Wedding Festivities Have Begun!

This Saturday was the first of Jenna Bree's wedding showers. The shower was beautiful- the weather, friends, family, and food! All were amazing- thanks to her wonderful hostesses :)

Maid of Honor-Bride-Matron of Honor
Such a delicious spread!
My Jenna looking beautiful
Suz has been delegated the tacky-bow-bouquet maker..These wooden spoons were attached to a bow on a gift..these would be perfect for the bouquet. Nothing like the sound of wind chimes coming down the isle!
Jenna+New Bedding= OBVIOUS EXCITEMENT. Jenna is to new bedding as Amber is to her Kitchen Aid Mixer.
Jenna was very surprised to know she was not allowed to break any bows. You know, the old saying- however many bows you break (at your shower) is the amount of children you will conceive! This bow was tricky!
Would you like some help? (For the record..she broke that bow.)Made me proud! (Maybe because I helped her register!)
Mother-in-law and myself. Very thankful for her
Jenna with Amy (left) and Mary (right)
Such sweet and great friends to go through such hard work for her shower.
Great weekend with Jenna and family! After the shower we went to do the final fittings for Jenna and the final fittings for Suz and I and our dresses.
We got her beautiful wedding invite in the mail the other day and it made me realize how soon the wedding actually is! About a month away! Can't wait for that party!

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