It's That Love Thing

Earlier this week Jordan came to me and said, "Hey, Sweet Pea..why don't we go on a date this weekend?" My response went a little something like, "You're crazy to think that we can fathom going on a date this weekend.. it's Valentine's Day weekend!" and he said-- "..Really?!"

It has been at least 3 months since we went on a real date, like, a dinner and a movie date. That is our favorite thing to do, and the past months we have been making dinner at home and renting movies or catching up on our DVR'd shows while I do homework. We decided to go to an early dinner and movie- beat the crazies trying to go out for Valentine's Day. Because we weren't celebrating Valentine's Day..just going on a date- finallly! haha..
We ate at BJ's Brewhouse- one of our favorite places. They have a menu the size of Indiana, so I almost have to make up my mind for what I'm getting before we go there or else we will never eat. You can never go wrong with their pizza, but it was only about 32 degrees outside, and so I wanted like a soup or pasta :) yum!
We have been so out of the loop on any upcoming movies or anything like that, so when we went to look up movies, I was like 'HUH?..don't have a clue what to pick.' So we chose Valentine's Day. How appropriate, right?? Actually, it was the only one either of us had heard about. We were almost skeptical because the last movie we saw with a cast of famous actors, it wasn't all that great. But this one was SO cute. So cute. and I love, LOVE Julia Roberts..and Bradley Cooper is an absolute doll. So handsome. It was a good light-hearted-make-ya-laugh date movie. :)

Saturday Night, Jenna and Adam invited us over to their house for dinner. Before we knew it- it was a party! The Massey's came..and I was exceptionally excited when Jenny called me to say that her and Josh made plans to come, too!

An oportune time for photos...
Jennifer, Jenna, and Amber

My Lindsey BUCK came! This lil' miss and I go WAY back
Them Ya-Yas..

The Jennings

(future) Vineyard's

Jenna made dinner- and I made dessert! A strawberry cake in honor of a 'holiday' filled with Pink, Pink, and more Pink. Very delicious if I do say so myself. Sorry for the picture quality- it was with my iPhone..

Happy Valentine's Day!

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