Chilly Air

A snowy blast hit us sometime last night while I was sound asleep and toasty in my bed. I woke up while it was still dark outside, but could see the brightness from the white ground glowing through my window! I snowed big gorgeous snowflakes all day long (and still is!) Because I'm an intern..and the hospital doesn't close for a 'snow day'..we had to go in to work. But we had fun doing it!

Anna, Ashley and Amber

The whole gang

Silly Kids!
Our street
My backyard (with the firewood pile that will be unused this evening..Jordan is out of town with Daphnee doing his last hunt for the season.)

Britt and I enjoyed playing in the backyard without Crazy (Daphnee)
Licking the snow off my face!

I think I'll make soup for dinner..

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