I've Been Informed..

That I pretty much suck at taking pictures of our new place.. Even though I did share some pictures of my favorite parts at the time, or the parts that were most complete and picture worthy.  I've decided that I'll just share progressively- as we 'finish' and complete rooms. 

While my house was extra tidy this weekend, I took some pictures (finally).  Hopefully this will suffice..(not mentioning any names.. at all..)

Our Living Room.. sorry for the dim picture
 The view of the never-ending rooooommmmm
The only room that isn't quite complete, the guest room.  Look at that hideous laminate dresser.. Pinterest is becoming handy in my hubby's need for DIY projects.  Stay tuned for our most recent project :)
 The guest bath
 My favorite lamp, ever!
 Our bathroom!  Decor is a work still in progress
 Our great big comfy bed.. I heart it! That and our ever-so- soft and cuddly bedding!  Yes, I know-I need more 'fluff'.. the lack of pillows and pretty things is holding this room back.
 The other side of the bed :)

There.. I believe I suck less, now ;)

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Mix and Match Mama said...

You suck way less now! The loft looks so cozy and warm. It's very inviting and very, very spacious! Yay! Thank you!

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