For the Love of Comfies

My daily routine: Pull into the garage. Throw my bags and keys on the nearest counter. Walk directly to my bedroom, kicking off my shoes and pulling off my jewelry on my way down the hall. All in a quest for the SECOND love of my life. I love clothes--I LOVE to shop. But, unless I'm out and about, at work, school, or church- I am in my comfies! I cannot handle lounging in my jeans and a blouse. Jordan wears his jeans all day long, even if he is hanging out around the house- no way. Not for me! For Christmas I had gotten some PJ pants from Victoria's Secret from Deeks- but in the process of shipping and handling, or something or other- they were torn. :( I heard about these really comfortable pants from Victoria's Secret from a friend of a friend..so I opted for the exchange, after 3 months of them sitting in the floor of my closet. Yesterday I got home and to my excitement- they had arrived!! I immeadiately tore open the package and threw them on-

Oh. My. Geez. SOOOO soft. They give a whole new meaning to the word 'comfies'. I never want to take them off! And besides them being, well..PERFECT, they were only $19.99. Can't beat that!! They are hidden on the VS website- but I found these, which are not $19.99- but the same exact pant.

I searched the product code that came with my order- and a page came up with no image, but they are $19.99. (click here for that page!) I ordered the pants in the 34 inch length- I love my comfies extra long. Can't handle PJ pants that are too short. (I have to be able to tuck them into my socks at night. haha!)

OR you may have better luck by calling to order them by through the Victoria's Secret 800 number and giving the product number/Catalog Code: DZ 229498.

Anyway- Comfies are my favorite- and these rock my world.

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Sam said...

THANKS! I am so getting some:)

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