

When I take a picture with my camera, right before the flash, an orange light blinks. Logan was laughing so hard because he saw the blinking light and though it was on his face..so he was giggling and trying to get the light 'off' his face.
We went outside for awhile and walked the street about 34526 times with his popper mower. He HAD to have his sunglasses on. He is such the stud.

Whew- busy week- and now I am here alone with Britt and that crazy dog in the backyard (Daphnee- I have a video I need to post, just to show how really wild she is..) Jordan wont be back until Sunday at the earliest. :*( I hate weeks like this.. I'm at the VA- so really out of my comfort zone. It should be fun, though--not too bad. Can't wait for him to come home- already! but his view is beautiful, don't you think?!

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