Sweet Relief

Yay! I got out of the house this weekend, and I have pictures to prove it :) This week I have been putting all my energy into the final touches of my project presentation, that tomorrow I will be presenting- finally. It has been a LONG 4 months messing with all this. Blechhh.
Thursday Patrick and his girlfriend, Kat, came to visit for a college tour. It was a pretty low key visit for them, mainly because I was consumed with my project stuff--but they understood, and I was forgiven when I presented them with a home-cooked meal every night. Just like a good sister should! So, it was PJs and movies for us.

Patrick and Kat (Yes, he is younger than me! By 7 years..)

Saturday consisted of Wedding Festivites with Jenna Bree! Susan came in town from Houston and we all went for our dress fittings. I got to see Jenna in her dress, which was soooo beautiful on her. The dress on the hanger does not do justice for what it does for Jenna when she puts it on.
This is the bridesmaid dress..kind of. It will be a little different, with a non-traditional twist.

Oh, and me and Suz got some boobs for $20.00. Last time I checked they were running for about $5,000. We got a steal ;)
A Bride and her Bridesmaids at BJ's Brewhouse for lunch..love this place.

I also got my first taste for Spring/Summer this weekend. No, it wasn't the 45 degree, rainy weather that drew me in..it was William Sonoma and their super cute drinkware. Makes me want to put on my summer dress and wedge sandals, and eat some watermelon by the pool.

So ready for it. I LOVE sweater weather, but my tanktops and cotton capris are calling my name! Can I get some open toe shoes, please?!

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