This Wifey Is Oh So Sneaky

Jordan's birthday was this month on March 3rd- and bless his heart we was out of town doing some part time work with his Dad :( I was sad to learn that he wasn't even going to be home for his annual chocolate birthday cake a la Amber. So- a little over a month ago I started planning ;) I planned for all of our oh-so-wonderful friends at Station 6 to get together for a surprise birthday for Jordan. Once Jordan finally got back into town, I told him he and I were going to go out for a celebration, just he and I, for his birthday. I planned dinner in Dallas for two and a 'movie' after, when really I planned dinner for 20, and plenty of fun after! We arrived at 7pm, and walked into the room with a huge table with faces covered by menus- and SURPRISE!

He was soooo shocked! "...So, we aren't going to a movie!?" No SILLY!
All of us at Iron Cactus in The West End. I cannot believe these boys kept it quite for so long!

Chasity and I- LOVE her- REALLY!

These ladies make me proud to be a Station 6 wifey.

(LtoR) TOP: Lisa, Chasity, Julie, Allison

BOTTOM: Doty, Christi, ME!, Katie

My husband and I- It was the first day of Spring..and SNOWING in Texas. Yes, snowing.

West End Pub- this is where we spent the remainder of the evening- live music was awesome, a blues-y, country, rock band. LOVED it.

Jordan, Chuck, and new Driver, Sha

Me and my Boo

We are one big Happy Family! Lisa, her hubby, Greg, and Heath

Christi and Myself- VERY giggly at this point :)
Captain Christi, Lt. Doty, Driver Amber
Allison and Chasity make me laugh so hard- great memories from this evening!
The last part of the evening we went to Gilley's Dallas- in a snow storm, and it was FREEZING!
Our house when we arrived home that evening-or rather- morning!
Mr. and Mrs. Massey- very sleepy sleepy heads!

I thought for sure he knew- but he swears he didn't- either way, the look on his face was priceless, and it was so fun planning it! It was a great, and long over due get together. Pretty sure I'm ready to be back at the Clayton's pool for Station 6 Party #2!

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