Another Uneventful Weekend...

This weekend wasn't anything fantastic..I mainly concentrated on winding down from my hectic week and also working on my focus for this week: the dreaded admin project. So-- it isn't THAT dreaded..but its a lot of work, and next Monday I proceed to stand in front of a fireing squad and present my case. FUN! Tehe..

I have to apologize for my last whine-y post..I chuckled just now when I read it. I was feeling quite sorry for myself at the moment (as if you couldn't tell!!)
Today, in between powerpoint slides, Diet Coke, and Giada on Food Network, I decided to conquer laundry..

My housewife characteristics have not been on their best behavior. This has been our 'closet' for the past..*ahem* several weeks. There- I said it. Had to admit it.

At least it is all clean..wrinkley, but CLEAN.

This weekend should be fun- Patrick is coming to Dallas for a visit, bridesmaid dress and wedding activities with Jenna, and Super Bowl party with our ABF. Pictures are in my future!!

Time to FOLD!!

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