Leading a Healthier Movement

This weekend was the Tarrant County Heart Walk, and with Texas Health Resources being a major sponsor- employees were encouraged to walk in support of the fight against heart disease.  And of course, it falls in hand with my proffesion and desire for (heart) healthy clients- so it was only natural I walk.  :) 

Earlier this week, I was invited to speak at Advances in Medicine Women's God Red.  It is an initiative of THR to promote heart health awareness- as it is the number one killer of women.  Most do not know that.. or even realize.  The talk was held at Central Market in Fort Worth.  Myself and a resident doctor spoke about heart health and nutrition while the attendees enjoyed a delicious heart healthy meal- approved by moi!
(Excuse the iPhone picture)  We had a full house of eager listeners!
The walk took place in the heart of our new 'hometown' the Stockyards of Fort Worth.  We actually walked through it.. to be honest I had never really walked through it during the day before.  I took in all the historical structure.. it was a great scene on a beautiful Saturday morning.
The Herd. 
Fort Worth holds tight to the title of the world's only twice-daily cattle drive (11:30am and 4pm) These Texas Longhorns are driven by real Texas cowhands through the Stockyards.  It is really neat to watch if you happen to be sitting on the patio of one of the many restaurants lining the cobblestone streets.

I stood on the fence like a little kid and ooo'd and ahh'd at them. 
Jenn and hubby James and kiddo Carter came, too!  Jenn is the exercise physiologist in our office.  She also works in Cardiac Rehab with heart patients.  Her dad had serious heart surgery for his heart disease a couple years back.. She has yet to miss a heart walk.  She has true 'heart' in the matter ;) 
Carter walks for his Pop.  There were more people than I imagined with signs and t-shirts honoring those they walk for.  Puts a much better perspective on it all.
Sweet girl- I have such a blast during my workday with her!
 Jordan sporting the lime green THR company shirt.  We stood out in the crowd.  J kept admiring all the other company shirts.  He wanted to Siemen's turquoise shirt with a big footprint on the back.
Sorry, buddy.
Carter was being a booger and wouldn't pose for the camera.  I snapped this as James brought him back up from hanging upside down.. hence the gang-like hand gesture. 

The walk came and went before we knew it.. it was over.  Fun times lead to hungry bellies!  The THR tent was serving hot dogs (really? At an event supporting the fight against heart disease?!  Sodium and saturated fat laden tubes is appropriate.) Rather than stand in that ridiculous line, we headed to local place right near our home, actually.  I had seen the sign several times..

Paul's Donuts, Subs, and Gyros

They weren't kidding.  You can get a gyro at any time of the day.  Sounded like my kind of place. 
While my boss, Jenn, Carter, and Jordan had breakfast burritos, sausage rolls, and/or donuts on their plates (Carter was sampling all three..)

James and I settled for the gyro. 
It was good.

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