Thankful Thursday

Last week Ashley posted her Thankful Thursday post about the Dunaway home.  I thought that was a great post, and what a perfect time to introduce  (bits and pieces..) our new place?  I haven't had a chance to post anything at all about it just yet.  We are about a month in now and I haven't taken many pictures of what it alllllll looks like- my guest bathroom is so cute- but I have no proof (unless you would like to invite yourself over.. c'mon!)

Fort Worth has taken some getting used to- it is much different than the other side of the metroplex where we have become quite accustomed.. I think Jordan has a hard time with the fact that he is lost 88% of the time.  While it is a transition- we are enjoying CowTown and our lovely little home. 

This is my kitchen.. look at my space.  Just look at it.  I don't know what to do with all of it.. (if you saw my little hole of a kitchen at our previous home- you understand my excitement.)  My cooking is much quicker and effective. 
I love this corner.. (i.e. candy apple red KitchenAid, one of a bazillion William Sonoma cookbooks (I collect these cookbooks in particular) and my gorgeous WS platter.. matching the bowls I was graced with for my birthday last year..)

Just admiring my things.. they are material, yes- but it reminds me to be thankful for being able to afford pretty things such as the things found in this corner of my kitchen. 
I've already shared my tablescape.. but you didn't get the full view of my 'CUISINE' art and the great big fork and spoon :)  They are another favorite of mine. 
And.. lastly, for now.. this furniture piece was a heck of a bargain- and is just gorgeous!  This is our dining room..kinda.  The whole place is 'loft-like' and actual breakdown of rooms is pretty much non-existent. 

I love my piggy (left).. and my cookbook :)
While this isn't everything- I will be sharing random bits here and there. 

I am thankful to be able to have a home, with nice things that make me comfortable.  I come across so many that aren't able to provide well for themselves and forget all the blessings God has graced Jordan and me with.   Yea,  I like my bowls, love my piggy, and cherish my cookbooks- it is nothing compared to the ultimate gift He has provided- grace. 

What are you thankful for?


Mix and Match Mama said...

I am so thankful for these pictures!! I'm dying to come see your new place. Invite me over :)! Love your kitchen! Love it!

Erin said...

Super cute pix! Love the table settings!!

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