Happy Birthday to Lauren

Last weekend Jordan (and Jenna's) cousin turned 17! To celebrate, she invited her friends from school, and family out to Southern Junction for a night of dinner and country dancing! I had never been to SJ before, and Jordan was out of town with work, still, so I thought, what the hey, I'll throw on my boots and go for a good time :)

Jenna and I- this girl will ALWAYS have my heart of friendship.

Aunt Sherrye (Lauren's Mom) and Bree (My Momma-in-law) We were waiting on our food to come. At SJ, you have the option to pick out your own steak and throw it on the grill to perfection (cooking it yourself!). Uncle Mark took the liberty of cooking my steak (medium, please!)

Lauren and her dance partner being extra goofy!!!

Cousin Baylee and myself. 13 year old heartbreaker is what she is, folks.

Baylee riding the bull. I decided it wouldn't be worth my $5 to sit on the bull before being launched off to the padding below in humiliation. No thank you. Besides- I could scuff my boots.

All in all- Good times at Southern Junction! I did find that, no matter how much I run/workout/exercise..line dancing will always give me a cramp in my side!

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